Beat Playground Games achievement in Forza Horizon 2

Beat Playground Games

Complete the ‘Beat Playground Games’ Bucket List and claim your reward!

21 Oct 2014 until 30 Nov 2014

Beat Playground Games
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How to unlock the Beat Playground Games challenge

  • PINKE1842PINKE1842137,294
    05 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014 06 Nov 2014
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    "Beat Playground Games' Bucket List" Challenge requires you to complete 15 new challenges added as of the November Faulken Tires DLC pack. DLC is NOT REQUIRED to participate!

    Here is the run down of the challenges:

    Before we get started Zsoltee53 has pointed out that these 2 perks will be helpful for skill related challenges:
    - Skill Legend - Skill Multiplier can go to 6 (Cost: 5 )
    - Hang On - Skill Chains ends 1 second later than normal (Cost: 3)

    #1 - Get to the Airstrip faster than we could in a Jaguar F-Type R - HARD
    *Tip* I found it helpful to cut through the culvert instead of following the road that goes up towards the Saint-Martin Car Meet. Also cutting through the woods to enter the airport half way down the runway saves a lot of time. Just watch out for those pesky trees!

    #2 - Take the Cherokee '14 through the forest to an ancient temple - HARD
    *Tip* Most difficult part is keeping your speed up the hill. Make sure to stay far enough south of the temple as you cannot enter it from the side.

    #3 - We hit 115 MPH in an Alfa Romeo 4c. Your turn. - MEDIUM

    #4 - Throw a Ford Mustang '15 around the docks - HARD
    *Tip* Remember to take advantage of Air Skills and Wreckage/Sideswipe Skills.

    #5 - Go faster and get dirtier than we did in a Subaru Legacy RS - HARD
    *Tip* If need be head a little bit in the wrong direction once you get onto the dirt road to give yourself a little bit of run up. Not scrubbing off speed in the few curves is easier said than done.

    #6 - Outskill us on the golf course in a '14 Super Sport - HARD
    *Tip* I struggled the most with this challenge. Wreckage/Sideswipe Skills really came in handy with this one.

    #7 - Tame a Jalpa during a storm - MEDIUM

    #8 - Cruise in elegance through Nice in a Ferrari 250 TR - MEDIUM
    *Tip* You can save some time ignoring the GPS and turning right out of the house instead of busting through the fence and having to go around the block.

    #9 - Hit the Siteron switchback at 65 MPH in a BMW M4 2014 - HARD
    *Tip* This one took some finesse. I found it easier to enter the corners with less top speed and more control.

    SpectralSprintr has made a video guide and described his setup for those struggling to complete this challenge:

    This challenge is easier to complete with STM, ABS, TCS turned on in the difficulty settings if you've turned them off.

    If the speed drops below 60mph after the first turn, then rewind because you won't make it. On the second turn, brake late and turn sharply.

    #10 - We hit 200 MPH in a Pagani Huayra. Can you? - HARD
    *Tip* Get in the gas and go all out. Try to make the corners as smooth as possible and hit that last straight hard. I barely got 200 MPH on this one.

    #11 - Speed through Nice at 100 MPH in a G-SHOCK 370Z '10 - HARD
    *Tip* Same as #9 above. I took both corners pretty wide and left the second turn in 3rd gear to get my speed back up as quickly as possible.

    #12 - Take a night drive in the timeless Maserati 300 S - MEDIUM

    #13 - Improvise a route to Castelletto in a Rally Fighter - HARD
    *Tip* Miss the trees and aim for your road. Make sure you stay enough to the left as the road goes down to the coast with no access from the sides.

    #14 - Get sideways in a BMW E92 M3 - MEDIUM

    #15 - Skill down the coast better than we could in a BMW E28 M5

    Best of luck! Should be more than obtainable in one or two sittings.

    Additional Contributors:
    Zsoltee53 - Confirmed DLC not required via news post
    Zsoltee53 - Clarifying benefits of "Skill Legend" and "Hang On" Perks in skill related challenges
    SpectralSprintr - Added description and video guide for Challenge #9

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    ezhnoThe main reason people might find some of these challenges to be too difficult is that several of them want you to drive the car in ways that the game doesn't normally want. #14 and #15 were by far the most difficult for me simply because of this as the majority of the game is made up of simple races and not skill challenges.

    That said, they are all do-able and just take some practice. However, you have to find the time to do it as it is a timed challenge.
    Posted by ezhno on 17 Nov 14 at 00:12
    PINKE1842I consider myself a better than average driver but maybe I overstated the ease of some of these challenges in the solution, Typically I am fast, but inconsistent therefore challenges like this play into my skill set unlike online racing where one mistake can often count you out. Traditionally the only "assist" I use online or offline is manual w/o clutch. Maybe the assists are playing into some of the difficulties people are having. It has already been stated that anyone trying to drift need to have TCS and STM turned off. I still think it is really important to make use of Air, Wreckage, and Sideswipe Skills to boost the multiplier.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported this solution. Best of luck to everyone still working towards this challenge!
    Posted by PINKE1842 on 17 Nov 14 at 00:22
    LavindatharHighway tip for #6 was awesome
    Posted by Lavindathar on 21 Nov 14 at 10:57
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    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
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    After Hours of trying to beat #9 Hit the Siteron switchback at 65 MPH in a BMW M4 2014
    I found an easy way.
    Instead of following the route go straight and make a right at the end of that road. Then you can hit the switchback downhill...
    Open your map as soon as it starts and you will see what I'm talking about.

    Now I only have 1 left!!!
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    Dogeatr00Thank you so much! I was really struggling with this also. Friggin' BRILLIANT! Got it on first try. I can now die peacefully!!!
    Posted by Dogeatr00 on 19 Nov 14 at 10:46
  • AdamNWTAdamNWT41,747
    21 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014
    13 3 0
    Specifically for #10, rather than stick to the prescribed route I cut through the trees before the first right turn and headed to the next road over. It is much straighter and I hit 204mph without much difficulty.
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