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Mercenary Mode: Greatest achievement in Samurai Warriors 2

Mercenary Mode: Greatest

Become the greatest in the land in Mercenary Mode(SW2XL) and save your game.

Mercenary Mode: Greatest0
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How to unlock the Mercenary Mode: Greatest achievement

  • Lord AzureLord Azure1,098,045
    25 Jan 2012 24 Jan 2012 25 Jan 2012
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    This is not a solution rather than a warning.

    Mercenary Mode: Unification and this are Mutually Exclusive once you unify the land the game is over, once you save your game (which you have to to attain the achievement), so copy the save game onto another memory unit before doing the unification mission!

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    Panzerdrako7i pick the last sword in level 99 and then unified the land, but i just save after unified the land, but i didn´t get the achievement for the sword collection.....sigh....

    so, get the last sword and save!!!! XD
    Posted by Panzerdrako7 on 03 Dec 15 at 15:52
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  • SunsaintDCSunsaintDC167,595
    09 Aug 2012 24 Nov 2011 08 Jan 2012
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    In order to get this, you must get all of the swords then do the Greatest in the Land on stage 99 (or 100, not sure which).
    Here are the names, stages found, and how they are obtained for the swords:

    name: Kanesada
    found: Stage 21
    how to get it: Simply buy in the events menu (about 30 gems)

    name: Ichimonji
    found: Stage 27
    how to get it: Given as reward for completing "Rescue the Princess 2"

    name: Munechika
    found: Stage 36
    how to get it: Recieved after completing a special mission called "Kagemusha"

    name: Murasame
    found: Stage 41
    how to get it: At events menu "Gift from a peasant" (30 gems)

    name: Yasutsuna
    found: Stage 45
    how to get it: Given as reward during "Treasure Hunt" mission

    name: Sukesane
    found: Stage 51
    how to get it: Given as reward during "Swordsmen's Challenge" mission

    name: Koshino
    found:Stage 71 and above
    How to get it: Received after completing the special "horseman" mission on Stage 71

    name: Osamitsu
    found:Stage 81 and above
    How to get it: bought for 30 gems on Stage 81

    name: Odenta
    found: Stage 86
    How to get it: Complete the "Dream Team" Mission

    name: Yasatsuna
    Found: Stage 99
    How to get it: Reward from the shogun (40 gems)

    **I do not take credit for this guide, it came from here:
    This place gives you LOADS of help on Mercenary Mode.

    Thanks to Johnus Maximus for the last 2.
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    Lucent BeamThis last achievement just took me almost 5 hours. Maybe more around 4 and a half, I don't know. BAD CHOICE to do it in one sitting. This turned out to be extremely boring. Worse than grinding proficiency in Warriors Orochi.
    Posted by Lucent Beam on 10 Feb 13 at 22:36
    FalensaranoSo my level 27 mission was Guard the Princess 2. Also I got Yasutsuna on level 44 on a mission called Treasure Theft.
    Posted by Falensarano on 12 Jul 16 at 21:40
    FalensaranoOsamitsu costs 35 gems, not 30.
    Posted by Falensarano on 16 Jul 16 at 12:02
  • Ari1291Ari1291512,386
    05 Nov 2015 06 Dec 2015
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    Here's the deal, It's easy, It will just take a while.
    Take the best character you have or you most like, start playing mercenary mode, you can do it on any difficult, I did it on easy, IF you didn't take the swords for the "Greatest Achievement" do it exactly as SunsaintDC's guide say so. Then, when you take the last sword on stage 99, make a backup save, then finish your game without ally in any house, on stage 105, I suppose, you'll get the "Greatest Achievement"
    After that start your backup save, but this time choose some house to ally, I chose the house of Oda, and again when you get the stage 105 or 106 you'll get the "Unification Achievement"

    Sorry if there is any word wrong my english is not the best.
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