Choreography achievement in Assassin's Creed Unity


Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.

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How to unlock the Choreography achievement

  • BastiaenBastiaen496,449
    14 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014 06 Jan 2016
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    Sync kills are assassinations performed at the same time. This is really easy to do if you are playing a friend and using a headset. Find some unaware enemies, do a countdown and assassinate the two enemies at the same time. It can be useful to show which enemies you are going to kill by marking them to avoid confusion. You can mark them by holding RB, pointing the reticle at them, and pressing A.

    These can be done easily without a boosting buddy in matchmade sessions simply by following one of your co-op partners, watching them, and letting them take the initiative to kill enemies. As long as you get a kill within about 2 or 3 seconds of theirs, the sync kill will unlock. Hopefully you are all able to actually get into missions with partners as the matchmaking has been experiencing issues lately.

    Perform these 10 times to unlock the achievement.
    Also note that you get extra Creed Points for performing Sync Kills, and they help you to avoid detection and help make missions easier.

    I wanted to add something:

    The comments section for this achievement is not the place to set up boosting sessions. This site has a great function for finding people to boost achievements with. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE GUIDE TO FIND BOOSTING FRIENDS. You can create boosting sessions here:

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    mikachu93What's the soonest mission this can be done? I'd like to knock this out as early as possible, considering.
    Posted by mikachu93 On 19 Nov 22 at 19:02
    SkelixStart of mission 3
    Posted by Skelix On 19 Nov 22 at 20:32
    SpiritHawk7Yes! Finally 100% game completion. This was my very last achievement. I had tried to unlock this 4 months ago on July 29th, but the servers prevented co-op joining. I was able to do all other co-op achievements solo except this one.
    Posted by SpiritHawk7 On 21 Nov 22 at 00:06
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  • VictimOfDesireVictimOfDesire2,064,369
    29 Jan 2018 30 Jan 2018
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    The method I used to unlock this achievement was getting in conflict with a lot of guards at once, but using blunt-force/non-lethal weapons to incapacitate them all rather than kill/stab them. Examples of weapons that can be used to do this are hammers, maces, and rifles (not shooting the rifles, but using them as a blunt object; I personally did it this way as I had a high level rifle that was a 3-hit incapacitation for even high-level guards, assuming they didn't parry me.)

    Once everyone has been incapacitated with your blunt-force/non-lethal weapon, the people you just fought should all be on the ground rolling around in pain. You will notice that when you're standing over them, you have the option to Assassinate them with cn_X. Stand over one of them while your co-op partner stands over another one, count down, and press cn_X at the same time. Doing so will stab the incapacitated guard with your hidden blade, killing him, which will count as a double assassination assuming your co-op partner did the same.

    If you fought a big group of guards (which is pretty common,) it's very easy to rinse and repeat this process with all of the incapacitated guards to get around 5 co-op sync kills in just a few seconds. I felt this way requires a lot less coordination with your partner since the guards you're killing aren't moving around or actively fighting you and you won't trigger any further conflict doing this, since all of the guards in the area you were just engaged in are incapacitated and lying on the ground.
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    Peaches 518Great solution! I had a partner with no mic, knowing finishers counted made this achievement so much easier.
    Posted by Peaches 518 On 10 Jun 18 at 20:42
    I ASK NO ONEI can't invite a friend. I have tried several times. Both consoles have open NAT.
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE On 23 Oct 18 at 23:22
    MetalThreshkeenGreat tip. Knocking enemies down so you don't have to worry about someone turning around at the wrong moment and going hostile made this a breeze.
    Posted by MetalThreshkeen On 27 Nov 20 at 20:42
  • AdayinAdayin588,900
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    For those of you who are trying to double-box this but getting network errors, I was able to so with my SX and XB1 but with some minor setup.

    With both consoles on the same network, I was getting NAT Type errors on couldn't directly connect my two consoles. I had to go to the XB1 console's Network Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Alternate Port Selection. The available ports appear to be random each time, but I picked a few and eventually 57313 worked for me.

    Then in the game, cn_start -> Play Together -> Pick Slot -> Invite Alt account.

    After a few attempts with a couple of different alternate ports, I was finally able to connect. I just roamed around the city and did crowd events or assassinate pairs of guards. I use a hammer for non-lethal takedowns, and then sync-kill assassinated anybody that was down with my alt by placing each character over a downed opponent and pressing cn_X on both controllers.
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