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Top Gungoose

Halo 2A MP: Get a kill with the Gungoose while airborne.

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Achievement Guide for Top Gungoose

  • EX slay3rEX slay3r231,193
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014
    144 10 11
    Easiest way to do this in no time is:
    - Go to Forge on Bloodline
    - Modify the Gametype to have 10% Damage Resistance, Shield Multiplier to No Shields and 500% Weapon Damage Modifier.
    - Start the game with 2 players (can be done on splitscreen)
    - Have the secondary player to grab the Gungoose in Forge Monitor mode and board it with the main player in Player Mode (use cn_up to switch modes)
    - Have the secondary player to lift it up and rotate it until the Gungoose is facing directly at the Forge Monitor and the main players crosshair turns red.
    - Finally hold Fire cn_RT with the main player then simply have the secondary player to switch into the Player Mode as well cn_up and you will kill him midair with the Gungoose and pop up the Achievement.

    I hope this helps!
  • Yung GrizzoYung Grizzo262,815
    14 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014
    59 2 3
    Set the map to bloodline. Game mode to slayer. Go to options and traits, then player traits, then set damage resistance to 10% and shield multiplier to no shields.

    Here is a video showing it
  • Fringe of FateFringe of Fate1,046,070
    11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
    24 2 6
    Set the map to bloodline. Game mode to slayer. Go to options and traits, then player traits, then set damage resistance to 10% and shield multiplier to no shields. Take the gungoose up on top of red base. Have one player stand right in front of the man cannon on the left with the player going for the achievement on the gungoose behind him. Have the standing player facing the driver and when he pulls forward the player moves back onto the man cannon. The driver pulls forward and holds down the trigger to kill the player while both are in the air.
  • blurzieblurzblurzieblurz401,500
    29 Dec 2014 29 Dec 2014
    14 0 1
    I found this was even easier using Forge and just a Gungoose/Gravity Lift combo.

    2 Players/Controllers Required

    That way it doesn't matter what map you're on as long as you're on a H2A map (this also includes the H2A forge-only maps Skyward, Nebula, and Awash). I do however recommend the forge-only maps as they have only 3 spawns eliminating running around to find each other.

    What I did was set my map to Awash (as I said above, any anniversary map applies), set it to basic Forge. In options under "Player Traits" I set player Damage Resistance to 10% and Shields to None, just to make things easier.

    IN GAME:
    Start your map. You should spawn already in forge mode (a floating Guilty Spark monitor), if not go into forge mode using cn_up on the D-pad. Hit cn_X to open the forge menu and you'll need a Gravity Lift (located under "Gadgets" > "Cannons, Men" > "Gravity Lift). Place your gravity lift anywhere and then spawn a Gungoose (located under "Vehicles" > "Mongooses" > "Gungoose"). Hit cn_up again to revert to player mode and drive your gungoose into the gravity lift. The last bit is to have your friend or second controller just walk in front of you and shoot them while bouncing in the lift.

    *Achievement Unlocked*
  • Lewd Llama 69Lewd Llama 69672,284
    20 Nov 2014 25 Nov 2014 25 Nov 2014
    10 0 0
    Another way to do this is by setting up a game that has a Hornet on it. (UNSC hover plane) You can set map to Bloodlines, no shields, resistance 10% and weapon damage to 500%. Then have a player jump in the Hornet and hover right over the man cannon. (Don't try using a Banshee as it doesn't hover). Then just have the player that's riding the gungoose start shooting right before hitting the ramp. If the hornet it positioned right, that player will be shot out of it.

    -Map Bloodlines
    -Hornet as flying vehicle
    -No shields
    -Damage resistance 10%
    -Weapon Damage 500%
  • Rampant NeoRampant Neo160,640
    02 Jan 2015 02 Jan 2015
    6 0 1
    1. Set up a SWAT custom game on Stonetown with a guest, signed-in extra controller, or Xbox Live friend.
    2. One player get into a gungoose. Have another player stand on the opposite side of the wheel the player will be driving through (next to the gate-base).
    3. Player who's driving through should start shooting the enemy half a second before leaving the ground. SWAT has "bullet resistance" so it'll help you kill the person before you hit the ground.
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