Katsuie(SW2)/Joun(XL) Hired achievement in Samurai Warriors 2

Katsuie(SW2)/Joun(XL) Hired

Hire Katsuie in SW2 and Joun Takahashi in SW2XL at the Shop and save your game.

Katsuie(SW2)/Joun(XL) Hired0
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How to unlock the Katsuie(SW2)/Joun(XL) Hired achievement

  • Kinglink2Kinglink2224,453
    04 Oct 2006 05 Mar 2009
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    To get him, you'll have to get to level 76 of the survival mode, and take the quest "Woeful Beauty" This is a pretty difficult quest where you'll have to fight through 5 challenges, many of the battles are rough and will trip you up one time. You have to defeat Ranmaru and Mitsuhide together in 3 minutes on one level, then catch up to Nobunaga Oda and kill him as well, another you have to take on Nagamasa Azai after taking out a huge amount of his generals, or a third of them is defeating Hideyoshi in 1 minute. If you're character is really powerful though it should be possible. Once you reach floor 80 and take out Katsuie, you'll be set with the challenge.

    To beat this, take your best character, who has a bit of speed to him (Tadakatsu Honda would be good but may be a bit slow, Magiochi has range but needs power) and run through the mission. Then after you beat it you should be able to buy Kojiro from the shop.

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    DrakendenI used Sakon Shima to get these 2 achievements. Had him max-levelled and got his uber lvl 4 weapon to help even more. Always used his Area Effect attack that is unblockable to help me out, and on the last mission, when i was almost dead, just kept runing in circles until my Special Gauge was full, then hit the opponent, rince and repeat.
    Posted by Drakenden on 24 Sep 09 at 19:51
    Leo AscendentI was told that the DLC lets you go to level 70, is this true and does it carry over to the Tower?
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 12 Dec 09 at 01:26
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  • Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent584,166
    03 Aug 2010 03 Aug 2010
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    There are actually 2 ways to acquire this achievement.

    1. Hard, but free - As the other guide has explained, you must go through the Tower and fulfill various requirements. If doing this, you pretty much have to be maxed level, which in this case is 50. You should also have the 4th weapon for your person.

    I suggest using Kenshin, as he has many helpful moves:

    X X X X Y - Kenshin smashes the ground, sending troops flying into the air. Works well against Defense Guards.

    X X X X X Y - Kenshin rushes forward. This is probably his best move. If used against a General (generic or not) one of two things will happen. A, he will stagger, allowing you to get off some hits, or B, he will become dazed. This move is your best friend.

    X X X X X X Y - Kenshin grabs the enemy and throws them. This is also unblockable, they will be grabbed no matter what (unless they're in the air).

    X X X X X X X Y - Kenshin shoots orbs forward, smashing anyone it the way. Does very good damage. If found that it's pretty much a 50/50 chance of breaking a Generals guard, best to use Kenshins rush attack first.

    It's hard to finish the Tower, I'm at level 67 and only got up to floor 68....

    2. Expensive, but super easy - Simply buy the DLC for $29.98. Go to the shop and buy the guard. You get Katsuie as a playable character, so just buy Joun Takahashi, and save. Achievement unlocked.
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