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Shook the Hornet's Nest achievement in Halo MCC

Shook the Hornet's Nest

Halo 2A MP: Get 30 kills with the Hornet in multiplayer.

Shook the Hornet's Nest0
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How to unlock the Shook the Hornet's Nest achievement

  • Noodles JrNoodles Jr
    12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
    This achievement can be gotten in forge (as well as all the other MP achievements that don't say they need to be in a matchmade game). Simply load up a second controller, remove all the respawn points from the map by pressing cn_B while holding one and clicking 'Delete all of these'. Then place a hornet and one respawn point. Have the second controller kill themselves and respawn at the respawn point. Simply get into the hornet on your main account and kill them repeatedly as they spawn. It'll pop after 30 kills. :)

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    John AceyI'm pressing B while holding it but.. it doesn't give option to delete all of these..
    if I hold B it then just drops it..
    Not too well descriped solution, tbh...
    edit: figured it out...
    Posted by John Acey on 08 Nov 17 at 23:01
    unbrokensoulThis achievement still wont unlock for me.
    Posted by unbrokensoul on 09 Jul 20 at 01:34
    iDuLMethod works 12/13/2021 on Xbox One X
    Posted by iDuL on 13 Dec 21 at 11:22
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  • OhOneOneOhOhOneOneOh
    12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
    Despite to it stating 'Multiplayer' this can be obtained via a Custom Match.

    2 Controller Method

    From the main menu select the following; Multiplay > Custom Game > Halo 2 > Classic or Anniversary > Bloodline [Map]. Now simply connect your 2nd controller and log them in as a guest and once done, load up the game.

    As the main player getting the achievement, simply jump into the Hornet and hover in the middle of the map. Now look at where the 2nd player spawns and from your location you should be able to kill them without having to move.
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    SpirantCrayon22I found no hornet; needs to be enabled in game options, otherwise this is fine.
    Posted by SpirantCrayon22 on 26 Apr 23 at 23:11
  • KungFuMonk3yKungFuMonk3y
    13 Feb 2021 13 Feb 2021 13 Feb 2021
    Ok, the other guides are great but I found this to be MUCH easier. So like the other guides go into Halo 2A forge, but load up the NEBULA map. There is only one spawn in it so you don't have to do any editing other than spawn in a hornet by hitting up on the D pad and then hit X to place an object, select vehicles, hornet. Be sure that you drag the hornet to the very edge of this tiny map, so that you do not cover the spawn point. If you do cover it (like I did at first) just hit up on the D pad to switch into editor mode and you can then move it again and correct the problem.
    Like the other guides state, hop in the hornet kill the other player, then line up on them at the spawn point and hold the trigger in until you see the achievement pop. SUPER easy.
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    meatman75This was super easy, cheers!
    Posted by meatman75 on 15 May 22 at 00:22
    EarthboundXYep, this works perfectly.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 31 Oct 23 at 02:23
    KungFuMonk3yCool glad it's useful!
    Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 31 Oct 23 at 02:49
  • Serch sanSerch san
    04 Jun 2021 04 Jun 2021 04 Jun 2021
    This achievement is unlockable in custom games, including forge. This can be done with a friend over xbox live or with a second controller in local multiplayer using a guest account.

    Fastest way to unlock the achievement:
    -Go to forge.
    -Halo 2 Anniversary.
    -Map: Awash.
    -Game type: Forge.
    -Set respawn time to instant.

    You will both spawn on top of a platform with both spawn points and one respawn point. Simply spawn a hornet, get in it and get the 30 kills. Achievement should unlock in-game.
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