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Collectors Album: All Balls achievement in UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

Collectors Album: All Balls

Complete the ball collection in the Collectors Album.

Collectors Album: All Balls0
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How to unlock the Collectors Album: All Balls achievement

  • SAZorlanceSAZorlance
    Locked 27 Sep 2009
    There are a total of 49 balls in the game: 10 Classic and 39 Modern. You will find these in Bronze, Silver and Gold packs rarely as well as by trading online. Here is a checklist of the balls so you can cross them off as you obtain them.

    Classic Balls
    1. Classic White
    2. Classic Black white
    3. Silverstar
    4. Redstar
    5. Bluestar
    6. Blackstar
    7. DK Bluestar
    8. Generic Orange 53
    9. Generic Leather 52
    10. Winterorange

    Modern Balls
    1. adidas + F50.6 Xite (Yellow)
    2. adidas + F50.6 Xite (White)
    3. adidas + F50.6 Xite (Black)
    4. adidas + F50.6 Xite (Red)
    5. adidas + F50.6 Xite (Blue)
    6. adidas MB Predator Glider (Black/Red)
    7. adidas MB Predator Glider (Blue/White)
    8. adidas MB Training (orange/white)
    9. adidas MB Training (yellow/black)
    10. adidas MB Training (blue/white)
    11. adidas MB Training (white/blue)
    12. adidas MB Training blue/yellow)
    13. adidas MB Tournament
    14. adidas Stareffect Silver
    15. adidas League MB
    16. adidas MB Club Grey
    17. adidas MB Club Green
    18. adidas MB Artificial Turf
    19. Finale Capitano Red
    20. adidas MB powerorange
    21. Finale Glider Real Madrid
    22. Finale Athens
    23. Finale Athina
    24. Finale Athina Metallic
    25. Finale Capitano
    26. adidas Uefa Finale Paris MB
    27. Finale Glider Chelsea
    28. Finale Athina Capitano
    29. adidas MB
    30. Finale Glider AC Milan
    31. Finale Glider FCB
    32. Finale Sportivo
    33. adidas Stareffect Gold
    34. Finale Powerorange Capitano
    35. Finale 3D Effect
    36. Finale Powerorange
    37. Finale Athina Sportivo
    38. Finale Effect
    39. Finale Partido
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    RYN16Can you get any ball in any pack or are some only in certain packs? so would i be better buying mass bronze or a few gold because they give better cards or a mixture because you will find different ones in different packs?
    Posted by RYN16 on 15 Feb 13 at 04:28
    Uranium DepositI have found a few balls that are silver cards and most are gold as far as I can tell. I don't know if there are any bronze ones, but I doubt it. I only lack three balls and two jerseys for completion. Recommend turning off autosave, spending most of your coins and then reloading the settings file to play a game and repeat. This way you aren't wasting coins. Need to play a game because the packs will be the same if you just reload and open packs.

    Suprised someones still going for this. I just loaded mine back up tonight after not doing anything for a year.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 25 Feb 13 at 02:10
    Uranium DepositDisregard that last part. You have a load a golden ticket to randomize the card packs. Its been far too long since I worked on this. If I finally do get the achievement I'll write a guide for it.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 25 Feb 13 at 03:01
    RYN16Sorry for such a slow reply I didn't think you would actually get back to me :P thanks for the info. Yeah I have been doing that golden ticket trick all along already got a lot of the album although still a long way from finishing considering the last few cards may take forever. Yeah I am only going for it because i want 100% completion and i played it ages ago before I even cared about achievements and now its come back to bite me in the ass let me know if you have any tips for money making although i may already be using the best method getting anywhere from 1000-1800 for 4 min halfs
    Posted by RYN16 on 03 Jun 13 at 18:12
    Uranium DepositI always just put it on either 4 min (if I was in the room) or 20/40 minutes halves (if AFK) in exhibition with the computer playing the game until the last couple minutes. Highest difficulty setting, with a 99 rating team (away) vs a custom low rating team (home). I didn't bother playing matches often, as I can just do other things while it works for me. Note: Been awhile again, so I may be off on how somethings work.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 03 Jun 13 at 20:07
    RYN16wait can you idle earn money then? I've been playing the games myself
    Posted by RYN16 on 06 Jun 13 at 14:21
    Uranium DepositYeah, you just set to have the CPU play itself and jump in toward the end of the game.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 07 Jun 13 at 13:13
    RYN16Wish I knew that before but anyway nearly finished now I need a Ball and have had no luck getting it do you know if the Finale Capitano is in silver or Gold packs?
    Posted by RYN16 on 08 Jun 13 at 01:10
    Uranium DepositEither. But I believe the Finale balls are gold rated.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 08 Jun 13 at 04:09
    RYN16Ah okay thanks I will just buy gold packs then thanks a lot for all your help and tips hopefully will be done with this by today
    Posted by RYN16 on 08 Jun 13 at 23:03
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