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Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Inquisitor438 (90)

This is a rare achievementFinish the single-player campaign on Nightmare without lowering the difficulty.

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I don't think there really is a guide that can be given on how to complete this game on Nightmare mode. I mean there is no do this ... and you will get the achievement. So I am going to give my top tips on how to go about completing this crazy long game on Nightmare:

I've played both of the other Dragon Age games as a dual wield rogue, but this time I could not get past the prologue boss on nightmare with that setup so I rerolled and went with an archer. By that time I had finally figured out the game mechanics and beating the first prologue boss was a piece of cake. Have Cassandra tank the pride demon and make sure Varric and Solas are positioned at a good distance from the demon and make them hold their position. Otherwise they will just stand right on top of the demon and get themselves killed. If they are spread out and one of them goes down this will give you a better chance to run over and revive them. Also make sure you are disrupting the rift whenever you can. You actually have to do this anyway to be able to dmg the demon.

So some quick tips for a nightmare run:
1. I really wanted to play with some of the other characters but I found it just easier to play with Cassandra as a sword/shield tank, Dorian and Vivienne or Solas as the other party members. I went with an Archer/Assassin. Stealthing as an assassin and then using Overdraw is just a beast.

2. In some tough areas, I'm mainly talking about main story missions cause you are locked into them once you start them, make sure you are fully stocked before you start the mission at the war table. I'm talking about grenades and rejuvenation potions. If you do not stock up on these before story missions you are SOL and will not be able to have any on you!

3. In story missions make sure to heal up (if you have any potions left) before you click on the resupply crates. Also, you should pick increasing the amount of health potions you can carry as soon as you can as an inquisition perk.

4. In some areas that were difficult (and seeing as I was playing as a ranged rogue character) if your characters are starting to go down, you can have your character stealth and run away into an area you have already cleared. If you run far enough your 3 other party members will revive back by you and even if their health is low you can send them back in to damage the enemies. The enemies do not regenerate health. I think this is my biggest tip. This saved me on numerous occasions. Especially at the beginning of the game in the haven mission. You have to keep trying to load this trebuchet, but everytime you do more enemies swarm you. You can run up a hill next to you and take out the enemies much slower than just getting spanked by them. Do this and it will make the nightmare run much easier!!

5. Make sure you are the right level for the mission you are about to start. At the war table it will give you the suggested level for starting that mission. If you're playing on Nightmare make sure you are at the higher end of that range. If the mission is recommended for a lvl 8-10 then go do side mission and stuff until you are closer to 10. Heck you can even over level and make the story mission even easier if you want. If you are going for the full completion then there is a ton of side stuff you need to complete anyway, so might as well get to it.

6. This achievement is for finishing the "main" campaign on Nightmare mode. This does not mean that you have to get the achievement for killing all 10 high dragons etc. while still playing on nightmare mode. When the final story mission is over you will end up back in Skyhold and can continue on with any side mission that you please. As soon as you kill the big baddie at the end the achievements for complete Nightmare and Hard will both pop assuming you never ever changed the difficulty level. The only side missions that you get blocked from are romance related ones and companion related ones. So by all means complete the main mission and get back to Skyhold. After the credits, make a save. Then switch to Casual if you like and go to town on those dragons or whatever else you have left to do.

7. I'm putting this one in here just in case it has a huge impact, cause for my story I think it did and it ended up being a side quest but it had an effect on a battle, so I'm putting it behind a spoiler for you just in case you don't want a story spoiler:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

8. My last tip: If you make the right decisions in some story missions you can skip the boss fight completely, or get some nice help at least wink!

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Have fun on your Nightmare run, I know I did smile!
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There are a lot of solutions here for people who play as a damage-dealing character, but I didn't see anything helpful for playing with the inquisitor as a warrior tank.

I play with the Inquisitor as a champion, and like most Bioware insanity/nightmare challenges, the difficulty is only actually hard at the very start of the game if you know what you're doing. To achieve the easiest run at the start of the game, do the following:

Complete the prologue. If you struggle, the Pride Demon doesn't attack the non-party member NPCs and you can kite him around the main pillar while they finish him. Its slow, but if you end up with your party members dead, it can finish him off.

I'll assume you already know how to play a tank-type character in this game (i didn't use tactical mode ever, just controlled the battle with my champion), your early skill selections are very important. You want the following skills right away:

Payback strike (once you get the upgrade: get the one that makes it taunt)
War Cry (get the larger aoe when you upgrade it)
Charging Bull (never upgraded this, but the free skill is better)

You need to be able to taunt and build your own guard so the rest of your party won't die quickly at low levels. Charging bull has a fast cooldown and can gain guard for multiple targets hit.

Once you have these 3 skills, spend 2 points to get to the passive 'Bear Mauls the Wolves'. I personally never use the active shield block skill needed to get the passive, but you need the passive's benefit.

The other part of dominating nightmare is equipment. If you are playing a new file, you will need to manage your money so you can acquire necessary schematics. If you have already completed the game, you can use the Golden Nug to get good schematics and forego hunting them down. In both cases you'll need a good source of metal. Remember that one-handed swords in DA:I are inexplicably nerfed; always use axes and maces, they are dramatically stronger even when the dps values are the same (and they are rarely the same).

In order to make good equipment, you need to access tier 2 and tier 3 metals earlier than intended.

At the start of the game, unlock the Hinterlands and explore immediately south of your main camp until you acquire 4 power and use the first Occularum and acquire a shard. Acquisition of a shard is needed to unlock the Forbidden Oasis, as is the 4 power.

Once you have both of these things, return to skyhold and unlock the Oasis, then travel there.

You will be dramatically weak compared to the area. Characters can die in 1-3 hits. However, you can explore big parts of the area with minimal encounters (the occaisional Hyena; I killed as many as 3 at once, but recommend fleeing from more than 2 at once using Charging Bull). Head east from your starting point and go wide south around the rift and down the slant of the wall. This will let you explore most of the eastern half of the oasis and even reach the other campsite. Portions of this area are littered with Paragon's Luster, the only easily accessible tier 2 metal prior to Skyhold. You will never see more than the occaisional hyena or a single giant spider if you avoid the rifts and the cave in the northeastern corner. Paragon's Luster will respawn if you stay in the area a while or travel away and back. You can easily gather 100 of it with little effort. Tier 2 metals make dramatically stronger armors and weapons early in the game.

You will then need at least tier 2 schematics. Again, using the Golden Nug you can acquire your higher level schematics from other playthroughs. if you don't wish to do this, you can acquire level 2 schematics at the Black Emporium or in Val Royeux from a shop in the southeastern corner of town. The prices are half at the Emporium. The most important schematics will be Sturdy Vanguard Coat/Mail/Armor and a 1h weapon. You can also select other options depending on whether you use multiple mages, prefer a 2h warrior, or etc. Metal makes weapons for everyone so you will use your paragon's luster for all of it. Using a 2nd warrior (2h) gives you a secondary tank who benefits significantly from your expensive heavy armor schematic. I recommend Iron Bull; Cassandra is also good if you use a Tactician's Renewal to reset her ability points.

Once you create tier 2 weapons and armor with tier 2 materials, you will be overpowered for your level for all pre-Skyhold questing. Do enough sidequests to bring significant extra power with you to Skyhold.

When you reach Skyhold, you're going to go immediately to Emprise du Lion. It will be very difficult.

Your goal in the Emprise will be to win 4 fights against red templars. You will go to the first two available camps in sequence and take them. The fight at the first camp is hardest due to many archers who can 2-shot your dps characters or even 4-5 shot you. Remember you can run away and anything that died will stay dead.

Once you have connected the two camps (the one at the quarry and then Drakon's Rise), you can travel to Drakon's Rise and walk down, gathering Dawnstone and Silverite. There are over 20 dawnstone nodes on the walk, as well as 8 silverite nodes. You will be so underleveled for the area you will virtually always get 1. That is ok.

Dawnstone also provides one of the most important fade-touched effects: 10% chance on hit for 5 seconds of Walking Fortress. Repeat this cycle several times and hope you acquire a lot of it. You will get some level 3 cloth from the red templars. You can kill Snowfleur north of the starting area on the ice for high amounts of level 3 leather.

Then you will just need schematics. At this point your options are the Golden Nug and save scumming chests. Any chest in DA:I will reset its contents if it is not completely empty when you reload. This means you can loot all but one item, save and reset and farm chests endlessly. In the NE section of the Emprise du Lion, there is an area with multiple chests (the elven ruin/waterfall) where you can cycle several chests, save, reload and take any bonus items. You can acquire the best schematics in the game from these chests (short of DLC schematics). The Black Emporium will NOT sell you level 3 schematics until you reach a certain level, so this method is the only means besides the Golden Nug to get level 3 schematics early.

Once you have level 3 schematics and an abundance of Dawnstone, you can upgrade your weapons and armor again and will probably dominate the balance of the game. On Insanity, my inquisitor was routinely taking 1 damage in melee from most enemies and I was able to do multiple Tresspasser challenges against High Dragons while my difficulty was still set to Nightmare. Since metal is used for all weapons (even bows and staffs), you only need other materials for stat bonuses or DPS character armor.

This makes the nightmare run relatively effortless - I repeatedly forgot I was playing on a higher difficulty once I had equipped myself.
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