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Quick Trigger Finger

Win 450 multiplayer games.

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How to unlock the Quick Trigger Finger achievement

  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity512,974
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014
    23 7 8
    This is a guide on how to get all the "Win X multiplayer games" achievements and "Complete X missions or multiplayer games."

    It is better to play the game first and do these last, but if you just want to get them out of the way, or are worried that the amount of fan boy complaints are going to make 343 Industries patch this, then, like myself, you can do this first before doing anything else.

    Start up your game, and from the main menu, move your cn_right / cn_LSr, and then either press cn_A or move cn_down / cn_LSd. Then move your cn_right / cn_LSr, and then either press cn_A or move cn_down / cn_LSd. Then press cn_A + cn_A + cn_A + cn_A + cn_A through the options, and once again press cn_A to accept options. And finally, press cn_A one last time to start the game, causing a 5 second timer to go off. As soon as the announcer says, "Slayer," press cn_start and move cn_right /cn_LSr and press cn_A on the menu for End Game. Then move cn_left /cn_LSl, and press cn_A to choose Yes.

    In game, it will say "You Won" under your ammo counter, and if you have the achievement app snapped like I do, it will go up a tiny bit, showing you that you gained progress.

    Once at the score screen, just press cn_B, and then you will be at the screen that is ready to start again. Just press cn_A again to start, and repeat steps from there.

    You can get about 1 game a minute done this way while watching videos, possibly faster once you get your hands used to it.

    And no, this is not bannable. I have checked both the 343 and Microsoft ToS (which is why I allowed my Gamertag to be shown in the video).

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    HotzoglouNo longer working in any of the custom game modes.
    Posted by Hotzoglou on 29 May 18 at 04:11
    Gamegoddess 21is this achievement bugged for anyone else? mine has been stuck at 90% for weeks now and I play swat regularly and am pretty sure I should have this achievement by now
    Posted by Gamegoddess 21 on 24 Sep 20 at 00:27
    Ditto51For some reason these are currently counting properly (on the achievement menu). But the stats in game are still collecting them.

    I found that if you use a second controller, kill the guest account once and then end the mission as the victor then the count properly updates itself, just in case anyone was getting stuck
    Posted by Ditto51 on 09 Nov 20 at 18:49
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  • FoogaFooga1,683,681
    16 Oct 2015 17 Jun 2018 16 Sep 2018
    10 0 3
    Quick updated method!

    As of June 2015 it seems one can not just quit and get a win, instead having to fully finish the match. Thankfully I found a cheap method around this, and it seems to be faster than the quit out method.

    By loading up Forge on Halo 3 (I suppose it could be any map, but I chose Construct as the map, and Multi-Flag as the mode), just delete the opposite teams starting points. Leave one group. They're easy to spot because they have a blue floaty aura above them, as opposed to being regular arrows that indicate regular spawns. Afterwards save your map.

    When you load the map/mode up, you should get a black screen with the scoreboard saying you won (It's so fast the announcer says "Game over...capture the flag!"). Fast and easy!

    Hope that helps everyone out. No one seemed to be posting about these wins for those of us that still need them and were too lazy to get them out of the way sooner.

    Good luck! toast

    Update: For those of you that are having trouble getting it to work, I went ahead and added the map to my file share. Just be sure to play it on Multi Flag.

    Update 2: Here are the new steps (as of September 2018) to help you get started (Credit to tknology)

    1) First, load up MCC with one controller and your account. No need for second controller.
    2) Press X to open the Roster.
    3) Select your player card and press A.
    4) Select "Find Player" and press A.
    5) Type 'Fooga' in the text box that comes up and press Start. You should now be on Fooga's 'Player Details' page.
    6) Select "File Share" and press A.
    7) Select "Map Variants" and press A.
    8) Select "Construct Win Boost" and press A. Press A a second time, select "Yes" on the prompt and press A a third time. Dismiss the notification that the download is complete.
    9) Now back all the way out to MCC's main menu.
    10) Choose Multiplayer > Custom Games > Halo 3.
    11) For MAP, choose Construct > Win Boost
    12) For Game Type, choose Capture The Flag > Multi-Flag
    13) Hit A on Options (no need to change anything)
    14) Hit A to Start Game.
    15) Once game starts, you'll get an automatic win and it loads the Carnage Report. Hit B to back out of Carnage Report. Re-select the map (Construct > Win Boost). Press RB twice to select 'Start'. Hit A to Start Game.
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    Vos RequiesAs of September, after the Halo MCC update, the Win Boost method you describe here, doesn't appear to work anymore. I've tried it several times with no progress made.
    Posted by Vos Requies on 13 Oct 18 at 12:13
    FoogaThis is the updated version after the September update. These steps didn’t work?
    Posted by Fooga on 13 Oct 18 at 15:25
    x D00G xThe update 2 method works fine for me, as at May 19.
    Posted by x D00G x on 10 May 19 at 09:00
  • TG IceStormTG IceStorm287,763
    14 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014
    7 2 1
    I have found the quickest way to get this achievement is to go into muti-player and select custom games, then select Halo 2 classic mode as there is hardly any loading on the old maps. You can get each game done in around 20 seconds by yourself, be sure to end your game as if you quit out it will not count. At the title screen press b to go back and then start another game. This will stack with all the other win/games played achievements. I won't be surprised if this gets patched soon, so get them games in.
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    Reborn InsanityThe custom game method no longer works.
    Posted by Reborn Insanity on 24 Jun 17 at 18:38
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