Harkyn collection achievement in Lords of the Fallen

Harkyn collection

Collected 20 armor sets

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How to unlock the Harkyn collection achievement

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    These sets will be collected as you go through the game and open every chest. Some of the sets are separated in different chests and areas so you have to look everywhere. The starting set for your class is also included in the tally. Below is what I had on me when the achievement popped. I've listed the locations for some of the items, the ones I can remember anyways. Will update as I am able.

    *Edit - I added the Lords (Heavy) and the Effect (Medium) armor sets to the list.*


    Warrior - Depends on starting class; can also be found in chests either in starting Citadel or in Monastery.
    Fallen – Chamber of Lies; 3 different chests
    Eternal Legend – Wrist/Leg in small western antechamber of Temple;
    Will -
    Living Legend – 2 different chests in the Catacombs; Head/Leg/Chest in one.
    Griffin – Abandoned Temple; 3 different chests as you make your way to the Infiltrator.
    Symmetry -
    Lords - 1 chest in final Proving Ground after defeating the brothers.


    Cleric – Depends on starting class; can also be found in chests either in starting Citadel or in Monastery.
    Faith -
    Wisdom – Head/Chest in East antechamber of Temple;
    Live Elements – 2nd tower of the Monastery in multiple chests.
    Harmony – Catacombs; all in 1 chest.
    Blessing -
    Effect - each piece given while


    Rogue - Depends on starting class; can also be found in chests either in starting Citadel or in Monastery.
    Cold Blood – Catacombs; 3 different chests.
    Hot Blood – Head/Chest in 1st tower of ramparts of Monastery; Leg/Wrist in 2nd tower.
    Cunning -
    Dimensions – Planetarium; all in 1 chest.
    Persistence – Head is in the Beast Cage;
    Demon Assassin – Located in Chamber of Lies; 3 different chests.

    I also had 2 of 4 pieces of the Last Traitor (Medium) set you get by using Tor (Great Hammer found in Chamber of Lies on the floor) on the statues in the Rhogar realm. I suspect this will also count as one of your sets if you manage to get it before completing one of the others.
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    totemman16just an update:

    the lords armor is obtained from completing the 4th proving grounds

    the persistence armor is obtained from finding the head near where you killed the champion (the door that he was smashing at in the cut scene [along with 3 audio logs]) while the remaining three pieces are found in the planetarium after acquiring the citadel cellar key

    the demon assassin armor is obtained from killing the ghosts while talking with Adyr

    the blessings armor is obtained in the planetarium as well by putting a copy of yourself using magic on the pressure pad and running into the room to the right of the giant glowy thing and into the door in the back (opposite of the stairs leading up to where kaslo and antanis are standing)

    the symmetry armor is obtained after you get the option to cut the monk's arm off. there will be 3 or 4 infected rhogar standing in the pathway, just kill them and the chest is in between two fires on the right hand side if your back is to the monk

    the effect armor is actually located in the chamber of lies, you have to access the first two chests which contain 3 pieces using the shortcut (if you want to be lazy) and the fourth is in a room above the western passage. here's a link for the effect armor and chest locations:

    the last traitor armor is obtained by smashing 4 statues found throughout the rhogar dimension and cave of lies once you have obtained the Tor hammer. There's 1 statue right above where you fight the guardian, 1 statue in the secret passage where Yetka tells you to meet her, it's right by the checkpoint against the wall. The last two are in the cave of lies, one is using the secret entrance Yetka tells you about, if you go up the stairs and continue going up and take a left once you've come to the left or right option to keep going up, you'll find a dog guarding an area called the breach. The statue is located next to the dog on the left side if you're facing the stairs leading to the breach. The final statue is located in the area accessed by killing the guardian and then proceeding forward, that is once you deactivate the magical shield, it's in the corner of the first room after you've killed the tyrant and the two wizards


    the consecrated armor can be obtained from opening 4 coffins which will net you the
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    here's a link for the guide to get the armor:

    and once you've defeated the keeper you can obtain 1 of 3 armor sets after talking to the guy standing outside the labyrinth again. Doing this you can choose from the:
    Shadow, Heart, or the third armor (only remembered the two names and not the third). Doing this will award you the
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Posted by totemman16 on 12 Jul 15 at 16:23
    EarthboundXWeird, I just beat the Chamber of Lies and I never saw any pieces of the Fallen Heavy set.

    I'm starting to think that some weapons and armor are randomized.
    Yep, according to a wiki on the game some of the armor and weapons are based on your starting class for where they appear.

    For example.


    Ah there we go, I get the Fallen set by from killing the ghosts while talking with Adyr, since I'm a Warrior.

    Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Sep 15 at 11:05
    Now the question remains, since the gear you collect in your first run stay with you, can anyone confirm you can get this acheivement in your NG+ when you complete additional gear sets?
    Posted on 16 Nov 17 at 21:00
    NOTE: easy way to count is to choose one armor piece and see how many say 'equip set' since you can only do this if you have collected the entire set.
    Posted on 16 Nov 17 at 21:02
    Webhead2099The answer is yes. AFAIK they didn't release any patches that broke achievements.
    Posted by Webhead2099 on 16 Nov 17 at 21:30
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