All According to Plan... achievement in Halo MCC

All According to Plan...

Halo CE: Kill the first group of enemies on The Truth and Reconciliation without being detected.

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How to unlock the All According to Plan... achievement

  • UltamisiaUltamisia370,467
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014 23 Jan 2015
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    As per the original achievement on X360. The same solution applies, simply follow this guide and video and the achievement is yours!
    Halo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryAll According to Plan...The All According to Plan... achievement in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary worth 19 pointsKill all the enemies in the first encounter of “Truth and Reconciliation” without being detected.

    To recap what you need to kill without getting detected at the mouth of the small area are:
    1 Elite
    2 Jackals
    3 Grunts walking around or in a gunner seat
    4 Grunts sleeping

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* Thanks for Darnscenekids and BaronVoNewman for confirming, you do need to be in anniversary mode to obtain this achievement!

    This is not my video by the way, credit goes to ADRRGamingUK on youtube

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    mo0ohammed19988If you're having problem unlocking it the normal way try this..
    For me the first group wasn't enough for it to unlock.after the first group the combat music starts and i stayed in the same place zooming at the side of the second turret and start killing the enemies as soon as i see them.There was 1 elite.. 2 jackals.. 6 grunts after the first group and it's unlocked immediately after killing the last jackal.
    -stay on your place after the combat music starts so the marines stay near you giving you a chance to kill the enemies before they start fighting together.
    -played on easy / 0 skulls
    -I missed multiple shots and that was completely fine as long as they didn't noticed you. don't double shot them(it's preferable to play on easy so you can 1 shot them).
    Posted by mo0ohammed19988 on 21 Nov 20 at 01:16
    After years of trying it popped first try today, on easy!
    Posted by stumpy477 on 02 Dec 20 at 00:30
    DoomScottIt is glitched on co-op for me. Did it successfully several times and nothing. Did it single player and got it first time.
    Posted by DoomScott on 26 Jan at 18:14
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  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles997,185
    19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2014
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    Now that the Bandanna skull is available to everyone, I found the best way was to turn on Bandanna, Boom, and Grunt Funeral Party on Easy. This way, you can do it without ever needing to fire the sniper rifle.

    Switch to old graphics with cn_back, as the new textures occasionally don't behave well with the old textures. From the place you spawn, angle your throws upward to barely clear over the edge. Once it's doing this, slowly pan left and right to carpet bomb the area. This gets rid of the enemies on the far side of the area. These are the enemies easily sniped, so if that's not the problem, take them out from the mouth of the area, by the tree.

    The enemies close to the near wall were the problematic ones for me. You'll want to be closer to the wall with a higher arc on the grenades to get them just over the side to get the rest of them. Once you've got that high arc, it's the same process; pan left and right to carpet bomb closer to the new wall. For reference, back in new graphics, there's two darker leafy plants by the path before heading in; that's where I was standing when I got the rest of them.

    The achievement pops immediately after the last kill. If you've done all this and the marines charge forward to meet the enemy with a music change, check to see if it isn't stuck in "Done! Unlocking..." as that indicates you've completed the first area.
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    geniusboy91I also threw a quick grenade at the beginning to kill all the marines. I kept chucking grenades until the music came on, but even after the music, there was still one more grunt that had not been killed. Killed him and achievement popped. DO NOT ASSUME MUSIC MEANS YOU'RE DONE.
    Posted by geniusboy91 on 01 Sep 15 at 22:19
    Assassin CorvoCame here looking for clarification (ie difficuly/classic or anniv/what's detected etc.) Used this guide combined with sneaky snipery on Heroic in anniversay mode & i did miss a shot,the achievement popped as soon as i popped the sleeping grunt.
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 18 Jul 16 at 17:52
    KAW 24Fun alternative to sniping as per the original X360 achievement, although my first grenade didn't clear the edge and killed two marines - oops. redface
    Posted by KAW 24 on 26 Jan 17 at 16:26
  • Buachaill DonaBuachaill Dona403,270
    25 Mar 2020 25 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020
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    Okay after having issues unlocking this achievement I messaged vexer6 the most recent person to unlock it. Here's what he said to do in order to unlock it, I would just add that you MUST have a physical copy of the game for this solution to work. I had to start the game for it to unlock, but hopefully it will help anyone else having issues too. Not sure why someones voting me down, I'm only trying to help, and credited the guy that told me a solution.

    "To get the achievement I uninstalled the game, took the console offline, then took the disc out and put it back in to get it to install from the disc. Then I loaded the game up, selected the Truth and Reconciliation mission and did the normal requirements for the cheevo, quit out of the game, put the console back online and then downloaded the patch for MCC and the achievement popped within a couple of minutes of the download starting(thankfully you don't have to wait for the entire patch to download it seems)I didn't even have to load up the game."
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    ThatiswhatidoeSAre people unlocking this on the digital version yet?
    Posted by ThatiswhatidoeS on 17 Sep 20 at 04:59
    ThatiswhatidoeSNo one still damn this should be patched already jezzz Zeus
    Posted by ThatiswhatidoeS on 11 Nov 20 at 05:43
    Altered RuleCan confirm its works on digital now, just got it
    Posted by Altered Rule on 17 Nov 20 at 10:23
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