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What Pride Had Wrought in Dragon Age: Inquisition

What Pride Had Wrought27 (15)

Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

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What Pride Had Wrought is a main story quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It becomes available after competing Here Lies the Abyss and Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

The mission requires 40 power and is started from the war table. Recommended levels 16-19.

Before attempting this story mission it is not essential but a very good idea to complete one of the following inner circle quest lines:

If you sided with the Mages...

QUEST: Before the Dawn

Available after talking to Cullen in Skyhold.

Recommended you have recruited Dagna the archanist too. ('Acquire The Arcanist' war table mission (North Ferelden Area), available once you reach Skyhold.)

The first part of the quest requires the Inquisitor to find three red lyrium smuggler letters located in the Emerald Graves. The letter locations are marked on the map, but they are hidden, thus revealed by using Search function.

Take the letters to Cullen. He then informs the Inquisitor that he has found red Templars' primary source of red lyrium in a quarry near Sahrnia in Emprise Du Lion. To complete this objective, three letters in the quarry have to be found and read.

Return to Cullen with the information found at the quarry. He concludes that the key to weakening Samson is to destroy his armor and proposes that the Inquisitor speak with Dagna about this. Speaking to Dagna about possible weaknesses in Samson's armor then opens up War Table operation Finding Samson's Weakness.

After completing that, speak to Cullen again about what Dagna discovered. This leads to another operation Track down Samson.

Afterwards, speak to Cullen about raiding Samson's camp. The temporary zone Shrine of Dumat is now available for the next part of the quest (This is on your map in the menu as a small medallion, it is NOT on the Wartable).

Travel to Samson's camp at Shrine of Dumat with Cullen accompanying the party.

Search the final room and the previous room to find clues about Samson's armor. There are three clues:

• A hidden note
• Bottles of red lyrium
• Lyrium-forging tools

The party concludes that if these tools were used by Maddox to make Samson's armor, perhaps Dagna could find a way to unmake it.

Return to Skyhold to meet Cullen and Dagna to discuss the tools. You will obtain a rune that can destroy Samsons red lyrium armour, making the battle considerably easier.

If you sided with the Templars...

QUEST: Under Her Skin

Available after talking with Leliana in skyhold.
Recommended you have recruited Dagna the archanist too. ('Acquire The Arcanist' war table mission (North Ferelden Area), available once you reach Skyhold.)

She will tell you that a Venatori agent named Calpernia is exploring Elven ruins. The first missions tasks you with tracking down a merchant named Vicinius in Val Royeaux.
Travel to Val Royeaux, follow the mission marker into Vicinius's home. Search the residence for documents relating to the sale of slaves to Calpernia. Upstairs you will find some Venatori to fight and the not so living Vicinius.

Now use the search function to find all 3 crystal pieces in the room. One is behind the bed in the SE corner, another against the wall near a fallen painting W side. Final piece is in the very NE corner of the room. Upon assembling the crystal you will hear a conversation between Vicinius and Calpernia.

Return to Skyhold and speak with Leiliana, then speak with Dagna. Once the sequence is over, go to the war table and initiate the Oslais mission 'Plant Crystal in Venatori Headquarters'. When it is complete, speak with Leiliana again and listen to what the crystal recorded.

Next, go to the war table and look for the Oslais mission 'investigate the shrine of dumat'. It costs 1 power and you can travel to the location immediately.

Explore the shrine defeating the darkspawn as you go and gather the six Corypheus memory fragments. On the way to the final fragment you will be faced by a pride demon and his friends. Defeat this beast and claim the final piece.

A cut scene will follow featuring a Tevinter scholar Corypheus has imprisoned, where you learn more about Calpernias motives. You then have the option of killing or capturing the scholar.

Finally, Back at Skyhold to talk with Leiliana again.
With the quest complete, you are armed with the knowledge to turn Calpernia against Corypheus during your encounter

What Pride had Wrought

The mission takes place in a unique zone called the Arbor wilds.

The Temple Approach

When you arrive at the Inquisition Forward Camp in the Arbor Wilds, Morrigan will inform you she believes Corypheus is searching for the Temple of Mythal.

Josephine and either Celene or Gaspard (whoever rules Orlais) are in the camp by a campfire if you wish to have a quick word with them. There is a soldier you can talk to in the south-west section of the Inquisition Forward Camp also. Choosing the first dialogue option (Finish the verse) will grant 1269 XP and 150 Influence.

Follow the path to the first blockade, assisting your forces on the way, and defeat Corypheus' forces there.

On your way to the second blockade you will come across the Red Templar/Mage Forward Camp where you will need to defeat Corypheus' forces and elves who seem to be attacking them. There is a Supply Cache here.

Turn right before the second blockade and head into The Ruined Archways. If you take the first right, there is another camp with enemies and another Supply Cache. There is also a chest that holds Mhemet's War Hammer (unique maul). Head back to the path and turn right towards the ruins and defeat the enemies there.

Return to the second blockade. To the east you will find Leiliana and her agents fighting more enemies. There is a Supply Cache nearby. Further along at the Temple Gates you will find Cillen and his soldiers. There is yet another Supply Cache just before the temple entrance.

Inside the Temple

Click on the door at the back of the room to progress further into the temple, you will be prompted to complete an elven ritual to unlock the door. Go back down the stairs and stand on the altar to commence another cut scene in which your party discusses how to open the door. Solve the puzzle by running over each of the tiles on the altar, in an unbroken path, until all of them have been activated. This puzzle is simple, the concept is used later in the level with more complex puzzles.

Go through the main door to find Corypheus' lieutenant who will set more enemies upon you before jumping into a chasm. Defeat all the enemies and, in the next cut scene, decide whether you want to complete the elven rituals or skip them and follow Corypheus' lieutenant down the hole.

Complete the Elven Rituals

You will need to complete one ritual on the west side and two rituals on the east side. The method is the same as the first altar puzzle but as mentioned, these puzzles are more complex.

Here is a video solution for each puzzle:

Credit goes to ReinaDCD for the video.

Once the three puzzles are solved, return to the main hall and proceed through the southern-most door and into the Petitioner's Chamber.

Skip the Evlen Rituals

Following the lieutenant through the hole leads you to The Ancient Crypts. Turn left and you can enter the door (immediately on the right) or destroy the spirit barrier which is further ahead. Go through the door on the right and you will find veilfire ahead. Use the Search function right of the veilfire to find a pull mechanism which will bring down the grate you passed just before.

Cross the pool and the next room you approach will be locked. Use your rogue, if you have one, to unlock the door and there is an urn with Vir Banal'ras (unique medium armor) inside. Go through the next locked door (or you can path back around) and go right or left. Right takes you to a passage with veilfire at the end, and another pull mechanism revealed by Search. Left takes you to a spirit barrier with enemies behind it. Regardless of which way you go, make sure you find the veilfire so you can read Codex entry: Unreadable Elven Writing via the rune on the wall in the room beside it. The pull mechanism brings down five grates in the south rooms which don't give access to anything spectacular, just common loot and some gold.

Head west through the south rooms then north, up the stairs to reach the Petitioner's Chamber.

Petitioner’s Chamber

Here you will be confronted by Abelas, a sentinel of Mythal's Temple. This conversation can play out in three ways:

• If you completed the elven rituals you can enter into an alliance with Abelas, see Allying with the Sentinel
• If you completed the elven rituals you can reject the offer of an alliance with Abelas, Fighting the Sentinels
• If you did not complete the elven rituals an alliance is not offered, fighting the sentinels

Allying with the Sentinels

If you completed the elven rituals, Abelas offers you an alliance which you can accept or refuse. If you accept Abelas states that regardless, the Well will not be despoiled. He leaves, stating that he will destroy the Well in order to save it from such a fate. Outraged, Morrigan abandons your group and pursues him. A sentinel guide leads you through the rest of the temple through secret passages and you avoid extra combat. Follow the guide and try to avoid the urge to open other doors or fall behind as she gets a bit impatient with you. You still have time to check for loot and find codexes.

Your guide will eventually stop at a secret door that holds gold and some loot. Proceed through the east door and clear the room of enemies then exit to the Well of Sorrows to face-off with Corypheus' lieutenant.

Fighting the Sentinels

If you did not complete the elven rituals, Abelas is not open to negotiation and the elves will attack on his order. Abelas flees to destroy the Well of Sorrows so it cannot be defiled by Corypheus or yourself. Morrigan abandons your group and pursues him. After you defeat the elves in the first room, Solas (if present) will again express his disapproval of your "blundering through the temple" instead of taking the time to complete the rituals.

Similarly, if you completed the elven rituals but declined Abelas' offer of an alliance, the sentinels will attack, Abelas heads to the Well and Morrigan follows.

Fight through to the far east room where you will need to Search to find a pull mechanism which brings down the south door. Interact with the Mosaic of Sylaise in the next room to receive Codex entry: Song to Sylaise. Head west and clear the next room of all enemies. Continue on, upstairs and head south until you reach the Well of Sorrows and face-off with Corypheus' lieutenant.

Well of Sorrows

Proceed down the stairs and confront Corypheus' lieutenant. If you allied with the sentinels, one sentinel will assist you in the fight. If you did not ally with the sentinels, he will attack you instead.

If you sided with the mages and previously completed Before the Dawn, your conversation with Samson will culminate in a decision where you can make his end "quick and painful" or destroy his armor. If you choose the latter option, Samson will be weakened for the fight ahead.

If you sided with the templars and previously completed Under Her Skin, it is possible to avoid the fight against Calpernia by using the following dialogue trees...

1. We need to talk
2. Why are you the vessel?
3. Corypheus plans to bind you
4. You did this for Tevinter
5. Then rebuild Tevinter

Unless you avoid combat with Calpernia, you will need to defeat the lieutenant and their minions. Near death, Calpernia will commit suicide rather than face defeat at your hand. Conversely, Samson will survive and will be taken back to Skyhold for judgment. Samson rewards you with Certainty, while defeating Calpernia or convincing her to leave rewards you with Staff of Corruption.


Finally you have to make a decision on who drinks from the well of sorrows.

Choosing Morrigan will void the 'On Burning Wings' achievement BUT you will avoid a fight with a dragon in the next story mission.

Information from various sources including the dragon age wiki - Credit goes to them for being so detailed.

I just wanted to collate all the info and put it in one place for everyone. I hope it helps!

Many thanks to thegoodnate who is solely responsible for putting this guide together! dance
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