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Acquire 10 Inquisition agents in a single playthrough.

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How to unlock the Persuasive achievement

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    There are numerous characters throughout the game that can become agents, however I believe only those agents that qualify as perks count to your total; still you will likely need more than 10. It unlocked on number 11 for me. Many involve quests, which will be enclosed with quotation marks below.


    Witty Ritts: Requires "Strange Bedfellows" to encounter her. Fight off the Templars engaging her, after 2 examinations you can question her. To recruit her either play as a dwarf or defer to Varric.
    Speaker Anais: Complete "Praise the Herald of Andraste." She can be recruited for Cullen or Josephine
    Enchanter Ellendra: Complete "My Lover's Phylactery." Either Vivienne must be in party or have the Arcane Knowledge perk.
    Lord Berand: Complete "Love Waits." He can be recruited for Cullen or Josephine.
    Corporal Vale: Complete all of the following: "Apostates in Witchwood," "A Healing Hand," "East Road Bandits," "Hunger Pangs," "In the Elements," and "Templars to the West." Speak to him after all these then say Recruit the skilled.
    Smuggler Tanner: Complete "Blood Brothers" to acquire "Business Arrangements." Defer to Cassandra when speaking to her.
    Clemence the Tranquil: In the Redcliffe Tavern. Just speak with him and he will eventually offer his services.
    Horsemaster Dennet: Complete "Farmland Security," and "Trouble with Wolves." Then defer to either Cassandra, Dorian or Vivienne or use History Knowledge or Underworld Knowledge.

    Val Royeaux
    Barter by Belle: After speaking with the Chantry head find Belle the merchant. She will offer her services.

    The Storm Coast
    Blades of Hessarian: Start "Cleaning House" to find their base, but first craft Mercy's Crest to challenge the leader; defeat him. The rest of the group will work for you.

    Fallow Mire
    Sky Watcher: Talk to him after closing a fade rift he's monitoring. Complete "Lost Scouts" and he'll be waiting outside; you can ask him to join.

    Therinfall Redoubt Only available if you side with the Templars
    Ser Barris: During "Holding the Great Hall" never let the meter dip below 50%.

    Emprise du Lion
    Michel de Chevin: Talk with him outside the village first and he will assist in claiming the Keep; it's boss must be defeated to recruit him.

    Jana the Recruit You will encounter her on the way to the village. Talk her out of enlisting in the Grey Wardens and serving the Inquisition instead.

    Exalted Plains
    Loranil: Complete "By the Grace of the Dalish."

    Emerald Graves
    Fairbanks: Complete "Victims of War."

    Western Approach
    Frederic of Serault: Defeat the Abyssal High Dragon.
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    Current Future I think I was over-simplifying it when I said the achievement's buggy. It might have been better to say it's highly specific on which agents, or how they are recruited, count. My latest theory is that if a short cutscene plays after recruiting them, those are the ones that count.

    But then again, on my 1st PT Horsemaster Dennet should have been my 10th agent, I had Vivienne talk him into joining - no achievement. My 2nd PT, Dennet was set to be my 11th agent, I talked him into joining via Underworld Knowledge and - blip, achievement unlocked.

    My best advice, acquire as many agents listed above as you can. Some will count, some won't; I've no concrete insight as to why. I've listed 17, you only need 10 of them to count.
    Posted by Current Future on 19 Dec 14 at 17:51
    Addicted2daG I just want to say, Sigrid the Exile from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC does count towards the achievement. I had 9 and accidentally sent 'name of who cares here' to the Grey Wardens.
    Posted by Addicted2daG on 15 Dec 15 at 14:14
    Addicted2daG You can recruit the Stone Bear hold bear as an agent if you pick the right dialogue choices as well. I already have the achievement so I'm not sure if it counts.
    Posted by Addicted2daG on 17 Dec 15 at 04:31
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