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You're Joking achievement in Halo MCC

You're Joking

Halo 4: Complete all Halo 4 Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours.

You're Joking0
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How to unlock the You're Joking achievement

  • BLACKandBIGBLACKandBIG101,253
    16 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014 15 Feb 2019
    88 5 65
    You're Joking - named after WR holder ProAceJoker (c0ry123 is a current WR holder)

    -It takes your best Legendary times from all the missions combined. (Solo and Co-op)
    -It shouldn't be done in one sitting
    -It requires some practice and level knowledge
    -I did it solo, but co-op is much easier.
    -WR is 1:35 so you have more than an hour of space for mistakes
    -Not every level should be under par time (I've never speedrun Composer (35min) and got 32 mins on Midnight)
    -If you do all missions co-op and 3hr speedrun doesn't unlock, run one mission solo Legendary and it should unlock. (Credits to LifeExpectancy)
    -http://wiki.haloruns.com it describes some helpful glitches and sort them by missions and difficulties
    -And the MOST IMPORTANT is ProAceJoker's tutorial video

    Good Luck!

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    Gladiator291Looking for a group to do this one just so we can do it fast message me on Xbox if you’re down
    Posted by Gladiator291 on 26 Apr 21 at 15:43
    S GTreally cool of him to do this tutorial
    Posted by S GT on 19 Jan at 19:33
    Juggernaut427Reloaded the game and jumped into a H4 mission and it popped!
    Posted by Juggernaut427 today at 05:07
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  • DanifittiDanifitti424,318
    28 Jun 2019 24 Jun 2019 28 Jun 2019
    14 0 0
    After seeing the video and the previous solution, I decided to give a heads up on what you must do, what tricks you can skip, what times should you aim on each level and so on, just like we have on the other 3 speedrun guides. The idea is to give tips so it is easier and safer than the video to do the speedrun, since for the achievement you can take a lot more time.
    Use this guide in addition with the previous solution, I will refer a lot to things shown in the video. More than a complete guide, this is more something like “Ok, I don’t want world record, just the achievement, what should I do differently to make it easier?”

    Dawn Suggested Time: 11:00
    This level is a good one to retry until you get lucky, because it is a short one. On the grenade part, try throwing five or six grenades, even if you lose three seconds in the end getting them from the pile next to you. Sometimes the elite can survive, but one or two pistol shots take care of it.
    On the end part, when you climb the debris to reach the console through the back, you MUST do a crouch jump, not a regular one. This is a jump where you jump, crouch in the air to gain some more height, and stand up again after reaching your target. Also, this part is quite dark and hard to see: it helped me A LOT to change brightness settings to max so I could see where I had to land.

    Requiem Suggested Time: 18:00
    On the beginning of the level, I got the plasma pistol and carabine by going through the left, in the covenant wrecks. Nak3d Eli has a video showing the path to them. I found it much safer to kill the sniper, the first Elite and the second Elite after getting out of the Warthog. I just killed the sniper while hiding, charged the pistol, killed the first and second elites while charging at them and moving. Much safer, and with practice you will survive half of the time, with just some seconds to add.
    After this part, I got the fuel rod from the grunts and used it to kill the next Elite, the one that comes from a distance. If you shoot it before it gets near, it won’t dodge. Then I either tried to use the fuel rod or plasma pistol. Especially the second Elite, before you climb the rocks, can be a dodgy one and easier to get with the plasma pistol + carabine combo.
    On the banshee part, forget about trapping the jackals and elite at the end: unless you are really fast, they probably will be already out. It is easier and safer just to get out of the banshee and run while looking back, so as to dodge the shots. They almost never killed me after I got out of the banshee, they sometimes didn’t even shoot because the banshee was in the way or the Elite was trying to throw a plasma.
    On the Cartographer part, I recommend to use the light bridges. As he says in the video, only 3 seconds more per bridge, and will prevent you from practicing this jump. Other than that, I also used plasma pistol + carabine here to kill Elites.
    At the last part, doing the despawn trick is a must! There is an easier alternative on Nak3d Eli’s video, but I thought it was more dangerous because it doesn’t despawn the final enemies. Feel free to try, though.
    However, using the Concussion Rifle or Rock jump aren’t as easy as ProAceJoker makes it seems. I combined both methods: I jumped in the ramp while running; then, I jumped in the higher part in the middle of the ramp, just to be safe; don’t be too close to the wall, however, or you will be throw to the right when you jump; after that, I jumped BEYOND the rock, not at the top. If you try to land at the top and fail, you will slide down. Jumping further makes you land in a planer area, and from there it is easier to reach the top of the rock without sliding. Last, I used the Concussion Rifle to jump and boost myself up from the rock to the platform. The crouch jump on this part can be harder than it seems, and using the Concussion Rifle avoided me having to practice it. Altogether, this change only costs around ten seconds more than the regular ramp + rock jump, and it can be done first try. Also, there might be an elite shooting you at this part, as long as you don’t lose too much time it shouldn’t kill you. If necessary, stay on the plane part of the rocks to recharge your shield, the Elite can’t kill you there.

    Forerunner Suggested Time 24:00
    This level can be quite hard, because you will need to practice a lot. The first skip trick requires quite some tricky jumps. It is possible to not use it and just run through the level, like in Nak3d Eli's video, but I found this to be harder.
    Having a little more brightness can also help in this level. Most jumps on the first part, where you are off the map, are actually crouch jumps, including some really difficult running crouch jumps, so you will need to practice.
    The best way I found to do the first jump: go the second part of the ramp. Be sure to be a little to the front, and a little to the left from the starting of this second part. but very little, just a small and quick touch on the stick. After that, if you look to where you are going, you will see two rock “steps”: one where you should land, one a little above. Aim to the middle of the second step, the one above where you are landing. It may seem like you will miss it, but you actually make it. This was the best spot I found to aim and to be, easier to use as reference as the one in the video.
    Also, the jump where he comments you have to jump pretty late, just after this part, you not only have to jump pretty late: you also need to be on the right part of the rock, and crouching helps A LOT. This jump can be annoying, because if you fail it you die. All other jumps should be easier.
    Next, when you have to destroy the three orbs for the first time, after destroying the first one, I found easier to get a little closer to the second one before throwing the grenade, and then using the light shield to protect me on the ramp. BE SURE TO HAVE DESTROYED IT: if you haven’t, reverse to last checkpoint or you will probably get a new one after destroying the third one. Also, I found easier and safer to aim the third grenade a little higher than ProAceJoker did.
    On the first fight with Prometheans and Covenants, if you look a little to the right from where ProAceJoker jumps across the gap in the video, there is a rock. Using it as a middle step, then running through the right of the Knight killing the Elite is perhaps not so safe, but easier than doing the jump longer jump, and safer than doing it all on the ground.
    On the Banshee part, getting killed can be just as problematic or even more than it was on the video. On some runs the banshees killed me over and over again. I recommend taking care of them, even if it takes some time, should not be so difficult.
    However, ProAceJoker is right and you shouldn’t have much trouble on the next parts, where he died a lot. I only died once doing the same path.

    Infinity suggested time: 33:00
    This mission is quite long, however it only has two difficult parts. Both despawn tricks shown in the video are really easy to pull off and necessary for a good time. Oh, again, high brightness helps with both of them.
    I did two things differently: first, after meeting the marines, I didn’t skip the first fight. In fact, I made sure the first marines survive, so they could help me make the other marines survive as well. I Spent a little more time, but I found it much easier than skipping and then helping the other marines on your own. Also, by killing the first knights, you get the auto sentry, which rocks in distracting enemies and saving your marines. Use it for sure.
    After activating Cortana, I got on one of the turrets and killed everything. Not so safe as ProAceJoker’s tactic, but safe enough if you have enough Marines and much easier to pull off.
    The second thing I did differently was in the final fight, with the Mantis. I didn’t try the despawn trick. I stayed behind, where it is safer, killing things and hiding. Staying in the front makes you a big target, I always died. This tactic made me lose perhaps three or more minutes, but dying once also makes you lose about the same time, so I found this solution better.
    This is one of the levels where there is a huge difference between going for the achievement, and going for the world record. It is ok to take a lot more time here.

    Reclaimer suggested time 28:00
    This level is much easier than it looks when you first see all the tricks he does in the video. Most important thing to notice, ALL JETPACKS TRICKS AND JUMPS CAN BE DONE IN AT LEAST TWO STEPS, EVEN THE BIG JUMP. So stop more times than he does and you should be fine.
    On the ship part, be sure to be on the top part of the rocks, otherwise is really hard to jump on the ship and not get splattered. It might me a little trickier to abandon the ship on time, on one of my runs I ended up staying on the ship and going down near the Mammoth. After that, I got a Warthog and just drove away with it.
    On the big jump, you can jump to the rock on your right, and from there to the final destination. It takes perhaps fifteen seconds more, but it is much easier and safer, and you should do it without dying after practicing two or three times. Also, you don’t need to do the wall-jetpack trick: there is also a really small place on your way up you can stop to rest. But it is really small, and almost when your jetpack fuel is out. If you pass it, you probably won’t be able to stop when you are going down due to momentum.
    Also, near the sniper alley, try to get a checkpoint. If you stay around, at a safe position, for about 15 seconds, you should get one. Better safe than sorry. Besides, the blind jump can be tricky. I spend a lot of time trying to find the exact route and the exact rock I had to stay before jumping. So give a really good look at the video and follow the exact same path. Finding this rock is harder than it seems, the invisible wall pushes you through a path where the rock becomes kind of “invisible”.
    Last, don’t bother to try the “hardest” trick on the game. If you miss, you might have start the mission over, and the time it can save is not worth it if you are only going for the achievement and not for world record.

    Shutdown suggested time 10:00
    A fast level, but a difficult one. Unfortunately, the impulse trick is almost a must. Fortunately, you can get to it pretty quickly and keep trying. ProAceJoker explained the trick really well in the video, so nothing to add here.
    I don’t know if there was an update or something, but again the banshees were much more aggressive and gave me a lot more trouble. They would lock on me and keep shooting, following me to wherever I went, even after I exited the banshee. However, once I faced them, they were easy to kill or at least scare away. I recommend taking this part slowly, perhaps killing the banshees and losing some time here, but being safe.

    Composer suggested time 28:00
    This level’s difficulty is more about skill than about tricks. I didn’t do the first off-map trick shown, but still managed to get a decent time.
    In the first part, after activating the console, I ran back and fought the enemies from a greater distance than in the video. I found it safer, even if I had to “hide” a little and lost some time with it. Getting the Concussion Rifle is a MUST. The first jump with the Concussion Rifle can take some time, however. Be sure to have a checkpoint before trying, otherwise you may lose too much ammo.
    Besides that, not too much to add on this level as well. Both airlock tricks are easy to pull off. On the Mantis part, be sure to play safe and try to be close to the door when killing the last enemies. Having to go there may kill you a lot, if the next wave spawn with you in another place.

    Midnight suggested time 28:00
    The off-map trick from the beginning not only saves time, but makes the level a lot safer. They are not hard to pull off, with exception from the last part. About that, I highly recommend looking for the other trick ProAceJoker mentions. If you don’t find a video, it is simple: after the loading zone between both pillars, you just follow the path the map makes. You will eventually turn right. Keep following the path until the loading message appears. At this point, just look back and you will see the zone you were in despawned. Just go to the border and the map will be open.
    I had some time to spare, so after the flying part I ended up fighting some enemies. I did a mix of fighting and running that worked great for me. But that was only until I reached the elevator. Then I followed the video strategy.
    In the towers, when you have to do the jump, sometimes you might be unlucky and a knight might keep shooting you. Killing it is necessary, otherwise you will die as soon as you do the jump, because you will lose your shields.
  • ItsTimmahItsTimmah448,408
    30 Jun 2021 30 Jun 2021 01 Jul 2021
    14 2 3
    I was able to get this achievement by starting every level of Halo 4 (Legendary) on the last rally point.
    When you start at a later rally point you cannot turn on any of the scoring/time options, but you can track your best times at https://www.halowaypoint.com. To view your best times create an account and from the home page go to Games->Halo: The Master Chief Collection->Service Record.

    I was able to get my best times down to around 2.5 hours with little effort using this method, but the achievement didn't unlock immediately. I tried replaying a full Halo 4 mission on Legendary the same day, but it still didn't unlock.
    A day later I played a bit on PC (still didn't unlock), but when I got on Xbox it unlocked immediately after syncing my cloud data.

    I'm curious if this might work for Halo 3 as well? Plan on testing this soon.
    Update: Works on Halo 3 as well.
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    Kyto AzevedoFantastic solution. This also works for Halo: Reach and presumably for Halo 3: ODST, although I can't personally confirm it because I already had the legendary in under 3 hours achievement for ODST.
    Posted by Kyto Azevedo on 01 Jul 21 at 23:26
    K1LL3R BEEZSmashed through Halo 4 with a friend in co-op, Had to close the whole game and relaunch it to get the achievement to pop but this works perfectly toast
    Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ on 09 Aug 21 at 06:58
    Lukascs92Meu tempo não registra nesse esquema
    Posted by Lukascs92 on 05 Nov 21 at 00:57
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