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Wraith Hunter

Halo CE: Destroy four Wraith tanks in Assault on the Control Room with the Scorpion tank.

Wraith Hunter+0.5
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Achievement Guide for Wraith Hunter

  • Two HandTwo Hand112,934
    15 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
    74 7 5
    Get to the bit with the tank then...

    1st wrath - You will have past to get to the tank, look back and kill it. (Will fall off the ledge).

    2nd wrath - ALMOST UNMISSABLE. Climb the hill and it will be on the battlefield

    3rd wrath - Before desending into the next area from this battlefield, a wrath will be above on a ledge shooting down at you, sort of hidden. But obvious when looking out for it. So get that before desending down.

    4th wrath - ALMOST UNMISSABLE. In the next battlefield a covenant ship will drop off ghosts, flank behind the building and the wrath will be in the middle of the battlefield.
  • Little 3vilLittle 3vil513,070
    08 Dec 2014 08 Dec 2014
    44 0 0
    Since I am a visual guy I always like to have videos with the solution.
    I found this one on YouTube to complement JumpEddieJumps solution.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,259,910
    14 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
    13 0 0
    For AotCR’s level-specific achievement, you’ll need to keep your tank and kill four Wraiths. Sounds pretty simple, and it is, but if doing it on Legendary you may struggle. If so, as always you can run through again on a lower setting. You need to run past the first one and head straight to the tank, then turn around and wait for the first Wraith to follow you down over the ledge since the tank cannot go back up over it. In a large area with a Wraith camping in an open snowfield, look up onto an upper ledge on the far side from where you enter for another Wraith, making 3 total (this is the one people often miss). The final Wraith is hard to miss in the next canyon area you come to. Handy video for a visual explanation:
  • DrifttwoodDrifttwood105,624
    14 Dec 2014 14 Dec 2014
    7 0 0
    Just as an addition to previous solutions, make sure the final wraith (4th wraith in JumpEddieJump's guide) actually has covenant inside operating it otherwise the achievement will not pop. However if you do blow it up without covenant inside you can simply last checkpoint and wait before destroying it again.
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral265,682
    08 Apr 2017 08 Apr 2017
    3 0 0
    Just unlocked this Achievement and I thought I should mention it in case anyone was wondering; you don't have to get all four Wraiths in one play session. I started this level yesterday, killed three Wraiths, saved and quit at the checkpoint near the 4th Wraith, went back to it today, killed the fourth Wraith and the Achievement unlocked.

    I guess as long as you continue the same campaign mission you saved and quit on the Achievement will still count and will unlock.

    And like it's been mentioned before, make sure the Wraith is actually being driven by a Covenant before you destroy it. The fourth Wraith in particular, if you get to it fast enough it's possible to kill the Elite that drives it before it can get into the Wrath.
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