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Voice Defender achievement in Voice Commander

Voice Defender

Destroy 100 000 enemies

Voice Defender+1.0
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How to unlock the Voice Defender achievement

  • jordaOwOjordaOwO
    07 Dec 2014 13 Dec 2014 14 Dec 2014
    There's a reason why really nobody has this achievement yet. It takes a very long time. Much longer than you would think because of something stupid.

    Kills from turrets, vox, and special powers like shockwave, nuke, vox blast, and gravity bomb do not count towards this achievement. Only kills using your ship count.

    I finally realized this when I got to wave 40 getting about 4000 kills and only going up 1%.

    So since you can only get kills using your ship, this will take a very long time. It will take you about 50-100 hours but this highly depends on your skill and how far you can make it.

    If you can manage to get to wave 30 every time without using much special powers on enemies then you can get about a 2% increase each time. Just remember the only kills that count are ones by firing bullets from your ship and using cn_RT to fire your mini shockwave. Whenever you see the points from an enemy turn green then you got the kill. White means something else killed it.

    I did actually find a nice way to grind this quickly. Here are the steps on how to do it in order.

    1. Get to wave 25 with at least half shields. Have all shock turrets before wave starts.

    2. When wave starts kill all enemies except the ships that spawn enemies. These ships spawn 6 enemies every 10 seconds. There are 5 of them. Keep vox away from them or he will kill them.

    3. Once all enemies are dead you want to use your mini shockwave from your ship by pressing cn_RT on the ships. This will slow them down for a few seconds. You want to make it so they are all on top of each other. Continue to keep vox away from them by moving him clockwise around Earth.

    4. Once you have done this you are ready to grind. The 5 ships will continue firing 30 enemies every 10 seconds. Kill them by firing at them. Don't use shockwave or the ships will eventually die. You will have to continue to move vox away from so they don't get killed. Also you want to destroy the shock turrets so they don't take your kills. Now there is a problem though. Earth's shields will slowly deplete. But you can stop this and make them recharge by using your mini shockwave on the missiles the ships fire. Use it away from them close to Earth so you don't damage them.

    You can sit here for hours grinding in this spot. You get 1% every 6-7 minutes.

    Any question let me know!
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    IcyThrasherI figured you did something like this to get so many kills in one game. Nice explanation of how you did it. Very well thought out guide. +1. ...in saying all of that, I probably will still just grind it out by playing lvl to lvl trying not to use too many powers to survive. I feel if your quick with 'start wave' command and you're decent with your ship+power ups for the ship, I think it will go by quicker then your strat. Could be wrong though
    Posted by IcyThrasher on 17 Dec 14 at 00:48
    IcyThrasherActually, I retract my previous statement. After doing the math, it will only take me about 5-6 more hours with your strat, if it tracks properly. I'll give it a go
    Posted by IcyThrasher on 17 Dec 14 at 00:54
    Or you could just build zero turrets and kill everything with your ship until earth dies? I don't think I can handle telling vox to move constantly for that long.
    Posted on 12 Jan 15 at 07:00
    jordaOwOYou can maybe only make it to wave 12 that way and only get 200-300 kills.
    Posted by jordaOwO on 13 Jan 15 at 18:15
    I rated this game 0.5 for this achievement alone. I hate it when "developers" don't respect my time.
    Posted on 04 Nov 15 at 09:53
    TectonicJarl194can i play 100000 game. I kill 1 and get it ?
    Posted by TectonicJarl194 on 12 Sep 21 at 20:57
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