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Apprentice Librarian

Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 2.

Apprentice Librarian0
21 October 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Apprentice Librarian

  • Matt DB87Matt DB871,772,166
    06 Nov 2014 06 Nov 2014 20 May 2015
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    There are 2 Fables that are missable in this episode.

    In chapter 2 when you're interrogating Tweedledee or The Woodsman you need to play bad cop and good cop. Start with the one you want to stick with in the story. Then when you finish the episode rewind back and do the opposite on a separate save file. Achievement will unlock right after. You can then quit out.

    Tweedledee (Bad Cop) you have to, smash the bottle, steal the money, burn him with the cigar and punch Crane.

    Tweedledee (Good Cop) you have to offer drink, drop the money ,offer cigar, and stop Bluebeard from beating him.

    Woodsman (Bad Cop) you have to, smash the bottle, burn him with the cigarette, punch him, and punch Crane. *tighten handcuff if available.

    Woodsman (Good Cop) you have to offer drink, offer cigarette, question him with "I understand what you're feeling", and stop Bluebeard from beating him. *loosen handcuff if available.

    When I did the woodsman on the 360 version I had the option to loosen or tighten the handcuffs. Go ahead and loosen for good cop and tighten for bad. If there is an option. There was not the option for Tweedledee on the One version.

    The second missable fable is in Chapter 3. After talking to Toad Jr, You will be asked to investigate the body. Don't select yes. Tell her that you want to look around a bit more by selecting cn_B. Go to the Magic Mirror and ask what Toad and Toad Jr were looking at. The magic mirror will say one line then the fable will unlock.
  • PinskiPinski669,767
    02 May 2015 15 May 2015 22 Jul 2016
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    Matt DB87's solution is good for telling you how to get the two different entries.

    Solution for Apprentice Librarian in The Wolf Among Us

    However, it doesn't say which path gives you which entry. I ended up playing it through 3 times because I accidentally unlocked the same one twice. To see the entries you unlock, click the spoiler.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    22 Apr 2016 22 Apr 2016
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    In episode 2 like episode 1 a lot of the fables are story related but 4 of them are miss able.

    The first two are in chapter 2 when your interrogating your hostage whether it is dee or the huntsman, if you are the good cop towards your hostage you will get one fable e.g give them wine and if you are a bad cop you will get the other e.g smashing the wine over your hostage’s head.

    The next miss able fable is in chapter 3 after talking to T.J you get the option to look at the body now or look around for a little while. You need to choose to look around and talk to the mirror, you can ask the mirror anything and it will give you another fable.

    The last miss able fable is when you go to look at the body in chapter 3 before going to the body you need to walk to the left and examine the witching well, when you come back on screen another fable will unlock.

    The rest of the fables are story related and can’t be missed but if you have any trouble I have included a video below to help out. *warning the video contains spoilers*

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