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Invaders Repelled achievement in Halo MCC

Invaders Repelled

Halo 2A MP: In King of the Hill, kill 5 opponents within your controlled hill.

Invaders Repelled0
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How to unlock the Invaders Repelled achievement

  • Hockey EdHockey Ed
    15 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
    The achievement description is a bit deceiving. It should read, "while standing within your controlled hill, defend by killing 5 opponents before they enter your hill, in one game. Kills in contested hills do not count." Or something similar...

    This can be done in a custom game with a friend over Xbox Live or with a second controller with the following settings:

    Go to Multiplayer. Select the following:

    1. Custom Games
    2. Halo 2 Custom Game3
    3. Halo 2: Anniversary Custom Game
    4. Choose Map: Warlord (small map)
    5. Choose Gametype: King of the Hill, then
    6. King (capture point does not move)
    7. Options
    a. General Settings:
    (1) Respawn Settings:
    (I) Respawn time = Instant (to speed up respawn)
    b. Time Limit = 18 minutes
    c. Score to Win = 5000 (or less, depending on how many people are working on this achievement)

    Accept the options and start the game. The ring will be located in the middle of the map on the second level of the tower by the ability spawn.

    The player going for the achievement then goes and sits in the ring so that he/she is controlling it. The second player then runs to the ledge looking into the ring BUT DOES NOT ENTER IT! The kills most be against players while it is controlled. Entering the ring changes it to contested, and the kill will not register.

    Note: This only worked when there was a time limit and a score limit. Also, THIS MUST BE DONE IN ONE GAME! I confirmed this solution using my secondary account (see Hockyeddie on Xbox Live).

    Please add comments if you find a better map or better King of the Hill sub-type, and I will edit my solution.
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    ManuFlopsJust wanted to comment and say that this method did unlock for me with a guest account. Be sure that you're reading the solution correctly, having the player you are unlocking the achievement for scoring inside the hill and killing opponents from within the hill and that those opponents are outside the hill. I just made the player I was unlocking it for stand at the edge of the hill and kept walking the guest account to the hill, just outside where the player I was unlocking for could easily kill them. The achievement popped on the fifth kill, didn't need to wait til the end of the match or anything like that.
    Posted by ManuFlops on 13 Jul 17 at 04:55
    jeffcall23work for me on the first attempt !! nice
    Posted by jeffcall23 on 17 Apr 18 at 19:57
    Cobb AUSManaged to get this with my friend even with unlimited score and time.
    Posted by Cobb AUS on 24 Apr 18 at 05:44
    UndreamedTerrorfollowed the two controller method, worked perfectly, achievement unlocked straight after 5th kill
    Posted by UndreamedTerror on 26 Aug 19 at 05:20
    SanjifranDid it today with two controllers and a guest account. Went with 60 minutes and 5000 points, but I didn't have to complete the game. It didn't track but unlocked after the fifth kill, confirmed the enemy has to be outside the hill so you get the Hill Defense medals.
    Posted by Sanjifran on 18 Dec 19 at 17:45
    HARMZOOODoes this have to be a killing spree?
    Posted by HARMZOOO on 10 May 20 at 16:14
    STRAXUSSIf anyone would like to boost for these achievements on Steam hmu
    Straxuss on Strasm
    Posted by STRAXUSS on 06 Feb 21 at 22:36
    ToMiSIavJust got 5 Hill Defense medals in a chaotic matchmade game yet no unlock.
    Posted by ToMiSIav on 31 Dec 21 at 07:14
    I Aint A ShoOk1This ones not unlocking for me, tried 5 kills withplaer outside hill and 5 inside hill an still no pop, done multi times multi ways an noluck..
    Posted by I Aint A ShoOk1 on 04 Feb 22 at 07:27
    Pure Pip RaptorI did this with a second controller signed in as guest and got the achievement. I used the map Lockdown.
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 09 Apr 22 at 01:17
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