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Double Down achievement in Halo MCC

Double Down

Halo 2A MP: In Anniversary multiplayer, receive 2 or more Double Kill medals.

Double Down0
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How to unlock the Double Down achievement

  • ChknFingrsChknFingrs
    10 Dec 2014 10 Dec 2014 10 Dec 2014
    Well, you don't need 3 people, because I got this with 2 controllers, and just me playing both. I got Double Down, Decorated Warrior, and The Goose is Loose using this method below:

    Halo 2 > Forge > Bloodline > Options > Shields & Health > Damage Resistance = 10%, Shield Multiplier = No Shield > cn_B (back) > Weapons and Damage > Damage Modifier = 500% > cn_RB, START

    Now, remove all spawn points (brag object (spawn point) with cn_A, hit cn_B, Scroll down to "Delete All of These". Might have to do this a few times till all are removed from map.

    Place new spawn point (cn_X Place Object > Spawning > Respawn Point). Do again, but go to Vehicles > Mongooses > Gungoose

    Have player going for achievement hop onto the Gungoose, and sit in front of what should be the only respawn point.

    Move 2nd player over, kill them with 1st player, and they will continue to spawn nearly instantly in the same spot.

    I did not intend to go for this achievement, as I was working on the 25 Gungoose kills.

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    FoolsAndKingsLike was said in other solution, once you've got the 3 jump off and Melee them from behind 25 times for the "Put Up Your Dukes" achievement. Excellent Guide
    Posted by FoolsAndKings On 09 Jan 15 at 15:18
    ChknFingrsThanks guys! Guess you could do "Put Up Your Dukes" at the same time. I didn't do it at same time as this, but it would also be possible.
    Posted by ChknFingrs On 09 Jan 15 at 15:35
    Jackey Boy 217Ive tried this on multiple maps, multiple settings and multiple times and can't get this to work on forge. Anyone have any ideas?
    Posted by Jackey Boy 217 On 03 Mar 20 at 15:58
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  • Ditto51Ditto51
    01 Jan 2015 01 Jan 2015
    Get a second controller and go to Forge on the Halo 2 Anniversary Map "Nebula" and kill the guest character and let him re-spawn in the middle of the platform. Since the re-spawn time is set to 0 you should be able to go up behind the guest account, punch him in the back and step back. This ensures that the guest account re-spawns on the spawn point allowing you to punch him a second time within four seconds, thus one double kill gained.

    I got it via getting an overkill while getting the melee kill achievement.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionPut Up Your DukesThe Put Up Your Dukes achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 28 pointsHalo 2A MP: Get 25 melee kills in multiplayer.

    You should then wait a five or six seconds and then repeat the process for another double kill.

    If you got one in normal multiplayer then it will only be necessary to do this once.

    You can also use this method to gain the "Put Up Your Dukes" Achievement as well.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionPut Up Your DukesThe Put Up Your Dukes achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 28 pointsHalo 2A MP: Get 25 melee kills in multiplayer.
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    pyr0lyZerCanadianWhizKid's solution is good and is useful to combine activities, but I found this one to be more direct for this specific achievement. Also, its easier to set up for this achievement and the 2nd one you mentioned. Thumbs up!
    Posted by pyr0lyZer On 17 Jan 15 at 16:57
    Obi TW0Thanks for this solution! One note is that if you're signing in a guest on a second controller make sure you assign them to a different team. I accidentally had mine on the same team as me and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the kills 😂.
    Posted by Obi TW0 On 23 Sep 21 at 22:00
    SpirantCrayon22Good method but I found something that I think is worth posting. I did one of these, after working out that the second controller needs to be on a different team. I waited ten seconds. I got a second double kill, no achievement. I did this a few more times. No achievement. I then just kept killing and the achievement popped when I got a "triple kill". Worth trying if there's trouble with the method as written, could be time but it did coincide.
    Posted by SpirantCrayon22 On 23 Apr at 18:00
  • Myckel JayMyckel Jay
    21 Jun 2018 21 Jun 2018
    While the other solutions are great, this one is a bit easier and doesn't require any settings changes.

    Obviously you're going to need 2 other players, whether they be online or split screen is up to them and you. Load up a custom game of Slayer --> Rockets on any Halo 2 Anniversary map. Have all players gather in one location, aim down and shoot your foot. Achievement unlocked.
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