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Dankey Kang

Kill 1000 Brutes.

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  • S P 4 C E YS P 4 C E Y268,072
    26 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015 10 Jul 2015
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    The best place I found to this where you can grind out the full 1000 in less than 20 minutes is on The Covenant. You're best just to leave this achievement until you've got all Halo 2 and Halo 3 achievements (and Halo 3:ODST if you have it).

    Load up The Covenant on Halo 3 using Rally Point Bravo and playing on easy. Jump in the Hornet and head across to the landing zone. Around here you'll get a checkpoint allowing you to drop down into the two entrance areas and kill the 10-15 Brutes that are hanging around. Kill them all then restart the checkpoint.

    I saved the clip grinding out the kills to help explain - skip to 2:50 to show the grind starting.

  • Athena1791Athena179186,981
    19 Jan 2015 19 Jan 2015
    19 0 2
    I boosted this achievement on Halo 2, Chapter 13 - Uprising, easy mode.

    There are 8 Brutes at the beginning of this chapter and you can easily take them out with the Enery Sword that you pick up from the floor just before you make a right turn and encounter the first Brute. Once I killed the 8 Brutes I kept restarting the chapter untill I got the achievement.

    It takes two hits to kill a Brute if your facing it directly, and one hit from behind. You can use the Arbiter's invisibility shield to sneak up on the Brutes.

    The map layout is somewhat annoying as you have to do some walking to get to the Brutes. On average, it took me approximately between 40-50 seconds to kill the 8 brutes as a result of the distance traveled. I needed about 530 kills when I began boosting this achievement and I was able to obtain it in just a little over an hour.

    Hope this helps.
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