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  • DaeryoonDaeryoon403,492
    05 Jan 2015 02 Jan 2015 14 Mar 2017
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    ***Current as of 03-14-17***
    NOTE: You must Summon each pet by placing the summoning item in your top row, highlighting it, and using cn_RT to summon the pet. The pet will show up and an icon will appear on the screen like a buff. -- thanks to kmagnum1x for pointing this out.

    SUMMON ITEM - PET - Where to Find Pet Summoning Item

    1. Vial of Blood - Bat - dropped from Vampire or Bat-type creatures, or found in Dungeon chests
    2. Cabbage - Guinea Pig - dropped by Dragon Snatchers or other Jungle Plant-type creatures, or found in chests in Jungle Biome
    3. Petri Dish - Slime - dropped by any slime, or found in various chests
    4. Beeswax - Tiphia - dropped by hornet-type creatures including Queen Bee, or found in Jungle chests.
    5. Wolf Fang - Werewolf - dropped by werewolves (only available during a full moon), or found in various chests
    6. Amber Mosquito - Baby Dinosaur - ONLY received as output from using Extractinator. The Extractinator takes slush or silt blocks and can ONLY be found in Underground chests
    7. Fish - Baby Penguin - ONLY found in Ice Chests in a Snow Biome
    8. Seaweed - Turtle - ONLY found in Ivy Chests in the Underground Jungle
    9. Tartar Sauce - Mini Minotaur - ONLY found in as item from using Iron Crates, which can be obtained through Fishing.
    10. Zephyr Fish - Flying Zephyr Fish - ONLY obtained from Fishing as a random item.

    DROPPED PETS (from bosses or creatures)
    11. Brain - Zombie - dropped by Zombies, but more commonly from the Groom (only spawns during Blood Moon and has a Top Hat on)
    12. Toy Sled - Baby Snowman - dropped by Ice Mimic in a Snow Biome
    13. Eater's Bone - Baby Eater of Souls - dropped by Eater of Worlds
    14. Nectar - Baby Hornet - dropped by Queen Bee.
    15. Lizard Egg - Lizard - dropped from Lihzahrds or Flying Snakes found in the Jungle Temple (available after killing Plantera)
    16. Seedling - Seedling - dropped by Plantera
    17. Eye Spring - Eyeball Spring - dropped by Eyezor, which only spawns during a Solar Eclipse.
    18. Bone Key - Baby Skeletron Head - Dropped by the Dungeon Guardian. This must be obtained in a world before defeating Skeletron as the Dungeon Guardans will no longer spawn when you break the curse.

    19. Cursed Sapling - Cursed Sapling - Rare drop from Mourning Wood. Mourning Wood spawns in Wave 5 and after during a Pumpkin Moon Event.
    20. Spider - Spider Egg - Rare drop from Pumpking. Pumpking spawns during the Pumpkin Moon Event. The Pumpkin Moon can be spawned any night with a Pumpkin Moon Medallion. The Medallion is made from 30 pumpkins, 5 Ectoplasm, and 10 Hallowed Bars. The later the wave that you kill the Pumpking the higher chance it has to drop the Spider Egg.
    21. Baby Grinch Mischief's Whistle - Baby Grinch - Dropped by Ice Queen after Round 15 in Frost Moon Event. The Frost Moon can be summoned by using a Naughty Present during any night.

    22. Tiki Totem - Tiki Spirit - Sold by Witch Doctor for 2 platinum coins when his house is in a Jungle Biome
    23. Strange Glowing Mushroom - Baby Truffle - Sold by Truffle for 45 gold. You must create a Mushroom Biome above ground to get him to move in and sell items.
    24. Parrot Cracker - Parrot - Sold by Pirate for 2 platinum coins when his house is in an Ocean Biome.

    There are now 24 pets in total for the achievement on the XB1 version

    NOT REQUIRED PETS for Achievement
    Unlucky Yarn - Black Cat - dropped during Halloween event
    Magical Pumpkin Seed - Squashling - obtained from digging up pumpkins during Halloween Event in October. Pumpkins are obtained by plating Pumpkin Seeds purchased from Dryad.
    Dog Whistle - Puppy - Obtained from using presents dropped during Christmas Event in December.

    PET-LIKE STUFF - NOT PETS!!! - these do not count towards the achievement

    Shadow Orb - Summons a glowing orb
    Fairy Bell - summons a Fairy
    Bottled Will O' the Wisp - summons a Glowing Will O' The Wisp

    Pygmy, Raven, Spider, and Slime Staffs - summon minions, ravens, spiders, or slimes respectively

    Slimy Saddle - summons Slime
    Honeyed Goggles - summons Flying Bee
    Scaly Truffle - summons Pigron
    Hardy Saddle - summons Turtle
    Fuzzy Carrot - summons Bunny
    Reindeer Bells - summons flying Reindeer

    ***Credit to iMaginaryy for old list from 360 version; credit to Dreadful Dad and Redsleey for confirming Pumpkin Seed and Unlucky Yarn were not needed in XB1 version; still confirmed as not needed after latest update by VWC***
  • MastaGamerRicanMastaGamerRican665,234
    24 Nov 2014 25 Nov 2014
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    Pets. Check link for how to get them.


    Baby Dinosaur
    Baby Eater of Souls
    Baby Hornet
    Baby Penguin
    Baby Skeletron Head
    Baby Snowman
    Baby Truffle
    Cursed Sapling
    Eyeball Spring
    Tiki spirit
    Guinea Pig
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