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Glide on Time

Glide continuously for 10 seconds

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  • TheGamersKrewTheGamersKrew439,456
    16 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014 08 Feb 2015
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    UPDATE:: An additional note has been Posted by The Dawn of Don
    You don't have to move to have it count as a glide. I did the character switch and just held the cn_A button. Slowly dropped straight down. Achievement popped.

    Here is the direct xbox video link.

    I am uploading it to youtube
    Uploaded it
    should be listed below aswell.

    I made a video using the upload studio from the xbox one.

    Basically anytime you are in freeplay (able to change between characters) you can get this anywhere that you can fly high above.

    So what I did here was in the batcave changed from greenlantern to batman and hold (A) to glide and did circles to make it last a bit longer as you could see I had alot of time to spare.

    **note that the achievement icon doesn't pop up as this is straight from the xbox one and not a capture card. But it will unlock.
  • x The Rook xx The Rook x373,689
    16 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014
    13 2 0
    This shouldn't be a hard achievement for anyone to get but if you want a quick guide as to one possible place to get this I've added a video.

    Go to the Batcave and find the Batcomputer (it's above the slideway connecting from the Watch Tower). Stand at the railing and jump over it, once you are in the air press and hold the jump button to glide (it must be an outfit with a cape).

    The lower platform can get in the way as you reach the railings so I suggest going to the right and going under the walkway. Be wary of the waterfall there too as you can land in the pool of water if you stay further back.

    Then just glide down to the water. It won't matter if you are moving or go straight down. You will easily last more than the required 10 seconds.

    When I did this the achievement didn't pop straight away but I was doing other things in this area and the achievement popped shortly after.
  • DementedSquire7DementedSquire7741,255
    21 Nov 2014 21 Nov 2014
    9 0 0
    Real easy way to get this, go to moon hub, and fly as high as you can with your space suit as batman, once you get as high as you can, switch to normal batman and quickly start your glide.

    The moons zero gravity makes jumping longer and also means it takes longer to glide to the ground, took me 1 attempt and had no problems with it.

    Should be easy enough to do, won't take more than a minute (as long as you have the right suits)
  • x Caribo xx Caribo x111,047
    11 Aug 2015 12 Aug 2015
    5 0 0
    I've only just started playing the game but seem to have found that you can get this achievement pretty early on.

    When you are working your way through the Batcave to get to the Observatory, you come to a point where you end up quick building a fan (apologies, I'm writing this from memory so can't remember the exact point you get to this bit) - I used Batman to jump onto the fan and pressed A to open his cowl and kept it pressed for the 10 seconds or so and the achievement popped.
  • skepta11skepta11434,416
    16 Jan 2015 17 Jan 2015
    5 0 0
    Not sure why many don't have this - here's my spin on how to get it go to planet oa fly to the top of a tall building using super man switch to batman and then open your wings and glide there are various points you can earn this so easy witin the game I would say going to any of the planets is your best bet I got mine in the bat cave :-)
  • DuskFelineDuskFeline43,354
    14 Jun 2015 15 Jun 2015
    3 0 0
    After finishing the main story line, head to the moon portal and enter into any planet.
    Use a flying character to get to the top of a spire where you can turn into a caped character.
    Then just Jump off and glide all the way to the bottom - this will unlock on the way down.
  • GravekinGravekin651,897
    06 Jan 2015 15 Mar 2015
    3 1 0
    Simple yet annoying for some. Enough talk. To the batcave!

  • TinSigmund666TinSigmund666551,724
    12 Jul 2017 12 Jul 2017
    1 0 0
    Easy to get early in Space Suits you, sir!
    After two puzzles, you will need to fuel the space rocket. Collecting enough debris will create a fan kind of thing on which Batman can fly. Just press cn_A as Batman will make a fly animation.
    Cheevo scored.
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