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Under the Red Brick

Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time

Under the Red Brick+0.2
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    There are 20 Red Bricks that you must have activated all at the same time. The first 16 are found in the 16 story/free play levels, including the Bonus level and you will not be able to get them in story mode only free play as you will need certain characters to obtain them all. the other 4 are purchasable right from the beginning of the game.

    There are two different locations to purchase Red Bricks from, the Batcave Trophy Room and the Watchtower Trophy Room

    The red bricks are as followed:
    - Studs x2- 1,000,000 studs
    - Studs x4 - 2,000,000 studs
    - Studs x6 - 3,000,000 studs
    - Studs x8 - 4,000,000 studs
    - Studs x10 - 5,000,000
    - Disguises - 300,000 studs
    - Gold Brick Detector - 200,000 studs
    - Minikit Detector - 200,000 studs
    - Quest Detector - 100,000 studs
    - Adam West In Peril Detector - 100,000 studs
    - Attract Studs - 100,000 studs
    - Festive Hats - 600,000 studs
    - Character Token Detector - 800,000 studs
    - Fast Build - 100,000 studs
    - Collect Ghost Studs - 100,000 studs
    - Bat-Fight Captions - 100,000 studs
    - Mini Characters - 100,000 studs
    - Unlimited Fuel (By default) - 100,000 studs
    - Unlimited Light (By default) - 100,000 studs
    - Unlimited Electricity (By default) - 100,000 studs

    Studs x2 Red Brick Location #1: In “Level 1: Pursuers in the Sewers” in the room before the Killer Croc fight, fly up to the Plastic Man Pad

    Studs x4 Red Brick Location #2: In “Level 2: Breaking BATS!” right at the beginning is the Plastic Man Pad you can activate as Plastic Man

    Studs x6 Red Brick Location #3: In “Level 3: Space suits you, Sir!” in the white spaceship room turn on the electricity & build the Plastic Man Pad

    Studs x8 Red Brick Location #4: In “Level 4: Space Station Infestation” from the left-side disco dance floor, go through the Plastic Man vent. Then go right in Batman’s Sensor Suit to switch off the camera & go in the Plastic Man Pad

    Studs x10 Location Studs x10 Red Brick Location #5: In “Level 5: The Big Grapple” during “Objective 2: Activate the elevator”. Smash boxes next to 2 laser cannons to reveal the Plastic Man Pad

    Disguises Location Disguises Red Brick Location #6: At the start of “Level 6: The Lantern Menace” bend the magnetic pipe with Cyborg’s magnetism powers & with the bricks that gives build the Plastic Man Pad to activate. Go to the steamrolled area to build another Plastic Man construction for him to jump on to get it

    Gold Brick Finder Red Brick Location #7: In “Level 7: Europe Against It” after the big red phone booth is a building with a golden bar to destroy with heat/laser vision & then use the fallen bricks to build a Plastic Man Pad

    Minikit Finder Red Brick Location #8: In “Level 8: Big Trouble in Little Gotham” during the “Objective 4: Defeat Brainiac” boss fight go to the far-right. Use Lantern powers to dig up Lego bricks from the dirt patch & build a Plastic Man Pad

    Quest Finder Red Brick Location #9: In “Level 9: Power of Love” after the “Objective 3: Defeat the Zamaron Beast” boss fight. Fly above the exit door to the giant Pink Lantern & switch to Solomon Grundy to dive in the right-side swamp spot to dig up the Plastic Man Pad

    Adam West in Peril Finder Red Brick Location #10: In “Level 10: A Blue Hope” during the “Objective 2: Find Saint Walker” blue magnetic monster battle use Brainiac’s shrink-ray on the black boulder to reveal a Plastic Man Pad. After activating the pad with Plastic Man switch to Batman’s Sonar Suit to break the new face-shaped bush

    Attract Studs Red Brick Location #11: In “Level 11: Jailhouse Nok” during the “Objective 3: Restore the Lantern Battery” fight with Indigo-1 & her tribe. Find the pink swirling rays of light & shoot the blue plants and rubble in front of it for the Plastic Man Pad. After activating the pad, fly into the background to pick it up

    Festive Hats Red Brick Location #12: In “Level 12: All the Rage” at the start of “Objective 2: Steal the Red Lantern’s Power Battery” hack the techno panel with Miss Martian. Build & activate the resulting Plastic Man Pad. Then Batman’s Power Suit must shoot rockets at the resulting silver boulder to get it

    Character Token Detector Red Brick Location #13: In “Level 13: Need for Greed” in the “Objective 2: Bribe the Statue” statue room. Batman’s Power Suit must shoot rockets at the shiny Silver Lego grate on the wall. Go to the right-side Shield Deflect & look left for the grate. Activate the Plastic Man Pad & fly up to the statue to grab it

    Fast Build Red Brick Location #14: At the end of “Level 14: Aw-Qward Situation” during “Objective 2: Defeat Sinestro”, the Plastic Man Pad is opposite Sinestro’s yellow castle

    Collect Ghost Studs Red Brick Location #15: In “Level 15: Breaking the Ice” in the “Free Play Room” section. Go to the far-right side of the room to find the Plastic Man Pad

    Bat-Fight Captions Red Brick Location #16: In the “Bonus Level: Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel!”. During “Objective 3: Defeat The Joker” go to the 2nd floor where The Penguin is. Switch to Batgirl(1966) to use her acrobatics on the wall poles to swing up. Then knock down the Plastic Man Pad on the right by hitting the red table. Switch to Plastic Man to activate the pad
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    I appreciate this is not a direct solution, but one of the keys here is to obviously accumulate a lot of stud wealth to unlock all the bricks.

    The easiest way I have found to accumulate studs as fast as possible is to go to the VR Missions room in the Batcave. To get to the VR room go right and into the room to the right (with the chemical bottle symbol next to the door as you enter). Use the Batlift to enter the room, and then start the missions. All points you accumulate translate to studs so you can easily accumulate a lot inside 5 minutes. One of the best is snake 1, the 8th challenge. Even without any multipliers, this will let you gain around 200,000 studs in about 5 minutes.
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