Mortardom achievement in Halo MCC


Halo 4: On Reclaimer, use a Wraith to kill at least four enemy Wraiths on Heroic or Legendary.

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How to unlock the Mortardom achievement

  • Messiah MuffinMessiah Muffin471,481
    17 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 26 Dec 2014
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    There are plenty of Wraiths within this level which means if you really want this achievement, it's not to hard to get. In particular there are two main areas which you will be able to achieve this. That is the area in which you must board the Covenant Ship, and right at the end of the level.

    Your first step is getting a Wraith. To capture a Wraith, you have to kill the gunner and take their place, which will make the driver exit the vehicle for you to take.

    Be warned though capturing a Wraith isn't too easy, especially if you decided to do this on Legendary for some reason. The turret is deadly and the cannon is accurate. Your best bet is to either use a sniper from range or to stun the vehicle with a Plasma Pistol for a better shot. Make sure the area is clear before attempting to get in the gunner seat so your work doesn't go to waste.

    Once in your Wraith you have to try and keep it alive and take down some more Wraiths. Near the Covenant Ship should drop around five/six Wraiths after the initial one in the area. You can use the elevated area on the right to your advantage to capture the Wraith (the driver often seems to leave the Wraith when the gunner is killed for this one) and can then use the Elephant as cover from opposing Wraith fire (just watch out and make sure you take care of the Ghosts).

    The last area also has a large collection of Wraiths, which you may have to take care of at the same time. Once you claim the first though the rest can easily be taken out by keeping a good distance to avoid the gunner and strafing around. (PRISTINE comments the first Wraith in this area doesn't have a gunner which could make this Wraith easier to get).

    If you want to take one Wraith through the level, you'll have to force the Wraith into the Elephant for the river portions. Driving through a river will destroy vehicles, try to do this achievement in the areas highlighted instead.

    Note this achievement is player specific so if you do this in co-op, only the individual who has got the kills will get the achievement. Make sure you take it in turns folks.


    Some players are struggling to board the Wraith without stunning it from a plasma pistol EMP. From my experience you can board a Wraith when it's not stunned but for those struggling, or for those who want to be on the safe side, make sure you have a plasma pistol. Even if it's not necessary, it'll make this a lot easier (Wraiths have a habit of splattering).

    Basically, EMP the Wraith to board it.

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    Adam J KirbyJust a heads up, if you are doing this co-op, you do not have to EMP the Wraith. Have one person to jump on and board the Wraith (don't melee or plant a grenade), then have another person take the gunner. With one person on the Wraith, the only other option is to take the gunner seat so it should work. Just have to avoid getting splattered and the Ghosts
    Posted by Adam J Kirby on 14 Jun 15 at 20:43
    BeijingyI just managed to nab this achievement WITHOUT using a plasma pistol when I boarded my second wraith. It is extremely difficult and finicky to do. There were NO plasma pistols anywhere that I could find. I had an ideal checkpoint just as I was running down and closing in on a gunner-less wraith, and it still took about 50 attempts. I made a 30 second video capture of me doing it if anyone cares to see it on my Xbox Captures page. I found it easier to destroy the Warthogs as they will steal your kills, and amazingly I destroyed my fourth wraith right as a plasma cannon killed me and the achievement popped from the grave. laugh
    Posted by Beijingy on 06 Aug 17 at 03:41
    TarvuYou cannot drive the Wraith through the river while the Mammoth is bridging it.

    Can't wait to be done with this awful game. If 343 had any decency they would have left this out of the collection.
    Posted by Tarvu on 21 Nov 20 at 13:09
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One684,785
    29 Dec 2014 29 Dec 2014
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    Note: Must be done on Heroic or legendary difficulty (Heroic recommended)

    Using the video provided by Warzone guides, you can get the first wraith, (if you plasma the first wraith and the elite will get out, then just kill the gunner and jump in the wraith) and remove its wings on the sides to put it in the mammoth, getting it across the river.

    Once you get to the next location where you must take down the shield there is 1 wraith there, make sure you finish the final blow killing the wraith with your wraith. I can not confirm if a marine gunner kills it that it doesn't count or does count so try to get the final blow.

    After the shield is down, proceed to the next area, MAKE SURE to destroy the Gauss warthog, this took my achievement away my first attempt, then destroy the forerunner shit and kill all ghosts Wraith coming down, if done correctly you will have the achievement before you are supposed to go into the Covenant lift to destroy the ship.

    This can be done in Co-op but you must take turns doing it 2 times because the Wraith kills only count for 1 person even if someone is in the gunner seat.

    If you would like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone you can also do the par score achievement, which I also got from the same mission since you are killing so many enemies, just put the skulls CATCH, FAMINE, FOG, and TILT on, this will give you a massive multiplier. I finished the mission 2 times, a par score of 40k and 35k, just don't waste too much time after you obtain your achievement.

    To save a ton of time when you get outside for the 2nd time towards the end where the giant scene is going on, you can skip the massive battle by grabbing a ghost, go around all the enemies following the right wall, right before the barrier use a jetpack to jump on the wall, run on top of the wall and over the barrier to finish the mission.
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    RatpoizenHey Wolf! you write good English for a Frenchman =). Good guide also.
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 02 Mar 15 at 20:20
    Strategy OneIm not french, only my name is.
    Posted by Strategy One on 03 Mar 15 at 18:27
  • The Last RascalThe Last Rascal536,549
    08 Jul 2018 08 Jul 2018
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    There's several good solutions already here, however I used bits from all of them to make something a little more straightforward and easy and decided to share.

    Game: Halo 4
    Mission: Reclaimer
    Rally: Bravo
    Difficulty: Heroic
    Skulls: Optional

    This will put you with a sniper and jetpack just before the bridge section. When you come upon a grunt with a plasma pistol, pick it up as your secondary. Sniper ammo is littered about in drop pods.

    Proceed with the mission until you travel through the portal back out. Directly in front of you will be your target wraith. Jump up on the far right hand side of the ledge and try to approach the wraith from the side. As this one is missing a gunner, it won't spot you till you are close. In my case, I even got a checkpoint almost right next to it. Pop the tank with an overcharged plasma pistol shot, or use your jetpack to get on top of the gunner position. Once you get in to the gunner seat, the driver will bail. Kill the driver and take the wraith.

    One wraith will be down the hill attacking allies, hit it first. Back up the hill, you may have as many as three coming around the corner. Keep your distance. Two direct shots will finish a wraith off. If your allies kill one of the tanks, more will be dropped off by drop ships.
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    Anima PuraMuch easier than stealing the earlier one and having to put it in the Mammoth, great solution.
    Posted by Anima Pura on 24 May 19 at 15:45
    The Last RascalThank you! Glad it helped!
    Posted by The Last Rascal on 31 May 19 at 01:02
    TG Airborne 88@Anima Pura: unless you attain it in co op (in my case, two controllers, two TVs to avoid split screen, on my own) and let the second player try to do as much as possible solo until it spawns you near your second instead of messing around with your wraith when at the green(?) rivers to cross
    Posted by TG Airborne 88 on 02 Jun 19 at 23:58
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