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Discover a veilfire rune.

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How to unlock the Well-Read achievement

  • GriffinMunkiGriffinMunki119,095
    17 Sep 2016 17 Sep 2016
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    I found the other guide very hard to follow so I have added my own.

    Firstly make sure you are in The Hinterlands.
    Fast Travel to Outskirts Camp.
    If, for whatever reason, you cannot fast travel there then simply find it on the map, Mark it and make your way there. Just above the camp and over to the right a bit you will see a cave icon, hover over it on the map and you will notice that it is a dungeon. Go to this dungeon and you will have no trouble unlocking the achievement. I got it within seconds of exploring the dungeon.
  • FallenSoul19FallenSoul19253,338
    08 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015
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    All thanks go to Juste 667 for this achievement guide!

    You find veilfire runes by visiting dungeons around the world. You can only find them by shining a veilfire torch (Green fire) on them.

    The dungeon I used is from Juste's guide which is near Master Dennets farm. Near the farm there is an astrarium with a river behind it. Follow the river upstream until you see a cave icon (You may see 2). On your map if you hover over the icons the one you want is the one that says "Dungeon". It is a very quick dungeon and offers no challenge for even low levels.
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