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Complete the tutorial.

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    From the main menu, select Tutorial. When you complete all the dialogue which goes over the basics of how to play this game, you will acquire this achievement. The tutorial will start you with a random character loadout, and you will unlock:

    TerrariaTerraria StudentThe Terraria Student achievement in Terraria worth 6 pointsBegin the tutorial.

    Press cn_B to continue through the dialogue that pops up. Use cn_LS to move around and cn_A to jump. Use cn_LB to select your sword and kill the monster that spawns. Stab it a few times with cn_RT and then proceed through the dialogue again.

    After this, use cn_RB and cn_LB to select your axe. Move over to some trees and cut them down with cn_RT to obtain some Wood. Use cn_Y to open your inventory, and then move the Crafting Menu using cn_LB or cn_RB to highlight the one icon with the Workbench and Anvil. Once selected, you can use cn_RT cn_LT to navigate through the options. Craft a workbench from the Wood you have and place it. Then make some torches and platforms from the Wood in the Crafting Menu.

    After this, use cn_RB and cn_LB to select your pickaxe. In the ground will be some red rocks that shine occasionally. This is copper ore and needs to be mined with [cn_RT} while pushing into with cn_RS or moving your cursor over it while in Cursor Mode. Dig it all out and go through more dialogue. Now use those platforms you created at intervals to get out of the hole you just dug. Place the platforms in your top row and select them like your axe or pickaxe. Place them using cn_RT above your head. They can be placed on background or off of existing platforms or blocks. They should create a ladder-like way for you to get up and out of the hole by jumping.

    Next is building a suitable house.

    Must be 10 blocks across and 6 high with a chair and table/workbench, chair, background walls and a suitable light source. That means you must make background walls, a chair, and door because you already have the workbench and torches.

    Place blocks 11 across (dirt counts, or you can use stone or wood as well) and 6 high to make a rectangle. Fill in the background with walls (again stone, dirt, or wood is most common). The background walls can extend beyond the blocks. Add your workbench and chair, a light source, and then remove a space on the vertical wall of 3 blocks to place your door. You can check and see if it is suitable under the Housing Menu (brought up with cn_Y and then cn_RB). This Menu has a House icon and is the one furthest to the right. This makes a suitable house for the Guide NPC to move into and finish the Terraria tutorial for your achievement.

    ***Credit to Exalted Entity for going through all the prompts listed here*** and cn_LB
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