I'm Smelting! achievement in Terraria

I'm Smelting!

Smelt 10,000 bars of metal.

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How to unlock the I'm Smelting! achievement

  • DaeryoonDaeryoon455,075
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    You must make 10,000 bars of metal to get this achievement. Metal bars are made from smelting ore you collect at a forge, and are iron, lead, tin, copper, silver, gold, tungsten, cobalt, palladium, mythril, orichalum, platinum, titanium, or adamantite. A simple forge can be made/crafted or purchased from the merchant. You will need these bars of metal you are smelting to craft various things (especially weapons and tools) to progress in the game. You obtain ore by mining it from the world in the underground. They are typically found in clusters/pockets. The deeper you go, the better ore you find. You dig using a pickaxe, and stronger pickaxes dig faster.

    You should get this achievement through natural progression in the game (although it will take a while), but there are a few methods to make it go faster. Unfortunately, there is no progress tracker for this achievement, so you must keep track yourself.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    All smelting is done at a Furnace using various ores.
    A (regular) furnace is made at a workbench using 20 stone, 4 wood, and 3 torches. This smelts all the basic metals.
    A Hellforge is found in the Underworld, and can be removed using any Hammer of 60% power or higher. You can place this in your base or anywhere you want. A Hellforge can smelt Hellstone in addition to the basic metals.
    A Hellforge is required to make a Titanium/Adamantium Forge. This is made from 30 Titanium/Adamatium ore at a Mythril/Orichalum Anvil.
    The Titanium/Adamantium Forge can smelt ANY metal ore, effectively replacing the need for any previous Furnace.

    (Regular) Furnace
    3 ore --> 1 Bar : Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead, Cobalt, Palladium
    4 ore --> 1 Bar : Silver, Tungsten, Gold, Platinum, Demonite, Meteorite, Mythril, Orichalum

    4 Hellstone Ore AND 1 Obsidian --> 1 Hellstone Bar

    Titanium/Adamantium Forge
    5 ore --> 1 Bar : Titanium, Adamantium, Chlorophyte

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    Vibez BrassDoes Anyone know if demonite counts for the achievement you get the ore from the Eye of Cthulhu so it can be farmed?
    Posted by Vibez Brass on 17 May 20 at 15:29
    KludgyCartoon79I was wondering if when crafting the bars it matters what button you use to craft whether it’s the A button or LT
    Posted by KludgyCartoon79 on 17 Dec 20 at 17:16
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  • WGU WolfetteWGU Wolfette69,993
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    Solution on how to get a lot of ores to boost this achievement easily (without relying on duplication glitches):


    You will need:

    Dynamite (preferably around 200)

    Nightmare pickaxe (made from demonite and shadow scales: you can get both from fighting the eater of worlds) [technically not optional if you don’t mind using extra dynamite to blow up ebonstone, but that takes way longer, so for the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll assume you have the nightmare pickaxe]

    It also helps immensely to have wings and lightning/spectre boots, as well as a magic mirror/recall potion (you’ll see why later)


    Anyway, on with the actual tutorial


    Step 1: create a new world and use one of your overpowered characters that has the items listed above

    Step 2: find a corruption biome. If there’s no corruption in the world, repeat step 1

    Step 3: go to the bottom of any ebonstone chasm and run around for a bit.

    Step 4: look to see for glowing orbs beneath you on the minimap, go above one and mine down towards them.

    Step 5: when you get to the shadow orb, break it. You will either get a “screams echo around you” or “a horrible chill runs up your spine” message when breaking them (which means that the eater of worlds will spawn after breaking 1 or 2 more shadow orbs, respectively), or you will get a message saying “a meteorite has landed.”

    Step 6: go across the entire world and look for brightly colored red-orange blocks (recommended to have the minimap open, if you don’t already). Keep in mind that while they are usually on the surface, they can also be located underground in the corruption chasms or larger caves connected to the surface.

    Step 7: when you find the meteorite, throw dynamite all around it. The meteor should be destroyed fast enough that the meteor heads will not be a problem. (It’s generally a good idea to have a broadsword to fight off the meteor heads, in case they do spawn).

    Step 8: repeat steps 3 - 7 until you have around 4-5 stacks of ore.

    Step 9: go to any furnace, disable autosaving, save and exit, and go back into the world. Go back to the furnace (save and exit takes you back to spawn. Saving is necessary to save your inventory though.) and craft all the meteorite ore you have into bars. When you’ve crafted all of it, exit the game from the home menu (if you don’t know how, press the start button over the game icon, and press quit).

    Step 10: repeat step 9 after reloading the world until you get the achievement.

    Step 11: profit.




    This is harder to do with crimson due to the different world generation, it’s much easier with the corruption chasms. With crimson; however, it is the same, just with you breaking crimson hearts instead of shadow orbs.

    Meteorites can sometimes have really shitty spawns. In my experience, they usually give me around 65-80 per meteorite; however, this might not be the same for you. I would still recommend my method over mining out an entire world for one specific type of ore; tends to be a lot more fun and less tedious.

    If the eater of worlds spawns, there’s a few ways to despawn him if you don’t want to fight: using a magic mirror (provided your spawn/bed isn’t corruption), saving and exiting, or simply walking out of the corruption.

    Hope this helped!
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