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Get 12 special weapons

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How to unlock the My private stash achievement

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    Right let get down to this the, Armor also counts for this i belive due to me having 13 with them, The items are Oranage in color on the weapon type, so here the list and the things you need todo.
    Remeber if you fail the requiment you can restart the fight by quiting and loading, just make sure to grab a checkpoint before you attempt it
    Note: All weapons can be gotten in new game+ the weapons you have already got will drop a rune instead)
    i noticed in all the vids i called them rare weapons when they are special :<
    Update: New Weapon found Bloodlust(Shortsword)

    1. Persistence (GreatSword) - Defeat First Warden without taking any damage.

    2. Commander Shield (Tower Shield) - Defeat Commander without blocking with a shield or a weapon.

    3.Clawfinger (GreatAxe) - Defeat Worshiper after having him kill at least two other Rhogar in the fight. (Use his insta kill spell to kill these or just stand next to him and let him slash them, Keep in mind they take some time to spawn)

    4.Uras (Polesword) - Defeat Infiltrator before all the fire goblets above the arena are lit. (Just kill it as quick as possible)

    5. Bloodsick (Shortsword) - I forgot where this comes from, i belive it somewhere in the catacomb
    Note: Kills with the weapon make it lose quality, im not 100% sure if this will effect the progress towards the acievement

    6. Blocker (Buckler) - This is gotten from the guy it the catacomb in the jail circle part, the man will ask you to open the cell and kill him, todo this you need to 1st find the handle which is in the room with the brown door to the left of said man, once you have the handle go back to the leaver to the right of the man to open the cell, once open the Shield is in the cell to the right of the leaver

    7. Bloodlust(ShortSword) - Now to get this weapon when you enter the catacomb from the south tower you will be next to the 2 guys that want you to free them, now to your left is a lever you can pull to open a gate, once you open this gate go through it and take a left to go down the stairs, follow this intill you get to the a circle room with floor boards in the middle, on the right of the room if you entered it from the way i said behind the piller is a pressure plate, stand on this plate and use prayer to keep it held down, now from here head back the way you come and on your left (pretty much as soon as you enter the corridor) there is a door which is now open, in here is a statue, interact with this to get your weapon bloodlust, now when you get this weapon it will be white quality however when you kill enemies with this weapon it will grow in strenght and will eventualy turn into a rare (orange) weapon
    Note : this weapon is agilty based but you can weaken mobs with another weapon and get the killing blow with this

    8.Sting (Fist) - Defeat Champion without letting him enrage (apart from phase changes). Just try to kill him as fast as possible during his phases and avoid getting hit by him so he don't enrage quicker

    9. Stance(Kite Shield) - Acquired from giving Crippled Rhogar 15x Human Skulls (This guy appears after you kill the Infiltrator and dissapears upon second return to the realm of rhogar, so make sure between these points you return back to him

    10.Stain (Hammer) - Defeat Beast without stepping into any of his poisonous pools

    11.Curse(ShortSword) - This weapon can be buried in the grave at the cemetery
    There is a achievement for killing the ghost. The weapon can be found on a corpse in Old Quarters inside the citadel later in the game (after you kill the beast)

    12.Firewalker(Shortsword) - Defeat Guardian without putting out any of the goblets. (just kill him as soon as you can, instead of following Yehtka
    Thanks to TheMrAction123 - To put out the fire goblets in the Guardian fight you have to shield charge it so avoid doing that.

    13. Lightning (Hammer) - Defeat Annihilator with a Lightning weapon (killing blow counts). Just get him low then switch to the weapon to finish him - No Video for this one, atleast for awhile but it pretty simple. If you don't care about getting either of the weapons listed below you can use the Annihilator weapon against him in New Game+

    The 2 weapons below are not classed as rare -
    Thanks to BloodGodAlucard
    Just a tip for anyone that wants the special lightning hammer (and the achievement) without having to do NG+, any lightning weapon will work. A couple that no one mentioned yet are Heirloom and the Unity Staff.
    You get Heirloom by breaking a hidden wall in one of the Catacomb cells. You then need to upgrade it by taking it into another cell lower in the Catacombs and placing it on a sarcophagus.
    The Unity Staff is acquired in the Annihilator dungeon. You need to get the key from one of the fat crossbow guys to open the west wing door by the spiders for the hilt. You get the head from the sealed off gate across from the final Yetka spawn. (The giant monster room) You one that grate by going to the area with the save point directly across the ravine. There's a very well hidden lever to the right side. Once you have both pieces, go back to the area where you killed the crossbow guy and equip the staff head as a weapon. The grate that was previously locked there should open. Inside is a chest with the assembled staff

    14-15.Defender (Buckler) They both drop this item, but one gives one with block strikes return lightning damage the other is fire.Defeat the Lost Brothers. Different loot depending on the order in which you kill them. This will require New Game+, just rememeber which one you killed on 1st playtrhough

    16, ??? (???) This drops from the last boss Judge, you get it for killing him without allowing him to kill any of the infected he spawns with the fire spell he uses when he jumps up to the balcony, from what i can tell easist way to do this is to stand just under where he jumps to

    (if anyone can provide the name of the weapon that would be great, i will be trying to get a video for this but i can't promise)
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    XellizMissed the Crippled Rhogar the first time around. In NG+ he took all of my skulls previously but didn't reward me, just asked for more skulls. Now I need to find 15 more.
    Posted by Xelliz on 08 Apr 16 at 14:24
    zeno2kThis is my strange experience: on my first playthtrough I've collected 11 weapons... guessing I missed the annichilitor one.
    Second playthtrough: I've collected just the annichilator one and missed other ones. No achieve.
    Then I've beaten the lost brothers without any particular care... got a special weapon (don't know which one) and unlocked the achievement....

    Posted by zeno2k on 13 May 16 at 14:16
    Recon1O1Got cursed. Meaning by picking up the unleveled version and not burying it first time I can now never have the one that counts. Having it in inv. means a Spell Point drop. Useless to me. I thought I had 12 orange as well but I have 2 rare versions of Bloodsick. Sux.
    Posted by Recon1O1 on 11 Jun 16 at 16:41
    ColumnedJet9Does anyone know if you have one in the list and its not orange/gold whatever colour that you can up it in ng+?
    Posted by ColumnedJet9 on 30 Mar 17 at 12:10
    ColumnedJet9Does anyone know if you have one in the list and its not orange/gold whatever colour that you can up it in ng+?
    Posted by ColumnedJet9 on 31 Mar 17 at 10:55
    wilco444Do you have to get all 12 weapons in the same run through of the game our can you do it over a couple please?
    Posted by wilco444 on 29 Jun 17 at 13:35
    RayvenMorriganaThe Defender shield dropped by the List Brothers definitely counts towards this achievement. The Crippled Rhogar glitched on me and never gave me the Stance shield, I was following the walkthrough and had every other weapon so far and the achievement popped when I picked up the shield after defeating the Lost Brothers.
    Posted by RayvenMorrigana on 12 Nov 17 at 18:04
    Scotty x360away late to the party, but i dont know that 'Curse' counts. i have 11 orange level stuff, and the curse sword on my first playthrough i upgraded at the grave, then i just now picked the unleveled version up so have both in my inventory and the cheev hasn't popped. So with curse i have 12/13 depending on if the base level one counts or not, but either way enough for the cheev so it mustn't count, or ive glitched. :/

    My bloodlust is also orange despite never having used it.
    Posted by Scotty x360a on 16 Nov 17 at 21:22
    JakThaRiPP3R84i can confirm that the shield from the brothers counts to cheev. i haven't missed a thing and it popped for me on first playthrough after doing brothers.
    Posted by JakThaRiPP3R84 on 16 Oct 18 at 18:51
    A Monkey PriestI can confirm the Defender Buckler shields do count towards this achievement. I just got the fire shield on my GM+ run and the achievement popped.
    Posted by A Monkey Priest on 17 Jan 19 at 22:40
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