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Can’t Live Without It

Use the TrueAchievements app on 20 consecutive days

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  • JumpinJahosofatJumpinJahosofat100,998
    22 Sep 2015 01 Nov 2014
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    This is pretty self explanatory. If you don't actually use the True Achievements app, just make sure you at least open it once a day. Set an alarm or something to remind you. I'm actually really glad they added this app to the Xbox One. Hope you all agree! Keep gaming and earning those achievements!
  • ZordnilZordnil395,423
    14 Jan 2015 14 Jan 2015 27 Sep 2015
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    TrueAchievement himself has posted in the bug report forum saying:
    "App tokens only last an hour now so there's no need to do any of the stuff in this thread such as reinstalling, force closing etc. All you need to do is to run the app every day,"

    If this has solved all issues or not i dont know, you're welcome to leave feedback here or in the bug report thread as you see fit.

    Original solution:

    I am surprised the info i am about to post hasnt made it here yet. Read on, this should help all of you with issues to unlock this achievement.

    This one can be tricky. I had problems unlocking it myself and thought it was glitched. The progress got stuck on 55% for me and didnt change for a long time.

    So i checked the forum for TA app bug reports regarding this achievement:
    Cant Live Without It Achievement - Days progress issues.

    The achievement doesnt count how many days in a row you USE the app, it counts how many days in a row you START the app. The problem i, and many others, were having was that the app was still running in the background when we some day during the 20 used it, which didnt update the progress.
    To clarify, if you have your xbox set to download updates while off, its never really off and the app is still running.

    To get around this problem, after you start the app go back to dashboard and highlight the app window, press the menu (cn_start) button and select close. Done.
    If you have your progress stuck at a certain %, you will not see an update until you progress past that mark.
    Now just do that 20 days in a row and you're golden.

    I personally opened and closed the app 2-3 times every day, morning/afternoon/evening until the achievement popped, just to be sure. I even made a checklist on a piece of paper with boxes with the 20 following days dates in them (2 for each day) so i would be 100% sure i wasnt missing any days.

    If you're still having trouble unlocking this achievement i would highly recommend writing down the dates on paper to make sure you're not missing a day. 20 days in a row is not that easy to keep track of in your head.

    And to those down voting, thats fine but we cant help you if you dont comment.
    10 Dec 2014 02 Dec 2014 03 Dec 2014
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    For those whose progress has halted despite using the app on consecutive days without missing any, you may want to try this -

    I was stuck on 11 days for a few weeks now until today I uninstalled the app, reinstalled, and then launched it. Afterwards I checked my status on here and it was updated to 12 days.

    May be something you just need to do on a daily basis until it's properly fixed.

    Doesn't hurt to try. Please leave feedback if this updates your progress. If not, I'll delete this.

    Update - The following day the tracker advanced again, without having to uninstall/reinstall. I don't know if they fixed it on Microsofts ends or if the original uninstall/reinstall fixed it. Nevertheless, if you find yourself stuck, try reinstalling and go from there.
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