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No-Fly Zone

Halo CE: Destroy three of the four Banshees on Halo during a single play-through.

No-Fly Zone+0.8
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  • TheviusRacoonusTheviusRacoonus428,044
    11 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014
    83 4 22
    There are two spots in the mission where Banshees spawn. The first spot is as you cross the bridge at the very beginning of the mission. Two banshees will fly around the area looking for you. It's best to weaken both before destroying one, because once one is destroyed, the other will begin to retreat, and you will lose the opportunity to destroy it.

    It seems like the only way to get the second set to spawn is to rescue the survivors on the left side first. The second set of two spawned for me near the back of the area where you are rescuing the three groups of survivors at the end of the mission. In between the two survivor locations on the far side of the main area, the other two banshees should spawn. In my game, it happened after I saved one group, though I'm not sure if that's a factor or not. The other banshee didn't begin to fly off after I destroyed the other, so you should have enough time to take them both down with ease. As long as you got at least one from earlier, the achievement should pop after the third one is destroyed.

    Make sure if you have Marines in your Warthog they don't destroy any, otherwise it won't count toward the achievement.
  • Runner eGirlRunner eGirl444,272
    24 Jan 2015 24 Jan 2015
    51 1 2
    If you're like me and sometimes need a video, I found this one on YouTube that helped me get the achievement.

    Credit for the video goes to YouTube user Halo Completionist
  • x Lethian xx Lethian x86,848
    04 Feb 2015 05 Feb 2015 05 Feb 2015
    20 1 0
    Start up the 2nd Mission "Halo" from Halo: CE on Easy.

    Right after you start up the Level and crash onto Halo's surface, take a right and pass the big bridge. Start heading up into the mountains and you'll notice two Banshees flying towards your direction.

    Pull out your Pistol and start shooting one of the two - although you'll know you are hitting them as soon as your Crosshair (the round one :P) turns red, you can start shooting before that and your bullets will still hit'em.
    If you feel lucky, try to shoot down the second banshee as well - it will start flying into the opposite direction of your path and vanish behind the Cliffs. This should be pretty simple on the Easy difficulty setting though.

    Rescue the first set of marines until you get your warthog deployed and then rush on through the level till you exit the cave complex.
    Head to your right where you will enter a valley-like opening with the first set of Survivors hiding in the rocky hills. Instead of defending them you can "kill'em all" (no pun intended) like I did in the Video below, just to speed up things.

    After that, head back out and you will see two Banshees circling the sky and starting to attack you. Do the same as before and - wether you shot down only one or both in the beginning - the achievement shall pop up after the first or second kill.

    Hope this Video can help:

    Good Hunting!
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,295,132
    28 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
    17 3 0
    Switch to Easy and start the level. Right at the start there will be two banshees circling overhead. Kill them both and continue on with the level. After grabbing both skulls and the terminal, you'll come back out into an open area and have to go save the crashed Marines. After saving the first group, kill them off and head back out the way you came to see two more Banshees spawn. Killing one of them should net you:
  • ChockaShockaChockaShocka173,935
    19 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014
    18 6 3
    I just now got all 4 Banshees. First 2 at start of level, then next 2 after I completed the first area when I went to the space ship wreckage with the health pack and ammo.

    The area I went to is on the left where the 3 Jackels are waiting just before the blue lights at the entrance of the first area on the left, after leaving the concrete tunnels. Exit the tunnel, drive up the hill to the first place where you can cross the creek on the left and then turn left.

    Kill all enemies in that area, then exit through the back area, then turn right to go to the space ship wreckage. Watch for 2 Banshees there.
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