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All According to Plan...

Halo CE: Kill the first group of enemies on The Truth and Reconciliation without being detected.

All According to Plan...+0.2
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  • UltamisiaUltamisia320,294
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014 23 Jan 2015
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    As per the original achievement on X360. The same solution applies, simply follow this guide and video and the achievement is yours!
    Halo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryAll According to Plan...The All According to Plan... achievement in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary worth 18 pointsKill all the enemies in the first encounter of “Truth and Reconciliation” without being detected.

    To recap what you need to kill without getting detected at the mouth of the small area are:
    1 Elite
    2 Jackals
    3 Grunts walking around or in a gunner seat
    4 Grunts sleeping

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* Thanks for Darnscenekids and BaronVoNewman for confirming, you do need to be in anniversary mode to obtain this achievement!

    This is not my video by the way, credit goes to ADRRGamingUK on youtube
  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles867,848
    19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2014
    32 0 7
    Now that the Bandanna skull is available to everyone, I found the best way was to turn on Bandanna, Boom, and Grunt Funeral Party on Easy. This way, you can do it without ever needing to fire the sniper rifle.

    Switch to old graphics with cn_back, as the new textures occasionally don't behave well with the old textures. From the place you spawn, angle your throws upward to barely clear over the edge. Once it's doing this, slowly pan left and right to carpet bomb the area. This gets rid of the enemies on the far side of the area. These are the enemies easily sniped, so if that's not the problem, take them out from the mouth of the area, by the tree.

    The enemies close to the near wall were the problematic ones for me. You'll want to be closer to the wall with a higher arc on the grenades to get them just over the side to get the rest of them. Once you've got that high arc, it's the same process; pan left and right to carpet bomb closer to the new wall. For reference, back in new graphics, there's two darker leafy plants by the path before heading in; that's where I was standing when I got the rest of them.

    The achievement pops immediately after the last kill. If you've done all this and the marines charge forward to meet the enemy with a music change, check to see if it isn't stuck in "Done! Unlocking..." as that indicates you've completed the first area.
  • DevinJMcIntyreDevinJMcIntyre178,009
    29 Nov 2014 29 Nov 2014
    17 0 3
    This is not an overly difficult achievement and you should be able to get it if you're patient and don't rush anything.

    In order to get the achievement you must kill:
    7 Grunts
    2 Jackals
    1 Elite

    With the jackals and Elites especially you want to do your best to take them out with one shot each. If you miss or just hurt them, they will likely detect you. The grunts have a slightly bigger margin for error (as seen in the video below) but I would recommend trying to take all the enemies out with one shot just to be safe.

    The only time you will be detected is if the enemy looks right at you and starts shooting, they can freak out and run around without detecting you so do not panic

    The achievement is not difficulty specific so you may as well do it on easy. It is right at the beginning of the level so if you mess up you can just restart the level and try again
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,281,445
    10 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
    11 0 0
    At the very beginning of the level there is an achievement for killing the first group of enemies without being seen. Watch the level video below for the strategy on this. Once again if you’re struggling to do this one you can do it on a lower difficulty since it’s not tied to Legendary. I would recommend doing this before going for the achievement for saving your sniper ammo, so that you can restart and just run past all of these enemies (if doing it on a lower difficulty, of course).
    03 Jan 2015 31 Aug 2018
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    This achievement is done on Truth and Reconciliation. You will need to snipe...

    -1 Elite
    -2 Jackles
    -7 Grunts

    without being spotting. If you are spotted, you will know because the marines will move into the area and a second group of enemies will come from the hill up ahead. After jumping out of the plane, head to your right behind the rock that has a nice open spot you can snipe from. From here, you can kill about 2 grunts and both the jackels. You will then need to move up to the tree in front of the rock to see the elite and grunt in the turret on the hill to the left. From here, you should be able to keep along the right cliff and kill the remaining grunts. The grunts should be sleeping or in the locations along the right cliff or to the left wall when you walk into the area.

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