Mind the Gap achievement in Halo MCC

Mind the Gap

Halo 3: 4 vehicles, 1 gap on Legendary using Cowbell, Catch, Thunderstorm, Mythic and Tough Luck.

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How to unlock the Mind the Gap achievement

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    This achievement can be unlocked in the Halo 3 mission Tsavo Highway by driving four vehicles beyond a certain area ('the gap'). Contrary to its description, it can be unlocked on Easy difficulty with no skulls active. Playing in co-op should make this achievement quicker and easier, but it can be done solo.

    – Progress until you encounter a line of concrete barriers on a bridge
    – Bring four vehicles to this location
    – Five Warthogs are available en route to the gap, including two in the mission's starting area
    – Multiple Choppers are also available (though there are some reports of them seemingly not counting)
    – There is an opening in the line of barriers through which you can proceed on foot
    – Forcibly drive each vehicle through this opening and fall under the bridge
    – Damaging the barriers and ramming one vehicle into another can make this easier
    – Drive each vehicle forward to the wall at the end of the area under the bridge
    – The achievement should unlock once each vehicle is at the wall

    Alternative Strategy – Clearing the Gap
    – Acquire a gravity lift from one of the huts in the area with the energy barrier that must be disabled
    – Line up the vehicles behind one another just before the gap
    – Deploy the gravity lift in front of the line of vehicles
    – Drive each vehicle forward and over the gravity lift so that it's launched over the gap
    – Knocking over a barrier and lining it up as a ramp is another approach for clearing the gap
    – The achievement should unlock once each vehicle is past a certain point, be it on or under the bridge

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    SRJBJust did today, solo, easy, from mission start with only agoraphobia on
    Posted by SRJB on 11 Nov 21 at 04:16
    Doing it the description way is so infuriating lol.
    I got it today on Easy w/ Acrophobia skull only 😁
    Posted by IXII SLICK IIXI on 07 Dec 21 at 13:37
    flubberfudgeUpdate to my previous comment, yes it works on China MCC, just do everything but the flying skull because it's obviously not in the game.
    Posted by flubberfudge on 07 Dec 21 at 17:06
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,742
    29 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
    27 1 1
    Mission: Tsavo Highway - Mind the Gap - This achievement requires you to get 4 vehicles, ANY 4 vehicles, across the afore-mentioned gap in the bridge.... on Legendary.... with Cowbell, Catch, Thunderstorm, Mythic, and Tough Luck skulls active. It can be done solo or in co-op, but obviously co-op will make it much easier as you have friends to drive the vehicles through the level with you and you don't have to restart the last checkpoint if you die. In the absence of friends, you could use a second controller as a spawn point to save some hassle. There are at least 4 Warthogs, one troop transport, and several Brute Choppers in the first portion of the level before the gap in the bridge. I prefer to bring 3 hogs and the troop transport as it's easier to get these through the concrete block gap than to get choppers through it. The video below shows this achievement in action, starting at the beginning of the bridge.
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    DeadpoolCan confirm that this works on easy, no skulls on steam version. Used 4 warthogs and just drove them to the wall under the bridge leading to the next section.
    Posted by Deadpool#45017 on 20 Jul 20 at 00:05
  • DeathShark91DeathShark91157,204
    26 Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014
    23 1 3
    The best way to get any vehicle across that second gap is when u come the area with two choppers, the barrier, and the fuel-rod chiefton. In one of the buildings, on the floor is a deployable gravlift, grab it, go the gap place it between the two concrete barriers then just drive into it. I use this trick it has never failed be sure to have to have the right skulls on. Using this trick you can get any vehicle of your choice over the gap with some serious air.
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    SolidTooth3160yu should post a video
    Posted by SolidTooth3160 on 14 Sep 15 at 02:36
    lriboldiJust tried it on PC on Easy, no skulls on and it didn't work. Did it again on Legendary with the proper skulls on, and it worked.
    Edit: On the Steam version btw
    Posted by lriboldi on 14 Jul 20 at 12:16
    Novaan VerdianoI just did this on Steam, easy, only cowbell on cause I was too lazy to turn it off. Worked fine for me once I used four warthogs, just had to make sure that they're far enough below the bridge. Simply dropping them between the gap isn't enough. I didn't realise this when I tried it with two Warthogs and two Choppers where it didn't pop, so this might work too.
    Posted by Novaan Verdiano on 15 Jul 20 at 13:57
  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906966,102
    25 Oct 2017 29 Oct 2017
    15 1 0
    Here is a video guide by Halo Completionist who has done a guide for pretty much every achievement in the game.

    Here he is doing the mission Tsavo Highway in Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty with Cowbell, Catch, Thunderstorm, Mythic & Tough Luck skulls activated. If you're having any trouble, just watch what he does in his video.

    19 Jul 2021 19 Jul 2021 19 Jul 2021
    1 0 0
    La descripción de este logro es errónea y la mayoría de guías en internet te hacen perder el tiempo. Puedes conseguir este logro en solitario, en la dificultad más fácil y sin ningún cráneo activado. warning

    Misión: Autopista Tsavo
    Dificultad: Fácil (Solo)
    Cráneos: Ninguno

    Te habrás dado cuenta que al llegar a la sección de la autopista se te pedirá dejar tu vehículo, ya que el puente está cortado y hay una barricada. Bueno, el logro consiste en cruzar dicha barricada utilizando 4 Warthogs.

    Durante la misión tendrás a la disposición 2 Warthogs de tropas y 3 Warthogs armados. Deberás acarrear 4 de ellos hasta la sección donde el puente está cortado y existe una barricada. Los Marines que encuentres pueden ayudarte a conducir los Warthogs o puedes llevar personalmente todos los vehículos. Debes tener mucho cuidado de no caer del puente cuando regreses por otro Warthog. Existe una sección donde ya no puedes regresar a menos que utilices un salto con granada. Lo que yo hice fue colocar el primer Warthog que lleve y pararme en él para saltar al otro extremo. Después me regresé por otro Warthog, lo cruce hasta donde está la barricada y repetí el proceso; el cual me tomo unos 15 minutos en solitario.

    Una vez que hayas acumulado los 4 Warthogs en la barricada del puente, tendrás dos opciones, puedes utilizar un Impulso Gravitatorio para cruzar saltando o simplemente caerte y colocar los Warthogs en la sección de abajo del puente.

    Impulso Gravitatorio: Este equipamiento se encuentra oculto en uno de los garajes de la misión. Justo donde una moto Brute destruye un Warthog con Marines. Debes encontrar el impulso, llevarlo al área del puente donde dejaste los Warthogs y colocarlo cn_LB a unos dos metros de la barricada. El impulso te permitirá cruzar saltando con los vehículos y llegar al otro extremo del puente. El problema es que durará activo unos pocos segundos y si juegas en solitario no será tiempo suficiente.

    Debajo del puente: esto es más sencillo que utilizar el impulso Gravitatorio. Resulta que puedes cruzar los Warthogs y caerte con ellos a la sección de abajo del mapa. Solo cruza la barrera conduciendo un Warthog, esto hará que caigas y una vez estes abajo sólo debes conducir hasta encontrar una escalera. Tu objetivo es estacionar ahí abajo el resto de Warthogs y puedes utilizar la escalera para ir por el resto.

    Cuando estaciones o cruces el cuarto vehículo saltará el logro. En caso de que hayas logrado cruzar usando el Impulso Gravitatorio y no te den el logro, avanza con los 4 vehículos hasta la zona donde están los Brutes y listo.
    06 Jan 2022 06 Jan 2022 06 Jan 2022
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