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Win 250 multiplayer games.

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How to unlock the Battle-Hardened achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One684,994
    12 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 15 Oct 2015
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    There are 12 achievements worth 120G for completing 500 games and there are 11 achievements worth 105 G for winning 500 games. In total there is 23 achievements worth 225 gamerscore for playing/winning 500 Custom or matchmade games for Halo: TMCC. This is a guide to obtain all of those achievements, plus I will list off all multiplayer achievements you can do in custom games, organized in what the requirements are to doing them.

    The first thing I need let you know, if you plan on doing ALL multiplayer/custom achievements you should unlock the ones below first because they will give you progress towards the wins/games played achievements (it can save you 30 minutes to and hour by doing these first)

    (Matchmaking only)
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionZealotThe Zealot achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 43 pointsHalo 2A MP: In Anniversary matchmaking, win 10 games as an Elite.

    (Read walk-through first before doing these, then use the method to get these)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    This achievement will give you games won/played towards all 23 achievements, if you don't want to and just knock these out of the way then follow this guide!

    Walkthrough for multiplayer wins/played

    Edit 08/21/2015:
    M E T H 0 D Man said:

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but it is still possible to end the game early on forge and have it count as a victory. I tested it with halo 2,3, and 4.

    Ham Man 89 said:

    Halo 2 anniversary custom. Lockout, slayer, start game. pause and end game after match loads. works solo. halo 3 custom works... halo 4 also works... just quitting out as soon as u can

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    This isn't the only multiplayer achievements that can be done in Custom, I have compiled a list of all the achievements and what you need to get them. Take a look:

    Needed: 1 controller (can be done all by yourself):

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Needed: A willing friend or 2 controllers:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Needed: A willing friend or another controller (best done in forge)

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Needed: 2 willing friends or another 2 controllers

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Needed: a willing friend who has the Legendary Anniversary achievement:

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLegend SlayerThe Legend Slayer achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 18 pointsHalo 2A MP: Kill an opponent that has the Legendary Anniversary achievement.

    I hope this list helps everyone into doing all multiplayer that is achievable in Custom matches, I finished them yesterday and its good to know I don't have to play multiplayer anymore if I don't want to.

    For this last achievement you can do it with another friend (having 3 controllers in total meaning one of you having 2 controllers in possession).


    Having 3 controllers and doing everything yourself which would be extremely difficult


    Having 1 controller and splattering an enemy in Campaign (extremely difficult also)

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionAirborneThe Airborne achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 55 pointsHalo CE: Launch a Warthog for at least 5 seconds and have it splatter an enemy.

    If my guide to all custom multiplayer achievements has flaws or can be improved please comment or message me and I will fix it immediately.

    Good luck to everyone and have fun! toast

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    S0PH0SA few tips that I've noticed for those that are looking to just enter/end games in succession for these achievements are the following:
    1) the game shows using the LB/RB buttons to move through the different setup stages to get to the start, but this requires distinct presses of the bumper buttons - you can simply hold the LS to the right and it will quickly skip across to the start button and then you can click A.
    2) I've also noted that while in the process of starting custom multiplayer or forge games if you press the Xbox button to bring up the Xbox menu, tab over to the achievements tab and check your halo achievements progress and return to your custom/forge matches - the matches will automatically start you in the leave/end game menu rather than starting the match and having to press the menu button.
    These can make the game cycling just a little bit quicker!
    Posted by S0PH0S on 29 Oct 20 at 17:12
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  • FoogaFooga2,187,267
    14 Oct 2015 17 Jun 2018 16 Sep 2018
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    Quick updated method!

    As of June 2015 it seems one can not just quit and get a win, instead having to fully finish the match. Thankfully I found a cheap method around this, and it seems to be faster than the quit out method.

    By loading up Forge on Halo 3 (I suppose it could be any map, but I chose Construct as the map, and Multi-Flag as the mode), just delete the opposite teams starting points. Leave one group. They're easy to spot because they have a blue floaty aura above them, as opposed to being regular arrows that indicate regular spawns. Afterwards save your map.

    When you load the map/mode up, you should get a black screen with the scoreboard saying you won (It's so fast the announcer says "Game over...capture the flag!"). Fast and easy!

    Hope that helps everyone out. No one seemed to be posting about these wins for those of us that still need them and were too lazy to get them out of the way sooner.

    Good luck! toast

    Update: For those of you that are having trouble getting it to work, I went ahead and added the map to my file share. Just be sure to play it on Multi Flag.

    Update 2: Here are the new steps (as of September 2018) to help you get started (Credit to tknology)

    1) First, load up MCC with one controller and your account. No need for second controller.
    2) Press X to open the Roster.
    3) Select your player card and press A.
    4) Select "Find Player" and press A.
    5) Type 'Fooga' in the text box that comes up and press Start. You should now be on Fooga's 'Player Details' page.
    6) Select "File Share" and press A.
    7) Select "Map Variants" and press A.
    8) Select "Construct Win Boost" and press A. Press A a second time, select "Yes" on the prompt and press A a third time. Dismiss the notification that the download is complete.
    9) Now back all the way out to MCC's main menu.
    10) Choose Multiplayer > Custom Games > Halo 3.
    11) For MAP, choose Construct > Win Boost
    12) For Game Type, choose Capture The Flag > Multi-Flag
    13) Hit A on Options (no need to change anything)
    14) Hit A to Start Game.
    15) Once game starts, you'll get an automatic win and it loads the Carnage Report. Hit B to back out of Carnage Report. Re-select the map (Construct > Win Boost). Press RB twice to select 'Start'. Hit A to Start Game.
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity526,048
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014
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    This is a guide on how to get all the "Win X multiplayer games" achievements and "Complete X missions or multiplayer games."

    It is better to play the game first and do these last, but if you just want to get them out of the way, or are worried that the amount of fan boy complaints are going to make 343 Industries patch this, then, like myself, you can do this first before doing anything else.

    Start up your game, and from the main menu, move your cn_right / cn_LSr, and then either press cn_A or move cn_down / cn_LSd. Then move your cn_right / cn_LSr, and then either press cn_A or move cn_down / cn_LSd. Then press cn_A + cn_A + cn_A + cn_A + cn_A through the options, and once again press cn_A to accept options. And finally, press cn_A one last time to start the game, causing a 5 second timer to go off. As soon as the announcer says, "Slayer," press cn_start and move cn_right /cn_LSr and press cn_A on the menu for End Game. Then move cn_left /cn_LSl, and press cn_A to choose Yes.

    In game, it will say "You Won" under your ammo counter, and if you have the achievement app snapped like I do, it will go up a tiny bit, showing you that you gained progress.

    Once at the score screen, just press cn_B, and then you will be at the screen that is ready to start again. Just press cn_A again to start, and repeat steps from there.

    You can get about 1 game a minute done this way while watching videos, possibly faster once you get your hands used to it.

    And no, this is not bannable. I have checked both the 343 and Microsoft ToS (which is why I allowed my Gamertag to be shown in the video).
  • TG IceStormTG IceStorm300,541
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014
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    I have found the quickest way to get this achievement is to go into muti-player and select custom games, then select Halo 2 classic mode as there is hardly any loading on the old maps. You can get each game done in around 20 seconds by yourself, be sure to end your game as if you quit out it will not count. At the title screen press b to go back and then start another game. This will stack with all the other win/games played achievements. I won't be surprised if this gets patched soon, so get them games in.
  • LiquidDeath911LiquidDeath911151,439
    16 Jul 2019 21 Jul 2019
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    This solution will automatically start games and win them for you. No effort needed (for the most part) after setup.


    TrueAchievements and I hold no responsibility for anything that happens to your computer if you choose to use this solution


    A computer running Windows 10
    A keyboard
    The "Xbox Console Companion" app
    An "auto win" Halo 3 map (you can follow Fooga's solution to download his)
    Patience and lots of time (if you are going for all 500 wins at once)

    General Idea
    So before I go into any specifics and loads of detail, let me explain what the idea is so that you can decide if you want to read the rest or not.

    On windows 10, you can stream you Xbox to you computer using the Xbox Companion App and you can control you Xbox with a controller plugged into your computer (As far as I know, only Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller work without using 3rd party software).

    Well that's what we will be using, 3rd party software, to make the keyboard be able to control the Xbox through the streaming capability. This will require installing 2 different programs and some drivers onto you computer and going through a specific setup process to make everything work.

    1. First things first, plug your Xbox controller into the computer (I used an Xbox 360 controller) and let the drivers install themselves. *Leave the controller plugged in*
    2. Go to this link ( and download the master folder by clicking on the "clone or download" button, then choose "download as ZIP".
    3. After its downloaded, extract the folder to your desktop and then open up the folder.
    4. Run the "SlimDX Runtine .NET 4.0 x86" installer and go through the install.
    5. Now open the "XboxKeyboardMouse" folder and run the "ScpDriverInstaller.exe" and click on the "Install Driver" button (don't exit this installer until you get the popup saying it installed).
    6. Now go back a folder and open the "Installer" folder. Run the "Setup.exe" and go through the install.
    7. You should have a little program open with a power symbol on it. Go ahead and click on the power symbol and make the background red.
    8. Now go to this link ( and download the normal version, NOT the "server" version.
    9. After it downloads, install the program and open it up.
    10. Go to this link ( and download the file for the Hot Keyboard program.
    11. Within Hot Keyboard, click on the "File" button in the top bar and choose "Import" and import the file you just downloaded.
    12. For this macro, I chose the hotkey "Alt+K", you may change it to whatever you like. *NOTE* This hotkey ONLY starts the macro, you need to use the "Escape" button to stop the macro.
    13. Almost done! We are ready to get into the game, so go ahead and get MCC running and open up the Xbox Companion App. *NOTE* If the XboxKeyboardMouse program is left with the Blue background, once the Xbox app is the primary window it will take over your mouse. Use "Alt+Tab" to make another program your primary window.
    14. At this point you should have the "auto win" Halo 3 map downloaded (if not, follow Fooga's solution to download his map), using your normal Xbox One controller, go to Multiplayer, then Custom Games, then Halo 3, and then choose the map you downloaded (or made).
    15. Choose the game type to be "Multi Flag" and then press the "Left Bumper" twice and press "Down" once on your Xbox Controller.
    16. Turn off your Xbox One controller by holding the Xbox button and choosing "Turn controller off". Now start streaming from your Xbox to your computer in the Xbox Companion App. If needed, use "Alt+Tab" to get to the "XboxKeyboardMouse" program and click on the power icon to make the background Blue and go back to the Xbox Companion App.

    And voila! The "Controller Disconnected" popup in Halo MCC should go away and you should be able to control your Xbox One with your keyboard.

    17. Now we need to start the keyboard macro, so press "Alt+K" (unless you changed the hotkey) and let this solution do its thing!

    Remember, to exit the keyboard macro you have to press the "Escape" key and then to regain control of your mouse press "Alt+Tab" to select a different window or program.

    *NOTE* If your macro doesn't repeat and only plays once, download this file instead ( and go back to step 11 and import this file instead. This file is the same macro but I manually put the code in 50 times. So this macro will make you win 50 games before you have to use the hotkey to start it again.

    In the "XboxKeyboardMouse" program, you can click on "Controller" and it will open a separate window that shows you an Xbox controller and it will display what buttons are being pressed.
    You can change the inputs in this program too but you will have to change the macro as well, so only do this if you are comfortable with both programs.

    So after you get your Multiplayer Win achievements you might be ready to forget about all of this. Well before you forget about what we installed, I highly recommend that you go and uninstall the two programs we installed, plus the couple extras that came with it. And you can delete any folders left on you desktop from all of this.
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,533,264
    16 May 2017 12 Nov 2014
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    In case quitting out doesn't work, play a custom game with 2 players. Set it for one round, one life (no respawning), doesn't matter what game mode.

    Then have the second person commit suicide. Jump into a chasm, grenades, rockets, whatever. It's about as quick as quitting out.

    Yeah, I don't have it yet, but that's how I've been getting these for the map specific ones and it works like a charm.
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