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High Roller achievement in Titanfall

High Roller

Earn 500,000 Black Market Credits

High Roller+0.3
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How to unlock the High Roller achievement

  • Page DaemonPage Daemon400,075
    07 Jun 2015 24 Oct 2014 24 Oct 2014
    117 9 51
    As the achievement description states, you need to earn 500,000 Black Market Credits to unlock this achievement. You can earn credits multiple ways, including:

    * completing matches
    * winning matches, including a boost for your first win of the day
    * selling/discarding Burn Cards
    * completing daily challenges
    * earning XP after reaching level 50

    This achievement is not retroactive and is cumulative from the moment you download Title Update #8. For example, my current status on the achievement tracker for this achievement equals my current credit count (about 29,000 credits as I write this), despite the fact that I've already earned several hundred thousand credits to buy the different Titan insignias from the Market over the past couple of months. Spending credits will not count against your cumulative total (thanks to TrueKill360 for confirming).

    If you have additional information that should be included in this solution, please let me know in the comments.

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    JTJDG666You SergeantMajorAJ; are a GOD among men. I will follow you to the ends of the earth. I will spill blood in your name. This day will forever be your day. If ever there was a day I hit my knees and praise your name, it will be the 23rd of January.

    Yup. It worked thank you
    Posted by JTJDG666 on 23 Jan 15 at 08:32
    Sailor NovisDidn't do anything. It just popped while I was waiting to get into a match.^^
    Posted by Sailor Novis on 06 Mar 15 at 01:49
    STALKERA90i can confirm that i have 200 000 credit before update and other 30 000 that i spend on 1 insignia and when i hit 465 000 High Roller achievement unlock
    Posted by STALKERA90 on 16 Apr 15 at 19:35
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  • Mr BlackMagikMr BlackMagik1,350,475
    07 Jan 2015 20 Dec 2014
    23 1 0
    The above methods are perfectly fine for earning credits, but I wanted to share one more thing you can do to help the process along.

    If you are at the point where you only need this achievement, or any point where you don't care about wasting your credits, you can buy burn cards from the Daily Deals (cheapest cards) and sell them back for credits. I've tested this to make sure it works.

    Also you do NOT need to have 500,000 credits at one time. So as long as you are gaining credits from one of the above methods or any other method, you can buy and sell cards on top of that.
  • Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning1,729,323
    15 Feb 2015 07 Nov 2014 08 Nov 2014
    22 11 10
    Just found a very easy way to grind this and require hardly any effort. Any time you finish a match. You receive 500 credits for completion.

    What my friends and I just started doing is loading up a private Frontier Defense game on the map Rise. You only have 2 waves and one retry on this particular map.

    The first wave is always 2 sniper spectres. Kill them and proceed to wave 2. Just AFK this wave and let the harvester be destroyed. It will retry the wave and once again, do the same thing.

    The mission will fail and back out of the game. You will receive 500 credits for completion and 70 for miscellaneous.

    This takes roughly 4 minutes each time. I was averaging 1300-1600 for multiplayer matches and regular defense games which can last very long.

    As I said. Very easy and effortless. Happy grinding! Still finishing mine now.

    UPDATE: If you want to make this more effective, kill as many of the grunts as possible immediately after they destroy the harvester. Do this both times of wave 2. After doing this I've been getting about 1,050 credits. This is equal to nearly 2 runs.
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    OnsidicEhrenfriend - you cant downgrade a vote if you have a solution up.
    This method is actually faster than yours.
    Yours takes 15mins for around 2000 points, this method takes 4-5minutes for 1100.
    3x1100 = 3300 vs your 2000 in the same amount of time. The 4-5 mins was initial search, placing arc mines in 1 spot, moving back and having the 2 spectres die instantly.

    Someone else suggested that LTS is faster.. 1 v 1 = 776 for loser but takes longer as well. Having a full team vs full team can net you 1200-3000, but you have to complete this fast with a great team quickest game for me has been 8-10 mins(this includes search and 4 rounds only... 5+ rounds makes this ineffective as well.

    Im still testing out other ways, but this definitely is the faster (but boring as hell)
    i also do dailies/challenges as much as possible.
    Posted by Onsidic on 25 Nov 14 at 17:04
    HitchyNZI find it very effective for a solo run and is a help to be combined with others, I wouldn't bag it as it is helpful, thumbs up on this one
    Posted by HitchyNZ on 05 Jan 16 at 23:41
    Slayer ReigningThank you. I thought it would just be an alternate route you could take while just playing solo.
    Posted by Slayer Reigning on 05 Jan 16 at 23:48
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