From the Past achievement in Assassin's Creed Unity

From the Past

Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Café Théâtre.

From the Past+0.1
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How to unlock the From the Past achievement

  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV201,412
    13 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014
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    To unlock the Medieval Armor you have to do two things, first, solve the 18 Nostradamus Enigmas and second, complete the 3 Rooms, that are also have Riddles and climbing section, in the Cafe Theatre. After these two things you can get the Medieval Armor.

    The Start Point of the 18 Nostradamus Enigmas see you on your Map, when you sync the Viewpoint in this district. The Icon for the Enigmas is a paper roll. (i want to add a Picture but TA supersize this every Time, no Idea why... )
    The process of the puzzle is always the same, you go to a Icon, start the Enigmamission and then you have to find 3-4 symbols with your Eaglevision and interact with them. The Symbols can be everywhere, on the floor, on a wall, a tower etc

    My Videoguide below shows only as Video the Symbols and the Start Point as Picture with a red dot marked Enigma. In the Spoiler below the Video is the Timeline and all 18 Names of the Nostradamus Enigmas.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    After you solve all 18 Nostradamus Enigmas, you can go to the Armor Room from the Cafe Theatre. Here are 3 closed Rooms, to open the first Room you need 4 complete Nostradamus Enigmas, for the second Room 10 Nostradamus Enigmas and for the last all 18. To open a Room, interact with the circle "thing" in front of the Armor.

    In the first Room (right Side) you find 4 Pillars. You have to interact the Pillars so often to solve the first Room:
    External image

    South - 2 times
    West - once
    North - 3 times
    East - 2 times

    Should you have totally twisted you for some reason, then look to the Wall. There you see the symbols that belong together. So looking at the ground which Symbol is and then finds the correct other writing on the wall and rotate the pillar so out.
    Then you have a climbing passage to reach the lever for the first barrier on your Way to the Medieval Armor. Watch the Video for the climbing passage, its a little bit "tricky"

    In the second Room (left Side) there is a planetary model and before 3 switches with which you can interact. Interact with the left 3 times, with the middle once and with the right again 3 times.
    Should you have totally twisted you for some reason, look to the planetary model and rotate so often that all the planets lie on a line from left to right and match their color balls that are embedded in the floor.
    External image

    The third Room is really easy. It is only a climbing Passage with steam traps. Take your Time and climb to the last lever to unlock the last barrier.

    If you complete all 3 Rooms, the entrance to the Medieval Armor is free. Get your Medieval Armor and the Achievement unlocks. to equip the Armor, go in the Character Customization menu and equip the "Thomas de Carneillon's Master Assassin Outfit"

    Here is a Video with all 3 Rooms:

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    Lord SkempeI have just unlocked the armor but not the achievement as well. The game was having online connectivity issues and wouldn't connect to the Ubisoft servers when I got the armor. After nearly an hour of trying and after signing out several times I finally was able to connect to online. I put on the armor again and swapped it out several times for good measure but still no luck. Anybody have any ideas how to get this to unlock as it seems everyone asides from 1 person on this thread having trouble eventually was able to get it to pop? Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks

    EDIT: It required a complete game restart but thankfully unlocked without issue the 2nd time after making sure I was connected to the Ubisoft servers. That seems to be the key to the game registering the achievement for everyone else going for this
    Posted by Lord Skempe On 25 Sep 22 at 09:22
    Geometric CubeI'm now having problems with this achievement. Have been trying the option of only completing the 3 rooms after connecting to the servers. Once I complete them, no achievement unlocked and I delete my console save so that it doesn't load into the cloud. Have done it about 3 or 4 times. Has anyone had it 7nlocm without doing a complete restart? I have already done this once for the cafe theater.
    Posted by Geometric Cube On 10 Nov 22 at 20:51
    FirestormI have the same problem that Geometric Cube, if someone has a an idea to fix the problem, he can contact me, thanks you.
    Posted by Firestorm On 26 Nov 22 at 23:42
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  • Aaron Levi 91Aaron Levi 91449,110
    23 Feb 2015 23 Feb 2015 23 Feb 2015
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    Hi Guys thought I would post my video guides, the 18 enigmas are shown along with the 3 room puzzles at the end. Happy Achievement hunting! smile



















    The Armoury puzzle rooms:

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    XenixF47These guides are very solid! Great audio narration and direction in addition to shots from the map to ease navigation. Some of the map shots could stand to be a bit longer tho, even a half second longer would give the capture time to clarify (AC does a lot of fancy zooming that makes map captures blurry).
    Posted by XenixF47 On 16 Dec 15 at 16:52
    kcoleman956excellent guide. got me through it quickly with no problems.
    Posted by kcoleman956 On 07 Jan 18 at 19:25
    Aaron Levi 91Thanks for the feedback and comments guys, hope to get back to guides soon.
    Posted by Aaron Levi 91 On 07 Mar 18 at 12:41
  • RecentRealityRecentReality365,999
    17 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014
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    If you're like me, you probably had trouble interacting with some of the riddles, right? You would walk up to them and the interaction button wouldn't pop up, right? After finishing up three to four enigmas, myself, there was one that I tried to do (by following the video guide posted by Zasta 360GameTV) and the darn interaction button just wouldn't pop up for the first riddle I went to. I thought this might have been a glitch (as other people elsewhere have reported having the same problem) and I started to cry.

    Then I thought, "I wonder what would happen if I went to the scroll icon for the specific enigma on the map instead of automatically tracking it from the progress tracker menu?"

    So I went to one of the enigma start locations (which are represented by scroll icons on the map) and hit "A" on it (to both ACCEPT and TRACK the mission), I followed the video guide to the first riddle (the one that I couldn't interact with before) and, BOOM, the interaction button was there.

    With that being said, it seems apparent that you have to actually start up the quest (and keep only one active at a time) from the start up area instead of just stumbling upon the enigma riddles and activating them as if they were as simple as stumbling upon a collectible.

    For me, personally, I always try to make things easy on myself and tackle the more difficult enigmas first and I also strongly, strongly suggest you to do the same (start from the bottom of the list in the progress tracker menu and work your way up). Some of the more difficult five diamond missions have you treading into some restricted areas and a few of the riddles are smack dab in the center of a group of enemies that are overly-sensitive to your every move and will attack you on sight, so it's best to either sneak around and/or kill them (and make sure you're out of conflict before interacting with a riddle because the game will nag you if you're not). The three and two diamond rating enigma missions are a breeze after the four and five star ones and it was nice knowing in my head that the home stretch was going to be a lot more easier as opposed to saving all the difficult enigma missions for last.

    Now that I've gotten my stuff out of the way, as I mentioned before, I used Zasta's video guide walkthrough and it made the experience all the more easier to get through (though it will take a couple of hours out of your time if you do this in a single sitting). I strongly, strongly recommend using Zasta's guides.

    Oh, and one more thing (which is pretty obvious), make sure you have all sync points activated before tackling this achievement so that you can have the entire map free and all of the fast travel points will be unlocked - this will cut down on unnecessary travel times in a great, big way.

    I hope this helped, and have a nice day!
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    PrimeBigTimeAnyone having this not work? I click Aquarius and it sends me to Pisces for example. Wtf
    Posted by PrimeBigTime On 30 Jan 15 at 16:01
    spxyu02Good solution. I had an instance where I couldn't interact with the last Pisces symbol. Turns out the problem was that I had accepted and finished another enigma puzzle between Piscess 4 and 5 (I was doing them without a guide and couldn't immediately find Pisces 5). When I eventually went back and found Pisces 5, there was no prompt for interaction, but following this guide I just had to go back to the start of Pisces and quickly do it all again. When I returned to #5, I was able to interact with no issues.
    Posted by spxyu02 On 13 Feb 17 at 15:27
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