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Stars Shine Brightest achievement in Titanfall

Stars Shine Brightest

Earn 3 stars for a single map and mode

Stars Shine Brightest0
26 October 2014 - 3 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeVersus

How to unlock the Stars Shine Brightest achievement

  • Elite1111111111Elite1111111111937,458
    24 Oct 2014 25 Oct 2014 27 Oct 2014
    53 3 3
    With the latest update, you can earn stars on each gametype and map by hitting a score requirement for the gametype.
    For most gametypes, 3 stars can actually be quite the challenge.
    I wouldn't recommend Marked for Death as you need 70% of the score just to get it.
    The 2 easiest gametypes (in my mind) are
    Last Titan Standing - In a full 6v6 game, the winning team needs a minimum of 24 titan kills. So if you can focus on making sure you get the killing blow it shouldn't be too bad (8 kills for 3 stars).
    Hardpoint - The stars are based off assault score, so if you end up in a game where no one is defending and instead just running around grabbing points, this isn't too bad to get.
    You need 2500 assault score for 3 stars. You get 250 assault score for a capture if you were the first person in the base, and 100 points if you weren't. I believe any kills while taking the point also give assault score.

    If you aren't too good at the versus, then you could get a team together for Frontier Defense, but you need to do fairly well to get 3 stars. I was able to get 3 on colony by 28 points. You're going to want a full team of 4 that you can communicate with for this though. What we did was any round that had only mortars for the titans we'd have 3 on offense and one on defense. If it had mortars and nukes then we'd split 2 and 2.

    Just play whatever gametype you're comfortable with if you don't want to do these, I just feel that the top 2 gametypes are the most lenient and Frontier Defense is a good choice if you aren't good at pvp.

    Update - I was able to get this very easily on Frontier Defense on Overlook. Essentially every wave is just Nuke Titans and Suicide Spectres. (At least this is how it was for us, I'm not sure if there's any randomness to it.) So as long as you watch the map and block the paths this is a very easy 3 star. We got 3 stars by over 100 points of what was required, the tower didn't even get damaged.

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    BRiT wtfdotcomIf you don't have any luck with the more populated servers, go for a less populated attrition game.

    I was able to get this playing Attrition on a Japan West server with 5-6 people total in the match for the majority of the time. At the end of the game I had 179 points, 15 pilot kills, 5 titan kills, and 99 minion kills. All from a stim and smart pistol loadout.
    Posted by BRiT wtfdotcom on 01 Nov 14 at 22:43
    VictimOfDesireGot this achievement with 3 friends our first try on Frontier Defense - Sand Trap. It helps if you never retry and keep the Harvester at high health, which we did.
    Posted by VictimOfDesire on 07 Nov 14 at 16:42
    Elite1111111111Yeah if you don't use any retries and you keep the harvester above like 90ish you are pretty much guaranteed to be okay.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 07 Nov 14 at 17:09
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  • EhrenfriedEhrenfried169,100
    24 Oct 2014 18 Nov 2014
    15 1 0
    The lazy solution for all who want it the easy way...

    Choose "Frontier Defense" and the map "Overlook".

    (The following is the perfect loadout for every Defense map)

    Pilot Outfit:

    Smart Pistol
    Arc Grenades
    Quick Reload
    (The rest doesn't matter)

    Titan Loadout
    Stryder (!)
    Electric Smoke
    Triple Tread
    Cluster Missile (combined with the Fast Autoloader)
    Big Punch

    How to deal with multiple titans? (i killed 39 titans with one stryder in one game)

    Rush to the first one, cluster him and 2 shots with the triple, head to the next punch him once and do the as i would call it "titan fart" aka electric smoke and another 2 shots with the triple, and so on and on.
    If you have a bottleneck like on "Overlook" where all the Nuke Titans go,
    just cluster the bottlenack and "fart", stay a few meters behind and throw some balls from the triple treat in it.

    The waves are very easy, even with mediocre players you will get 3 stars.
    Just remember where the spawn/drop points of the enemies are and you're good to go.
  • DucKy BaByDucKy BaBy363,852
    15 Jan 2017 15 Jan 2017
    1 0 0
    The easiest way to do this is on hardpoint domination game mode on a half full server.

    You need 2500 assault points for 3 stars, which is really easy to attain just running and capturing A B C back and forth, killing as many enemies as possible during capture.

    Do not waste any time defending.
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