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Shop-a-holic in Pier Solar and the Great Architects

Shop-a-holic221 (30)

Bought all items available on shops.

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Achievement Guide for Shop-a-holic

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Achievement won on 21 Feb 16
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Posted on 18 December 15 at 17:58, Edited on 27 December 15 at 18:10
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As of the latest update, this achievement is now obtainable.

This achievement is pretty easy so long as you visit every shop in the game and buy everything new the moment you visit it. You only need to buy each item in the game from the shop once. So if a shop in town A sells a herb, you do not need to buy a herb again from the shop in town's B and C.

You must buy all items in one playthrough. Missing some in one and buying just those items in the next will not unlock the achievement.

The guide I followed was Tim333's walkthrough (found on GameFAQs), coupled with a checklist compiled by Za Pantsupati (listed below).

There are *a lot* of missable, single visit only locations however (around half the game is single visit only!), which the game gives zero warning about. One town in particular that you simply *must* be aware of when trying to do this achievement, and the town which is most likely to screw you over is Verahansha.

At some point during your visit in Verahansha you will be tasked to fix a train. DO NOT do this until you have bought everything from the shops across the rest of the Verahansha districts, as you will not be able to return to them once you ride that train. Due to the price of the items here (you need a total of around 70,000 Gold), the size of the town and the sheer number of shops available, it gives the impression that it is a 'main town' that you can revisit and explore as you wish. I thought I could just come back later to these districts when I had more money, only to find that I couldn't return once I rode the train. Even though you stick around in other districts of the same town for a long whilst afterwards.

I have made a note where I feel it is necessary for you to know that you cannot return, to help.

The following is extracted from Za Pantsupati's post (with his permission):

This checklist will list everything you can collect when you first visit a town. See the end of the guide for a section on backtracking to other areas to receive treasure with spells you learn later in the game. Following this and Tim's guide, you will earn every achievement in the game, except for only fighting the mandatory fights.

Note about Tim Variations: these listings are things that are different or missing from Tim's guide, due to the game being updated since he wrote it.

Note about Treasures: Tim's guide sometimes listed treasures that you could not access when you first arrived, or he did not have them in his overview but mentioned them in the actual text. I have tried to remove or add these as I played, but may have missed some. Please let me know if you see any errors.

Note about shops: the items listed may be missing what is actually available at the shop. This is for two reasons. One, you only need to purchase something once; Two, it will be listed at its cheapest price, which may not be the first time you see it. You can always purchase it the first time you see it, but just be aware of where you mark it off on the checklist.

Note on Achievement Unlocked/Achievement Progress: make sure you refer to those achievements in the guide, as not everything is automatically done. I have simply put benchmarks in for where you unlock things. You may need to take actions outside of collecting what I've listed and progressing the story. The very first one "Acolyte" is an example of this.

*Make sure you purchase everything before leaving the area. Some of these places can not be returned to.*


Shop: Iron Sword: 144 Gold, Iron Bow: 100 Gold, Solder Iron: 100 Gold, Iron Armor: 100 Gold, Iron Mail: 100 Gold, Feather: 64 Gold, Herb: 32 Gold, CaffeinePill: 66 Gold (TOTAL: 706G)

Treasures: Dagger, Bow, Gold Bar, Caffeine Pill, Berries, Herb

*Achievement Unlocked: Acolyte*


Treasure: HemishaBerry

Side-Quest: Watermelon Growing (Reward: WM Cart)

Tim Variation! - The above side-quest was not available in the game's original build.

*Achievement Progress: Genesis 1/6*


Treasures: Iron Armor

Side-Quest: Last Bounty

*Achievement Unlocked: Last Bounty*


Treasures: Gold Bar, Potion

Side-Quest: Bunny Catching (Reward: MD Cart 2)

*Achievement Unlocked: Who framed Roger Rabbit?*
*Achievement Progress: Genesis 2/6*


Treasures: Iron Sword, Feather, Caffeine Pill, Vaccine, Gold Coins


Treasures: Berries x2, Herb x2, Magic Gum, Metal Coins, Green Chili, Potion

*Achievement Unlocked: Guardian*


Treasure: Gold coins, Iron Mail

Tim Variation! - The Iron Mail is not listed in his guide.


Treasure: Gold coins, Gold Bar


Shop: Dhanus: 225 Gold, Chisel: 225 Gold, Dynamite: 144 Gold, Fig: 4 Gold, Kandura: 225 Gold, Abaya: 196 Gold, Antidote: 80 Gold (TOTAL: 1099G)

Treasure: Berries, Gold Coins, Dynamite, Antidote


Side-Quest: Arburus (Part 1) - Speak with an NPC to receive a letter and begin the quest.

*Achievement Progress: One ring to rule (1/5)*


Treasures: Metal Coins x2, Potion, PepperPowder, Chisel, Herb, Dynamite, Antidote x2, Gold Coins x2, Fire Gem, Mameluke


Treasures: Herb, Aloe Wera, PepperPowder, Berries


Treasures: Mana Potion, Antidote, Potion, Dynamite, Bomb


Treasure: VMU Mini-Game

Tim Variation! - He mentions the dark area that the chest above is in, but it was not actually in the original build.


Treasures: Herb, Dragon Tooth, Metal Coins, Gold Key, Potion, Gold Block, Big Key, Mana Potion, Compass, Bomb

Tim Variation! - For the final treasure, you need to backtrack to the area in his guide where he says "ignore the eastern fork" after beating the boss - there will now be a platform there that will take you to the Bomb.

*Achievement Unlocked: Sanctuary*


Treasures: Berries, Antidote


Shop: Berries: 169 Gold, PepperPowder: 169 Gold, Bronze Sword: 529 Gold, Speargun: 441 Gold, Spanner: 484 Gold, Bronze Armor: 441 Gold, Bronze Mail: 400 Gold (TOTAL 2633G)

Treasures: Gold Bar, Speargun


Treasures: Green Chili, Gold Bar, Salad, Potion, Apple, Herb x2, HemishaBerry, Antidote, Turtle Vest, Key

Tim Variation! - The final treasure is located in an alcove on the left side of the stairs above the Turtle Vest. Go into a hidden area to get the Key.


Treasures: Gold Coins, Green Chili


Shop: Monk Mantle: 900 Gold, Holy Sword: 841 Gold, Cupid's Bow: 841 Gold, Lighter: 961 Gold, Apple: 520 Gold, Grapes: 853 Gold, Salad: 333 Gold, Red Chili: 900 Gold, Milk: 100 Gold, Fish: 576 Gold, HemishaBerry: 187 Gold (TOTAL 7012G)

Treasures: Antidote, Green Chili, Herb, Lighter, Ice Gem, Monk Mantle, HemishaBerry

*Achievement Unlocked: Music to my ears*


Treasures: Green Chili, Linnaei, Mana Potion+, Antidote, PepperPowder, Ice Gem, Grapes, Gold Block

*Achievement Progress: It's a kind of magic 1/10*


Treasures (before Zohonka): Gold Bar, Mana Potion, Towel, Billhook, Green Chili x2, Berzerk Coat, Gold Coins

Tim Variation! - The second Green Chili treasure is located down a slide directly after finding the Towel.


Shop: Estoc: 2704 Gold, Rock Adze: 2304 Gold, Flanged Mace: 2304 Gold, Jogo do Pau: 2209 Gold, Scale Mail: 2209 Gold, Towel: 484 Gold, Magic Gum: 100 Gold, Dragon Tooth: 400 Gold (TOTAL 12714G)

Treasures: Aloe Wera, Gold Bar


Treasures (after Zohonka): Mangrove Bow, Gold Block, PepperPowder


Treasures: CaffeinePill, Aloe Wera, Mangrove Rod, Turtle Vest, Dynamite, Berries, Herb

Sidequest: Face Counting (Reward: Master Key)

Tim Variation! - For the sidequest above, it is in his guide, but the answer has changed from 7 to 8.

*Achievement Progress: Where did I put it? 1/8*


Treasures: Gold Bar, Apple, Herb, and a Yew Bow, Potion, Mana Potion, Pepper Powder, Sphere, Green Chili , Leather Book

Tim Variation! - This entire area was not present in the original build, and before you did not have to do a dungeon to progress the story.

*Achievement Unlocked: Secret*

Tim Variation! - After completing this dungeon, return to the left side of the Inn to enter Alina's dream. The answer is "ROT Thirteen" in case you can't figure it out.

*Achievement Unlocked: It isn't a dream?*


Treasures: Macana, HemishaBerry, Potion, Crossbow, Ban Hammer

MEHO ROCKS 2 (Part 1)

Treasure: PS Cartridge

*Achievement Progress: Genesis 3/6*


Shop: Thyrfing: 1024 Gold,, Yew Bow: 900 Gold, Mjolner: 841 Gold, Gridarvol: 841 Gold, Berserk Coat: 1024 Gold, Power Glove: 2601 Gold (TOTAL 7231G)

Treasures: Metal Coins, Gold Block, Salad

WARNING - From here on out, until you obtain the backtracking device through story progression, each area is one-time only, where after story progression you simply will not be able to return, even with the backtracking device. Buy everything listed here from the shops as and when you reach them, or otherwise you'll need another playthrough!!

MEHO ROCKS 2 (Part 2)

Treasures: Mana Potion x2, Potion, Green Chili x2, Electrode

Shop: Potion: 144 Gold, Mana Potion: 312 Gold. Earth Gem: 264 Gold, Ban Hammer: 760 Gold, Seax: 480 Gold (TOTAL 1960G)


Treasure: Gold Block


Treasure: Green Chili, Herb, Saw, Gold Bar, Pine Rod, Berries


Treasure: Potion

Tim Variation! - To progress the story here, you'll need to leave and find a beaver next to the treasure chest that had the Saw in it. This step was not present in the original build.


Shop: Dao: 2500 Gold, CompositeBow: 2304 Gold, Saw: 2401 Gold, Cross Peener: 2601 Gold, Pine Rod: 2704 Gold, LumberJacket: 2916 Gold (TOTAL 15426G)

Treasures: LumberJacket, Alfedone


Treasure (before Cave of Evil): Potion


Treasures: Dao, Gold Bar, Mana Potion, Potion+, PepperPowder, De Magnete, Bomb, Aloe Wera

*Achievement Progress: It's a kind of magic 2/10*


Treasures (after Cave of Evil): Red Chili, Master Key

*Achievement Progress: Where did I put it? 2/8*


Treasures: HemishaBerry, Aloe Wera

WARNING - Obtain the items from the areas listed above without progressing the story until you do, as you will not be able to return!


Treasures: Stone, Herb, Mana Potion x2, Power Glove, Antidote, Potion, PepperPowder


Treasures: Electrode, Potion+, Mana Potion, Potion, Key, Bolt Cutter, Bomb, Fire Gem, Green Chili, Salad

WARNING - Obtain the following items from these areas ASAP without progressing the story until you do, as you will not be able to return!


Shop: Thief Suit: 2704 Gold, ExWife Dress: 2500 Gold, Steal Sword: 2601 Gold, Compound Bow: 2401 Gold, Bolt Cutter: 2500 Gold, Club: 2809 Gold, Sjambok: 2704 Gold, Bomb: 625 Gold

Treasures: Stone x4, Fire Gem, HemishaBerry, ExWife Dress, Armlet, Potion+, Gold Block, Bandit Key, Bomb x2, Mana Potion+, Sphere


Treasures: Aloe Wera, Meteoro Log, Mana Potion, Potion, Bomb x2, Slade's Guide

Side Quest: Ryan the Lion (Reward: Master Key)

*Achievement Unlocked: You're gonna hear me roar*
*Achievement Progress: Where did I put it? 3/8*
*Achievement Progress: It's a kind of magic 3/10, 4/10*

WARNING - Buy the following items from these stores ASAP without progressing the story until you do, as you will not be able to return!


Shop: Green Chili: 480 Gold, Fishing Bow: 3600 Gold, Hook: 3721 Gold, Chain Whip: 3249 Gold, Potion+: 1410 Gold (Maze Vendor), Aloe Wera: 240 Gold (Maze Vendor), Swordstick: 2320 Gold (Maze Vendor), Gambeson: 2320 Gold (Maze Vendor) (TOTAL: 17340G)

Treasures: Gambeson, Sphere x2, Swordstick, Green Chili, Napalm, Sharingan, Red Chili, Dynamite, Bomb, Ludon Key, WaterMelon, Electrode


Treasures: Aloe Wera, Gold Block, Hook, Sphere, Master Key

*Achievement Progress: Where did I put it? 4/8*


Treasures: Herb, Electrode, Berries, Ice Gem, Potion+, Mana Potion

*Achievement Unlocked: Blind Guardian*

WARNING - Obtain the following items from these areas ASAP without progressing the story until you do, as you will not be able to return!


Shop: Wok Pan: 900 Gold, Le Viandier: 2500 Gold (TOTAL: 3400G)

Treasures: Fish, Gold Coins, Fig, Hawk Eye, Green Chili

*Achievement Progress: It's a kind of magic 5/10*


Treasures: HamishaBerry, Gordian Rope, CaffeinePill, Blouse, Electrode, Silver Mail

Shop: Alfedone: 480 Gold, Lithium: 700 Gold, True Love: 1024 Gold, Risperidone: 1203 Gold, Electrode: 2083 Gold, Vaccine: 333 Gold, VitaminePump: 750 Gold, 68k Manual: 400 gold (Librarian), Toxios: 2500 (Librarian), Slade's Guide: 2500 gold (Librarian), Small Weight: 529 Gold, Wind Gem: 216 Gold, Fire Gem: 322 Gold, Ice Gem: 352 Gold, Gooseberries: 841 Gold, Dress: 1014 Gold, Blouse: 1093 Gold, Chino Pants: 937 Gold (TOTAL: 17277G)

(If the Librarian is offering for you to read the books available, simply exit the building and re-enter, and she will show her wares.)

*Achievement Progress: It's a kind of magic 6/10*


Treasure: Rainbow Gem


Shop: Pommac: 6453 Gold, Panache: 6453 Gold, WaterMelon: 1687 Gold, Liberarctica: 3750 Gold, Silver Mail: 3844 Gold, Silver Armor: 4096 Gold, Power Sword: 3969 Gold, Archer's Bow: 4356 Gold, Drill: 4356 Gold, Old Man Cane: 4356 Gold, Gordian Rope: 3969 Gold, Rain Knife: 841 Gold, Mana Potion+: 3901 Gold (TOTAL: 52031G)

Side-Quest: Arburus (Part 2) - Speak with someone in the tavern to find that Lena is not here.

Treasure: Chino Pants, Wok Pan, Red Chili, Wind Gem, True Love, Risperidone, Antidote, Stone

*Achievement Progress: One ring to rule (2/5)*
*Achievement Progress: It's a kind of magic 7/10*

WARNING - Do not ride the train until you have bought and picked up everything in Verahansha thus far, as you will not be able to return to these districts later!

Treasures: Bronze Armor, Mana Potion+, Red Chili, Antidote, Electrode

*Achievement Unlocked: Trish Trash Polka*


Treasures: Metal Coins, PepperPowder, Stone, Bomb, Green Chili


Treasures: Armlet, Herb, Fig, Potion, Rainbow Gem, Napalm x2, Cola, Green Chili, Noble Wand

Shop: Elven Bow: 4489 Gold, Army Knife: 5041 Gold, Noble Wand: 5329 Gold, Flame Whip: 5625 Gold, Napalm: 1600 Gold, Dyneema Suit: 5041 Gold (TOTAL: 27125G)


Treasures: VitaminePump, Mana Potion, Flee Flute, Potion, Master Key

*Achievement Progress: Where did I put it? 5/8*


Treasures: Capricciosa, Fish, Speargun, Gold Coins


Treasure: Green Chili

Shop: Cola: 1849 Gold, Capriciosa: 1600 Gold (TOTAL: 3449G)

*Achievement Unlocked: Tarantella*


Treasures: Electrode, Potion, Jarnhandskar, Alfedone, Golden Sword, Mana Potion


Treasures: Pyro Pages (on bookshelf), Sphere

*Achievement Progress: It’s a kind of magic 8/10*


Treasures: Potion, Gold Block


Treasures: Towel, Apple, CaffeinePill, Tjocksulad, Mana Potion+, Berries x2, Lithium, Aloe Wera


Treasures: Mana Potion, Aloe Wera


Treasure: Rainbow Gem

*Achievement Unlocked: Sorting hat*


Treasure: Yoga Sutra (on a bookshelf), Brisingamen

*Achievement Progress: It’s some kind of magic 9/10*


Treasure: Napalm

*Achievement Unlocked: Boris the spider*


Treasures: Ice Gem, Dynamite, Red Chili

WARNING - Make sure you obtain everything in the last few areas, as you will be unable to return to Verahansha later!


Treasures: Fire Gem x2, Berries, Red Chili, Napalm, Aloe Wera x2, Mana Potion, Potion, Rainbow Gem


Treasures: Potion+, Mana Potion+, Moon Stone

*Achievement Unlocked: Heart of Steel*


Treasures: Fire Gem, Aloe Wera


Treasures: Grind Amulet, Green Chili, Antidote, Potion+

Tim Variation! - He mentions an area in the eastern wall next to the Green Chili is empty. This is the location of the new dimension, which was not present in the original build, and will unlock the achievement below.

*Achievement Unlocked: Paralell dimension*


Treasures: Potion, Gold Block, Gold Coins, Key, PepperPowder, Mana Potion x2, Electrode x2, ArcitectHand, DiamondArmor, Mana Potion+, MD Cart, MetalDetectr

*Achievement Progress: Genesis 4/6*

Using the Meteomobile, we will now revisit older areas. I kind of forgot how to get to some of these, so read back through Tim's walkthrough if you can't seem to find an area.


Collectible: Speak with the doctor outside your house for the Nurse Notes.

*Achievement Unlocked: It's a kind of magic*


Treasure: Sphere


Treasure: Master Key

*Achievement Progress: Where did I put it? 6/8*


Side-Quest: Arburus (Part 3) - Speak with an NPC to receive the Arburus Ring.

*Achievement Progress: One ring*


Collectible: Speak with the Sultan for the final two Master Keys.

Treasures: Elsydeon, Valkerye, Mithril Rod, GuardianArmr, Prism Dress, CrystalArmor, Pixie's Whip, SpikedJacket

*Achievement Unlocked: Where did I put it?*


Treasures: WaterMelon, Sphere x2


Treasures: Genesis Cart, Red Chili, Electrode

*Achievement Progress: Genesis 5/6*


Treasure: WaterMelon


Treasure: WaterMelon


Treasures: Red Chili, Liberarctica, Potion+, Andvaranut, Mana Potion,

Side-Quest: Arburus (Part 4)

*Achievement Progress: One ring to rule*


Treasures: WaterMelon, Sharingan, Megarmlet, Brain Pump, ArekollBeard, Light Armour, Fire Anchor, Muscle Pump, Napalm, Jewel Crown

Side-Quest: Arburus (Part 5)

*Achievement Unlocked: One ring to rule*
*Achievement Unlocked: I Want it all*

Back to the story line...


Shop: Stick: 1 Gold, Stone: 4 Gold, Paper Mail: 4 Gold (TOTAL: 9G)

Treasures: Lithium, WaterMelon, Napalm, Fight Flute

*Achievement Unlocked: Indiana Hoston*
Note: The achievement above unlocked when I got the WaterMelon from the NPC who asks if you like WaterMelons. Obviously there are more chests to unlock in this town and the next few areas. Not sure if this was a glitch or it always unlocks here.


Treasure: Cliboe Hair, Risperidone

*Achievement Unlocked: Control*


Treasure: Potion+ x5


Shop: Solar Blade: 6400 Gold, Stellar Bow: 5476 Gold, ArcitectHand: 5929 Gold, Lunar Staff: 5776 Gold, Comet Whip: 6241 Gold, DiamondArmor: 6241 Gold, Diamond Mail: 5625 Gold, Muscle Pump: 1024 Gold, Brain Pump: 1024 Gold

Treasures: Herb, Potion+, Sonic Shoe, Berries, Red Chili, PepperPowder, Bethina Tear, Sphere, 32x Cart

*Achievement Unlocked: Genesis*
*Achievement Unlocked: Shop-a-holic*


Treasures: Sun Stone, Grind Amulet, Aloe Wera x2, Potion+ x2, Sphere x2, WaterMelon x3, Mana Potion+, Electrode x2, Green Chili, Rainbow Gem x3, Napalm x2, Red Chili x2, Muscle Pump, Brain Pump

*Achievement Unlocked: If you don't know me by now*
*Achievement Unlocked: It's the final countdown*
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