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The Return of Megg

Halo 2: She's not picking up.

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How to unlock the The Return of Megg achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,526,772
    11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014
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    Game: Halo 2
    Mission: Cairo Station
    Difficulty: Legendary
    Skulls: Thunderstorm required. Scarab & Envy recommended

    To get this Easter Egg to unlock you must complete the entire mission using the settings above without being hit by a single enemy bullet! Luckily you can use the Scarab Gun and the invisibility provided by the Envy skull during your playthrough. If at any point you are hit with an enemy bullet, your screen will blink red and your shield will take damage. You MUST "Last Last Checkpoint" (or die) and try again.

    If you make it through the entire level into the bomb room without being hit by a single bullet, a special dialogue will come over the intercom; "Paging Megg..." and the achievement will unlock.

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    Lw N1GHTM4R3ok.. After 7 attempts at this achievement, I'll shine light on it for those who are having the same issue as me. This achievement is not tied to whether you take damage or not so this whole, "complete the entire mission without being hit by a single enemy bullet!" thing is completely false. The achievement is tied to whether your shields are full or have recharged at any point in the game. Idk if it was because I was too slow at reverting last checkpoint or what, but what finally did it for me was activating the Black Eye skull. I never reverted a checkpoint and I even got hit a bunch, but I still got the achievement. Just make sure you have full double overshields (Green shields) when you enter the final elevator.
    Posted by Lw N1GHTM4R3 on 13 Jan at 01:52
    vexer6I actually had this one pop before I even reached the end of the level, I was in the final elevator shooting the enemies that appeared once the door opened and suddenly I got it.
    Posted by vexer6 on 25 Jan at 05:46
    bjoeboomerI beat this using scarab, blackeye and envy skull three times using the last checkpoint method and it didn't pop. I saw someone say they had to save/quit instead so I did 1 run that way. I walked into the room and stood near the marine and finally heard the announcement over the intercom and it popped.
    Posted by bjoeboomer on 09 May at 15:16
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,668,004
    11 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
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    Load up Cairo Station on Legendary. Turn on Scarab, Envy, and most importantly Thunderstorm skull. Thunderstorm is the one that is actually required for the egg.

    You must get to the bomb room without taking any damage whatsoever, but you can restart your last checkpoint if you do so it's not that bad. When you get to the bomb room, activate your cloak and hang a left around the corner. Head to the back of that room and wait for the egg to start and your achievement to unlock. There's no need to kill the Elites in the bomb room or wait in there with them.

    This easter egg was much, much more difficult on OG Halo 2, unless you did the permanent cloak glitch, but even without that now the Scarab skull makes a world of difference.

    I recommend a BR for precision aiming and to follow the path I take through the level in the video below.

    I was actually one of the first 2 people to get this and had a video up yesterday, but I decided to remake the video to improve the overall quality and narration.

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    b0seijuI see you had some "trouble" taking out the buggers in the lift. If you are quick enough you can walk up to the edge of the elevator, spray a little with an scarab-smg, this will kill the buggers quite quick. After that you can easily take out the elites and grunts while they spawn in the room at the backside of the lift.
    Posted by b0seiju on 03 Nov 15 at 10:36
    FuzzedUpCookieFor me, the achievement popped in the elevator/air room just before the bomb room, where Cortana says '...there are quite a few elites guarding the bomb'
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 17 Jun 21 at 20:14
    FuzzedUpCookieFor me, the achievement popped in the elevator/air room just before the bomb room, where Cortana says '...there are quite a few elites guarding the bomb'
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 17 Jun 21 at 20:18
  • FXGAchievementsFXGAchievements13,115
    29 Jul 2017 07 Aug 2017
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 2 - The Return of Megg - Halo 2: She's not picking up. This achievement can be difficult to unlock.

    On the mission Cairo Station, you must reach the final room of the mission on legendary without being shot ONCE with the thunderstorm skull on. To make this much easier make sure you have the scarab skull active.

    Take the mission very slowly and watch all corners and if you do get shot you can always restart from last checkpoint. The only possible annoying area is when all of the drones fly up at the angled elevator.

    Reach the final room and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

  • Ac1dDrinksAc1dDrinks304,907
    22 Dec 2014 17 Mar 2018
  • DefiantZeroDefiantZero302,791
    13 May 2022 14 May 2022 14 May 2022
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    Adding on from the other guides
    You can put on any other variation of skulls as long as it is on Legendary with the Thunderstorm skull.

    As well as the Bandanna, Envy, and Scarab skulls you can also add in the Acrophobia skull.
    If you take any damage or die you can press start and load the last checkpoint.
    Keep your submachine gun for the drones later.

    The start of the mission is about the same. Clear the enemies as the bulk head opens and clear the corner as you get ready to go up the stairs. When you walk through the door you can cloak and fly straight through to the next door that leads into the hangar. When you land and turn left the Elite is most likely climbing the box. Blast him and proceed forward so the door closes behind you.

    Clear the two hangars and the little junction before the armory as videos show and once you get into the armory blast the two elites waiting at the door. Cloak, turn right, and fly to the next door and walk through the two sets of doors.

    Clear out the hallway and the two flying elites as soon as the door open. Cloak and fly straight to the next set of doors.

    For the drones part you should have a perfect checkpoint. Pull out your submachine gun, jump and fly upwards to the ceiling. Let go of the fly button, point down, and light up everything on your way down to the bottom. When you hit the bottom of the elevator the drone should be dead and the doors should be opening. Kill the group in the door way and skip the whole elevator.

    Cloak one last time as soon as the doors open leading outside. Fly past everything and go through the door. Turn round and as soon as it opens turn right and go to the back area and chill like in the videos. It may take a few minutes for the announcement to pop.

    It took me 12 minutes to speed through this level.
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