I Want It All achievement in Assassin's Creed Unity

I Want It All

Complete all Single Player mission challenges in Paris.

I Want It All+9.1
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How to unlock the I Want It All achievement

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    Challenges replace full synch requirements in Assassin's Creed Unity.

    Challenges are only on the story missions and provide a couple extra optional objectives to complete during a mission.

    If you fail to accomplish a challenge your first time around, you can replay a story mission by going to your progress tracker, selecting the memory, and pressing A to replay it.

    Also, if you fail a challenge during a mission, you can retry at a checkpoint in order to not have to complete the entire mission again.

    For the assassination missions (black boxes) I recommend completing the mod missions as these usually make the challenges easier to complete.

    Here are the challenges for all the missions that require them:
    1-1: Pass over/under objects (5)
    Don't get tackled

    1-2: Parry Attacks (2)
    Dodge Attacks (2)

    1-3: Don't get into conflict

    2-1: Perfect Parries (3)
    Smoke bomb evasions (2)

    3-1: Cover kills (3)
    Keep up with Bellec

    3-2: Hiding spot kills (2)
    Don't trigger any alarms

    4-1: Cherry Bomb Lures (2)
    Phantom Blade Kills (2)

    4-2: Air Assassinations (3)
    Phantom Blade kills (2)

    5-1: Brutes driven beserk (2)
    Doors lockpicked (4)

    5-2: Pistol Kills (3)
    Pass over/under objects (4)

    5-3: Alarm bells sabotaged (4)
    cover kills (3)

    6-1: Beserk Snipers (2)
    Hiding spot kills (2)

    6-2: Headshots (4)
    Double assassinations (2)

    7-1: Enemies stunned (3)
    Headshots (3)

    7-2: Pass over/under objects (5)
    Use a lift

    7-3: Don't get knocked down
    Staggering strikes (5)

    8-1: Cover Kills (3)
    Alarm bells sabotaged (3)

    8-2: Cover Kills (3)
    Ledge assassinations (3)

    9-1: Don't touch the water
    Don't trigger any alarm bells

    9-2: Rescue Thomas Levesque
    Don't trigger any alarm bells

    9-3: Don't touch the ground
    Keep up with the Montgolfiere

    10-1: Double Assassinations (2)
    Beserk Brutes (2)

    10-2: Kill Snipers (2)
    Stun Guards (5)

    11-1: Cherry bomb lures (4)
    Poison Bomb Kills (2)

    11-2: Headshots(3)
    Cover Kills(4)

    12-1: Sabotage Alarm Bells (1)
    Don't let Elise get detected

    12-2: Don't get into conflict
    Lockpick doors (1)

    12-3: Double Air Assassinations(3)
    Sabotage Alarm Bells (2)

    Below I have included my video series on ACU's challenges.
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    InugamiTheHoundI have a question. Can I just do the optional mission stuff and than quit the mission? Because I've already beaten this game I don't feel like replaying through this game again
    Posted by InugamiTheHound on 17 Dec 17 at 21:01
    Warboy925@ InugamiTheHound........I don't believe you can unfortunately, IIRC, you have to finish the memory for it to count, for example if you missed 1 on memory 2 mission 1, you have to complete memory 2 mission 1 for it to count.....I hope this clears things up for you!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 18 Dec 17 at 00:06
    Okay so I have complete the optional mission and complete the mission. Okay thank you for that. I already got some(some are already 100% so that should cut down time for this achievement)
    Posted by InugamiTheHound on 29 Dec 17 at 19:28
    Warboy925Good luck buddy!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 29 Dec 17 at 20:47
    DrSchlepenstein8-2 - I was having a hell of time getting the Cover Kills challenge to appear properly. On the first run through, I entered through the sewer and never saw the Cover Kills challenge appear on the screen, got the Ledge Assassinations no problem as that appeared just fine. So I replayed the memory, this time I entered through the front entrance, then went left (killing guards as I came across them), as I came into the courtyard area on the left and I started climbing up the Cover Kills challenge popped up on the screen, but within 30 seconds, it would blink red as if I failed it and then disappear. I replayed this mission multiple times and the only time I could get the Cover Kills challenge to appear was if I follow the route I take through the front entrance, but if I keep climbing up it apparently registered the "light the tire on fire" distraction and the challenge would blink red and disappear and if I entered inside through an open window instead it would blink red and disappear.

    After some trial and error, I followed my same route, entered through the front, went left to the courtyard area, started climbing up, as soon as the challenge would appear, i'd drop back down and go all the way back to the starting area, then go down into the sewer and sneak inside that way. Doing this was the only way the challenge would stay and I was able to complete it.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 08 Nov 18 at 03:12
    MourningRaptor3I did the first6 sequences in a couple of hours (after already having completed a few of them in my first run - which was a couple years ago). I never really used to the items, so many of the challenges actually made it easier. Hiding spot kills are a pain, though. Smoke bomb near a hay stack and hop in while fighting enemies.
    Posted by MourningRaptor3 on 30 Nov 18 at 00:28
    XiRe x HarveySo, when replaying a mission, you don't have to do the optional objectives that you already did the first time, but you do have to finish the mission?
    Posted by XiRe x Harvey on 13 Jul 21 at 13:03
    The S bot 9000want to reiterate these 2 points

    1.) You MUST complete the memory for challenges to count
    2.) You DONT need to do all challenges in one go. So if you’re coming back to the game like me you only need to complete the ones you missed on your replays
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 17 Sep at 21:34
    Zorc freeksIt didn't unlock for me, says I 100%'d all single player missions, what's going on?
    Posted by Zorc freeks on 25 Sep at 08:52
    HaIfaxaBugged for me as well.

    Solution: Replay the first mission and after finishing it, it should unlock.
    Posted by HaIfaxa on 19 Nov at 07:28
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