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Halo 2A MP: On Shrine in CTF, activate the enemy base waterfall and, before it stops, grab the flag.

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Achievement Guide for Wetwork

  • hunterIVhunterIV369,191
    11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 29 Feb 2016
    174 3 24
    Load up a custom game of multi-flag CTF on Shrine with either a second controller or a second person. Go to the enemy base. At the front entrance of either base is an orange light on the ceiling. Shoot it and a waterfall will activate. It runs for a bit of time, so you have plenty of time to then grab the enemy flag.

    EDIT: It seems like neutral flag CTF no longer works to unlock this achievement.

    EDIT2: Looks like it works with neutral flag CTF again.
  • LilYuriDeviLLilYuriDeviL100,289
    12 Mar 2015 12 Mar 2015 07 Jan 2019
    25 5 0
    Just the same has what TheFourthHunter above said if you have more then one controller. Also I did this on my Xboxlive account and with another account but am pretty sure you can get the achievement on one account signed in has a guest. And you can get this in custom match with one of your friends has well of course. And through online means has well but this method is the easiest and quicker in my opinion.

    Select custom games Halo 2 then select Halo Anniversary then select the map Shrine. Then go over and select Multi-flag start the game up. Make sure everyone is on opposite teams of course. Go over to the Red base if your on the Blue team and vice versus. Then look up shoot the redish orange light run in and grab the flag and come out through the waterfall and the achievement should pop up. You can unlock this achievement in matchmaking of course..

    *NOTE for some reason the achievement didn't pop up on the video but I did unlock it tho.

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