Share the Wealth achievement in Assassin's Creed Unity

Share the Wealth

Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission in Paris.

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How to unlock the Share the Wealth achievement

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    To get all of the rewards in a Co-op mission, all you have to do is replay the specific mission until you unlock all the articles of clothing that show up under the description for the mission (the boxes will be checked off after you attain each piece of clothing).

    The easiest and quickest mission for me (and my co-op buddy) was the mission "Heads Will Roll" (it has a 2 out of 5 rating on difficulty and is pretty simple). You can play this mission by yourself and it's not required for you to be playing with another person. You only have to collect three articles of clothing for this mission so that means you only have to complete it three times. You don't have to do it in a specific way (such as sneaking through the mission, etc.), so all you have to do is just beat the mission three times and the achievement will be yours.

    I hope this helped, and have a nice day!
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    StemmedTurnip05Where is this located via the map?
    Posted by StemmedTurnip05 on 20 Nov 14 at 19:38
    PhilmnatorOh okay thanks! I didn't realize the unlockables were rewarded for replaying the mission however many times lol
    Posted by Philmnator on 22 Nov 14 at 22:06
    timisaariFor some reason this didint unlock for me today. I completed all the rewards for ''Heads will roll'' mission, and it didint pop. I collected all of the Sync points, and played it three times to unlock all the ''gear'' rewards too. I did this alone. Kinda weird :/
    Posted by timisaari on 24 Nov 14 at 21:02
    neeker75May I confirm that the mission mentioned in the solution is really "Heads Will Roll"?

    I've played "Heads Will Roll" twice, but it was a rather long mission. You'd need to first steal a key, then a notebook. Then you need to find the main target. Prior to that, you'd need to create a distraction by take out three targets. At least two of them will definitely trigger a chase no matter how stealthy you are. Finally, you'd need to chase your main target to an area filled with guards. The main target is underground, which you must find one random staircase that isn't blocked by a high level locked door. The mission ends when you speak to the main target. It isn't as simple as collecting three articles of clothing as mentioned in the solution.

    Can you reconfirm the mission name involving the three articles of clothing?
    Posted by neeker75 on 02 Dec 14 at 02:24
    RecentReality@Neeker - You get an article of clothing as a reward each time you beat a mission. In order to unlock all of the rewards for the mission, you have to replay the mission a certain amount of times (in the case for "Heads Will Roll", you have to replay it three times to unlock all three rewards that the mission has to offer). Sorry if my solution seemed confusing, but the mission has nothing to do with collecting clothes as an objective. You do gain clothes as a reward at the end of the mission, however, and replaying the mission three times will grant you the achievement.
    Posted by RecentReality on 02 Dec 14 at 04:06
    neeker75I see, thanks for the clarification. Yeah I was reading the solution, and thought that the mission requires the collection of three articles of garments. In any case since I already have two rewards from this mission. I'll just have another go at it later today. Thanks.
    Posted by neeker75 on 02 Dec 14 at 09:48
    BEUTLICHI have done this on two different co-op missions. No achievement yet.
    Posted by BEUTLICH on 04 Jan 16 at 00:06
    SchinderdivI found Austrian Conspiracy to be rather quick, with all weapons/armor at their best possible version & fully upgraded. Use smoke bombs to easily dispatch groups of enemies quicker... A quick summary from memory -

    The first part is easy & simple enough, I hid & poisoned the first 2 enemies with a couple of poison grenades, then when the rest of the group showed up I threw down a smoke bomb & took them all down in several seconds. Climbed up & dealt with the snipers with ease.

    The second objective, I ran to the closest of the 2 targets, ran straight to the target, killed him & threw down a smoke bomb to search him then ran on to the next target, essentially using the same method to make it quick.

    The third objective I ran in the closest opening nearest to the first target (open doors) ran past all enemies & up some stairs & doubled back on the second floor to his location, ignoring the dozen or so enemies in pursuit, threw down a smoke bomb & killed the target almost instantly. I went back through the way I entered, back out on the streets, and ran along the building until I was near the second target, climbed in an open window & used the same method for the first target of this objective.

    You'll have a lot of enemies chasing you & might get shot a lot, just make sure your medicine is fully stocked (I had 14 after armor bonuses & needed 10 of them) & it still should be pretty easy...

    Not including loading times it probably took no more than 6 or 7 minutes each time.
    Posted by Schinderdiv on 04 Aug 17 at 02:26
    J ROLL 1998Looking to get this and the other CoOp achievements

    Gt: J The Altruist
    Posted by J ROLL 1998 on 31 Dec 20 at 16:59
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