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[Ranked] Kill more than 666 enemies in total for ranked matches

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  • B8TINGUB8TINGU547,052
    12 Sep 2011 01 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
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    Ok I think I'll throw my hat in the ring on this one as well. These are all great solutions in various forms, but I still think they lack a little clearity (no offense) Hopefully I will be able to put this all together for you and it will combine everything said thus far and become very clear.

    Here are the essentials:

    1. Only Ranked Matches count for kills!

    2. 8 different gamertags are needed to start Ranked matches.

    3. Only about 127 kills count, If you go over the kill counter resets to 0 and that includes any kills you have gotten.

    4. A good sense of humor or conversation skills to keep everyone going!

    Now to the difference (per se)

    My groups method:

    Game Type: Deathmatch (it's free for all)

    MAP: Waylands Keep. (it's relatively small and provides a common kill gorund with benifits that I will explaine a little further down)

    TIME LIMIT: 20 min.

    2 gamers on Undead. (They will earn the kills for the match.)
    6 gamers on Human side. (They will die horrible for the match.)

    Undead gamers (Pick Mages, with turret ability)
    Turrets will never deplete in magical energy and they will never get destroyed, UNLESS someone deals damage to them (shoot with arrow, hit with sword etc..) OR they get a richochet (Blow back damage) effect that is why it is unwise to use the Lighting turret. Instead use any other turret. and any other abilities you like. (Fireball and Firestorm so work wonders as well durring the match)

    When the match begins, the two undead players will be earning the kills, head out and find the courtyard area (middle of the map) this courtyard has two sets of stairs. Both undead gamers will choose the same set of stairs (this is essential) One on one side the other on the opposite side.

    Both undead gamers will set up thier turrets so that they can fire freely into the courtyard without hitting the others turret. (This is why you set up on opposites sides of the same set of stairs.)

    Now for 20 minutes, the Humans, will charge recklessly into the turrets (if you want to do damage to yourselves then by all means pick mages and use the burnig finger or fireball directly at the ground or the wall to do damage to your self. (Just becareful not to over do it and kill yourself or someone nearby)

    There is also a run spell that helps you move a lot faster for both mages and archers. STAY AWAY from being warriors as they are slow and harder to kill.

    Using the B button the two undead gamers getting the kills will watch their scores, they should stay within 300 points of each other. Doing it this way, both undead gamers will net about between 100 - 120 kills each, keeping them both just under the reset limit, but netting them both the most kills.

    This method will run 8 players thru, each netting around 120 kills and being just under 2 hours. Break it down in to mutliple sessions or just round robin till everyone is done in about 5 to 6 hours.

    Sticking to the above 20 min. 300 score difference will usually keep you in check, but I'm obligated to tell you this:

    20 min games can be a bit boring and It is possible that if you have a very good effective boosting group that you CAN BOTH go over the reset limit so KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR KILLS!!

    We have found that a group of 8 can get very efficient at this, getting kills up to the Kill count reset limit well before the 20 min match time limit. When (not if) you get your group this good, then it is suggested to rotate the gamers doing the killing and have 4 people killing per match. Each taking 10 minutes!

    Thanks go out to all those brave souls before me and the great effort and experimentation it took to find all of this info out.

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    SnikeneUllteppeWasn`t this Ellusions idea in the first place. He should have been credited fore the idea at least. Just wondering
    Posted by SnikeneUllteppe on 09 Nov 12 at 11:33
    B8TINGUIdk who Ellusion is, but this was something we had herd of and tweaked ourselves... So yes it should be credited to a group of gamers. If Elusion was the original gamer who thought of it then by all means be deserves most of the credit and should have put this up. I don't like to take credit for anyone else's solutions, but this was never put up so I can not honestly say who thought of it first. It's for everyone to use.

    If anyone is offended then I'm sorry and will gladly give credit where credit is due. No one has approached me about this before. Also I'm also not going to just give credit because someone said so and his achievement was unlocked first. If he has a few friends willing to post that he did in fact come up with this first then that's good enough for me.

    Again no hard feelings, I was just trying to get this info out as I have had a few people contact me about how to boost this quicker.
    Posted by B8TINGU on 10 Nov 12 at 03:10
    SnikeneUllteppeTo be honnest i don`t care I was just puzzeled by it its a nice salution fore this sun of a bitch chivoe. That groupe i belive was me ,trirock, you, Ellusion no, MAIZCORN, Punster Zero, UnknownAvatar, Rashaka1, Mr Zill, TwistedTB and Tanelorn82. At some point you borke out of the groupe and started hosting your own sessions with a bunch of others too as far as i remeber. Who had the idea no easey to say could hav been anyone.
    Posted by SnikeneUllteppe on 13 Nov 12 at 15:53
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  • mfeforevermfeforever950,959
    19 Dec 2010 19 Dec 2010
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    Just to to follow up on the advice above.

    Within a single session, the game will only award 127 kills before rolling back to 0 (i.e., if you get 140 kills in a single session, you will only be credited with 12 toward your overall total.) At a rate of ~10 kills/minute, no one should kill for over ten minutes without risking wasting much of that time.

    Additionally, I have been involved with seven people earning this achievement. It fired in-game four times and at the end of game status screen three times.

    Hope this helps.
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    XxSpazemxXThumbs up!
    Posted by XxSpazemxX on 13 Jun 11 at 17:26
  • themadassthemadass318,424
    08 May 2011 09 May 2011
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    I've just recently finished this, and here's how we mostly did it (without repeating too much that has been said already ;) )

    8 players are essential, 4 killers per round, 5 mins killing each as above, Deep Forest is good but we did it on Wayland Keep. Takes a little while to learn the layout, but the open area in the middle gives a nice big killing area with clear visibility.

    Here's the trick: Have All players set up as a mage. Best setup is custom with three points on elemental (giving a turret) and one on the electric one (so 3 on top, one on bottom).

    The killer sets up a turret a bit away from the kill zone (otherwise the bolts bounce to the turret and kill it too) and then plugs away at the others with lightening. You can use the meteor storm twice in a 5 min block too as long as it's cast at the start and end.
    All players who are dying should have "Burning Finger" and on their way to the kill zone should fire at the floor (literally just hold RB). Just be careful to let go of RB when you are nearly dead, optimally 1 or 2 burning fingers from death. A single bolt from the killer or a couple from their turret should then be enough to kill you off.

    Looking at the stats when I tried this, I upped my deaths per round (when I was not killing) from around 35 to around 50 so it gives a fairly big boost to the sessions overall.

    Hope that helps whizz through it a bit quicker :)
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