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  • Darkwings17Darkwings171,160,588
    23 Oct 2014 23 Oct 2014 26 Mar 2018
    2321 102 94
    EDIT:This achievement used to be for unlocking a challenge with the guide for it snapped. This became unobtainable when the Snap feature was removed. TrueAchievements have now made this obtainable by changing the requirements.

    All you need to do now is view 100 different achievement solutions via the TrueAchievements app. It can be done via any game as long as there is a guide.

    If you wanted to get this achievement out of the way quickly as possible, I would recommend games such as SMITE, Rare Replay or Halo: Master Chief Collection, as there are more than 100 achievements on these games, meaning there is less time going through the menus for different games.

    WKFJonesy has pointed out that you can use achievements with more than one solution, go into the first one and keep switching between them on the right hand side. goes up with each solution viewed and you dont need to come back out of the solution view.

    Daffyione has also kindly pointed out that the achievement is retroactive, so if you have been used the app a lot, you will have a lot of progress towards it already or unlock it.
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity492,633
    30 Oct 2014 29 Oct 2014 07 Nov 2014
    580 27 15
    You can only get this achievement while you are also unlocking a Challenge. So both of them will be unlocked together.

    Open the TA app, and look for a game that has challenges that you can unlock (I would suggest going to "My games and apps" and selecting a game from there). Once you are on the game page, hit cn_left and you should be on "Rate game." Hit cn_down until you get to "View x challenges" (where x is the number of challenges available in that game). Hit cn_A on that and you will have a list of challenges. An open book sign or a rolling camera sign will tell you if there are solutions for that challenge. If there are no solutions for it, but you know it is easy and you can get it, go write a solution for it (yes, your own solution counts). If there are already solutions for it, hit cn_A on it and then hit cn_down and you will have highlighted "View x solution" (where x is the number of solutions available for that challenge). Press cn_A on that and you will see the solution for that challenge.

    Once you are viewing that, either double tap cn_guide and press cn_LSu to "Snap an app" and then press cn_RB and then cn_A and you will have TA snapped. Or go to your home, and choose "Snap" and choose TA from the list there. Or, if you have a Kinect, simply say, "Xbox; Snap Trueachievements"

    Now that it is snapped, simply play your game, and when you unlock your Challenge, you will also get the TA achievement at the exact same time.
  • FoerlFoerl574,940
    05 Apr 2015 05 Apr 2015 01 Jul 2018
    244 23 11
    EDIT: Requirements have changed due to microsoft removing the snap feature.
    Well, the new requirements are pretty straight forward and self explanatory. Go to the TA-App and view those solutions! ;D

    If you want to get this done without having that particular game/challenge on your card you can snap the TA app while logged in to your main account and then change to another gold account and play the game/do the challenge.

    I just got this while trying out forza horizon 2 fast and furious on my alt account after having snapped the app/solution with my main account.

    Check current challenges over here:
  • El Ninio GREEl Ninio GRE185,075
    01 Mar 2017 02 Mar 2017 17 Jan 2018
    72 11 19
    This is a great time to earn this really lousy achievement, considering the possible removal of the Snap functionality in the very near future.

    You can use the "Marching Into 2017" challenge from XBOX Fitness (introduced March 1st and lasting until April 1st, 2017), mainly because it has the following important advantages:
    - comes from a free game
    - playing Xbox Fitness (and earning the above challenge) does not require Kinect
    - earning the challenge requires a very limited investment of your time (~15 mins).

    Combine the above with the solution of Foerl, permitting the earning of the achievement while the challenge unlocks in another account (not your main one) and you really have no excuse not to try it.

    A more detailed explanation follows:
    - Sign in with your main profile (the one you want to get this achievement).
    - Run the TA app.
    - Find Xbox Fitness and navigate to the solution of "Marching Into 2017" challenge (there is currently one).
    - Snap the TA app.
    - Go to Xbox home (cn_guide) and sign in with a secondary profile -- very important, otherwise the challenge (plus two additional achievements from Xbox fitness) will register into your main profile.
    - Run the Xbox Fitness game.
    - Even without Kinect, you can register a personal best in a workout and gain the challenge. Simply choose the workout "Gatorade Sports Performance, Football: Recovery" (which has a very short 4:00 min duration) and watch it two times. I did not know whether this would work because, with no Kinect, Xbox Fitness awards points based only on time. But, to my surprise, the first time I watched the workout I won 1042 points and the second time 1043 points (!!!) -- obviously that was enough to get a personal best and earn the challenge. Remark by Rick HD12: After you watch the video for the first time, you may have to rewatch it several times (not only one) until you win a personal best.
    - After earning the challenge (and two more achievements from Xbox Fitness) for your secondary account, the "Challenge Accepted" achievement will unlock for your main account.
    - Exit Xbox Fitness and sign out of your secondary account.
    - You are now on your main account (there should be a relevant notification for your achievement in the sidebar) and you can unsnap the TA app and continue doing whatever else you want.

    Before beginning, take into account the following comment by Tranierx: "...when a game/app is open, any account that is signed in will get it on their tag, even if they don't play/unlock anything Xbox Fitness will show in your XBOX LIVE account". This means that, following the above solution, XBOX Fitness will appear on the achievements tab of the primary account in XBOX Live (with 0% progress). It will NOT appear in your account in I thought this was obvious by reading the solution of Foerl (whose solution I take advantage of) but I repeat it just to be on the safe side.

    Hope this helps. Remember you have until April 1st or until whenever Microsoft decides to remove the Snap functionality, whatever comes first...

    KIND REQUEST: Downvoters welcome but are kindly requested to provide a reason for their negative vote, so that the solution can be improved or modified accordingly.
  • Chris HokeChris Hoke614,342
    22 Mar 2018 22 Mar 2018
    49 2 2
    Not sure if anyone has mentioned that they don't have to be "different". You can just switch back and forth between the same 2 solutions and it counts.

    This will save you tons of time and tons of app crashes.
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