A Knight in Shining Armors achievement in Terraria

A Knight in Shining Armors

Obtain every type of armor.

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How to unlock the A Knight in Shining Armors achievement

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    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    FULL LIST OF ARMOR SETS (required for the achievement as of most recent Update)


    Wood Set - takes 75 Wood in total
    Helmet - 20 Wood
    Chest - 30 Wood
    Leggings - 25 Wood

    Rich Mahogany Set - takes 75 Rich Mahogany Wood in total
    Helmet - 20 Rich Mahogany Wood
    Chest - 30 Rich Mahogany Wood
    Leggings - 25 Rich Mahogany Wood

    Shadewood Set - takes 75 Shadewood in total
    Helmet - 20 Shadewood
    Chest - 30 Shadewood
    Leggings - 25 Shadewood

    Ebonwood Set - takes 75 Ebonwood in total
    Helmet - 20 Ebonwood
    Chest - 30 Ebonwood
    Leggings - 25 Ebonwood

    Pearlwood Set - takes 75 Pearlwood in total
    Helmet - 20 Pearlwood
    Chest - 30 Pearlwood
    Leggings - 25 Pearlwood

    Cactus Set - takes 75 Cacti in total
    Helmet - 20 Cacti
    Chest - 30 Cacti
    Leggings - 25 Cacti

    Pumpkin Set - takes 75 Pumpkin in total
    Helmet - 20 Pumpkin
    Chest - 30 Pumpkin
    Leggings - 25 Pumpkin

    Necro Set - takes 135 Cobwebs and 150 Bones in total
    Helmet - 40 Cobwebs, 40 Bones
    Breastplate - 50 Cobwebs, 60 Bones
    Greaves - 45 Cobwebs, 50 Bones

    Spooky Set - takes 750 Spooky Wood in total
    Helmet - 200 Spooky Wood
    Chest - 300 Spooky Wood
    Leggings - 250 Spooky Wood


    Copper Set - takes 60 Copper bars in total
    Helmet - 15 Copper Bars
    Chest - 25 Copper Bars
    Leggings - 20 Copper Bars

    Tin Set - takes 60 Tin bars in total
    Helmet - 15 Tin Bars
    Chest - 25 Tin Bars
    Leggings - 20 Tin Bars

    Iron Set - takes 75 Iron bars in total
    Helmet - 20 Iron bars
    Chest - 30 Iron bars
    Leggings - 25 Iron bars

    Lead Set - takes 75 Lead bars in total
    Helmet - 20 Lead bars
    Chest - 30 Lead bars
    Leggings - 25 Lead bars

    Tungsten Set - takes 75 Tungsten bars in total
    Helmet - 20 Tungsten bars
    Chest - 30 Tungsten bars
    Leggings - 25 Tungsten bars

    Silver Set - takes 75 Silver bars in total
    Helmet - 20 Silver bars
    Chest - 30 Silver bars
    Leggings - 25 Silver bars

    Gold Set - takes 90 Gold bars in total
    Helmet - 25 Gold bars
    Chest - 35 Gold bars
    Leggings - 30 Gold bars

    Platinum Set - takes 90 Platinum bars in total
    Helmet - 25 Platinum bars
    Chest - 35 Platinum bars
    Leggings - 30 Platinum bars

    Jungle Set - takes 32 Jungle Spores, 2 Vines, and 12 Stingers in total
    Hat - 8 Jungle Spores
    Shirt - 16 Jungle Spores, 12 Stingers
    Pants - 8 Jungle Spores, 2 Vines

    Meteor Set - takes 60 Meteor bars in total
    Helmet - 15 Meteor Bars
    Suit - 25 Meteor Bars
    Leggings - 20 Meteor Bars

    Shadow Set - takes 60 Demonite bars and 45 Shadow Scales in total
    Helmet - 15 Demonite Bars 10 Shadow Scales
    Scalemail - 25 Demonite Bars 20 Shadow Scales
    Greaves - 20 Demonite Bars 15 Shadow Scales

    Crimson Set - takes 60 Crimtane bars and 45 Tissues Samples in total
    Helmet - 15 Crimtane Bars 10 Tissue Samples
    Scalemail - 25 Crimtane Bars 20 Tissue Samples
    Greaves - 20 Crimtane Bars 15 Tissue Samples

    Molten Set - takes 45 Hellstone bars in total
    Helmet - 10 Hellstone Bars
    Breastplate - 20 Hellstone Bars
    Greaves - 15 Hellstone Bars

    Cobalt Sets - takes 65 Cobalt bars in total
    Helmet - 10 Cobalt Bars
    Hat - 10 Cobalt Bars
    Mask - 10 Cobalt Bars
    Breastplate - 20 Cobalt Bars
    Leggings - 15 Cobalt Bars

    Palladium Sets - takes 78 Palladium bars in total
    Helmet - 12 Palladium Bars
    Headgear - 12 Palladium Bars
    Mask - 12 Palladium Bars
    Breastplate - 24 Palladium Bars
    Leggings - 18 Palladium Bars


    Mythril Sets - takes 65 Mythril bars in total
    Helmet - 10 Mythril Bars
    Hat - 10 Mythril Bars
    Hood - 10 Mythril Bars
    Chainmail - 20 Mythril Bars
    Greaves - 15 Mythril Bars

    Orichalcum Sets - takes 79 Orichalcum bars in total
    Helmet - 12 Orichalcum Bars
    Headgear - 13 Orichalcum Bars
    Mask - 12 Orichalcum Bars
    Breastplate - 24 Orichalcum Bars
    Leggings - 18 Orichalcum Bars

    Adamantite Sets - takes 78 Adamantite bars in total
    Helmet - 12 Adamantite Bars
    Headgear - 12 Adamantite Bars
    Mask - 12 Adamantite Bars
    Breastplate - 24 Adamantite Bars
    Leggings - 18 Adamantite Bars

    Titanium Sets - takes 85 Titanium bars in total
    Helmet - 13 Titanium Bars
    Headgear - 13 Titanium Bars
    Mask - 13 Titanium Bars
    Breastplate - 26 Titanium Bars
    Leggings - 20 Titanium Bars

    Hallowed Sets - takes 78 Hallowed bars in total
    Helmet - 12 Hallowed Bars
    Headgear - 12 Hallowed Bars
    Mask - 12 Hallowed Bars
    Plate Mail - 24 Hallowed Bars
    Greaves - 18 Hallowed Bars

    Chlorophyte Sets - takes 78 Chlorophyte bars in total
    Helmet - 12 Chlorophyte Bars
    Headgear - 12 Chlorophyte Bars
    Mask - 12 Chlorophyte Bars
    Plate Mail - 24 Chlorophyte Bars
    Greaves - 18 Chlorophyte Bars

    Turtle Set - takes 54 Chlorophyte bars and 3 Turtle Shells
    Helmet - 12 Chlorophyte Bars, 1 Turtle Shell
    Scalemail - 24 Chlorophyte Bars, 1 Turtle Shell
    Leggings - 18 Chlorophyte Bars, 1 Turtle Shell

    Spectre Set - takes 54 Chlorophyte bars and 54 Ectoplasm
    Hood - 12 Chlorophyte Bars, 12 Ectoplasm
    Robe - 24 Chlorophyte Bars, 21 Ectoplasm
    Pants - 18 Chlorophyte Bars, 18 Ectoplasm

    Shroomite Sets - takes 78 Shroomite bars in total
    Helmet - 12 Shroomite Bars
    Headgear - 12 Shroomite Bars
    Mask - 12 Shroomite Bars
    Breastplate - 24 Shroomite Bars
    Leggings - 18 Shroomite Bars

    COMBINED SETS - these require armors be combined together with souls at Orichalcum/Myrthil Anvil

    Spectral Set
    Helmet - Hallowed Headgear, Cobalt Hat, Mythril Hood, Adamantite Headgear, and 15 Soul of Blight
    Armor - Hallowed Plate Mail, Cobalt Breastplate, Mythril Chainmail, Adamantite Breastplate, 10 Soul of Fright, 20 Soul of Blight
    Subligar - Hallowed Greaves, Cobalt Leggings, Mythril Greaves, Adamantite Leggings, 10 Soul of Fright and 15 Soul of Blight

    Titan Set
    Helmet - Hallowed Helmet, Cobalt Mask, Mythril Hat, Adamantite Mask, and 15 Soul of Blight
    Mail - Hallowed Plate Mail, Cobalt Breastplate, Mythril Chainmail, Adamantite Breastplate, 20 Soul of Sight, 20 Soul of Blight
    Leggings - Hallowed Greaves, Cobalt Leggings, Mythril Greaves, Adamantite Leggings, 10 Soul of Sight and 15 Soul of Blight

    Dragon Set
    Mask - Hallowed Mask, Cobalt Helmet, Mythril Helmet, Adamantite Helmet, and 15 Soul of Blight
    Breastplate - Hallowed Plate Mail, Cobalt Breastplate, Mythril Chainmail, Adamantite Breastplate, 15 Soul of Might, 20 Soul of Blight
    Greaves - Hallowed Greaves, Cobalt Leggings, Mythril Greaves, Adamantite Leggings, 15 Soul of Might and 15 Soul of Blight


    Mining Set
    Helmet: Purchase at merchant for 8 gold coins
    Shirt: Rare drop from Undead/Vampire miner ONLY found in the underground stone layer
    Pants: Rare drop from Undead/Vampire miner ONLY found in the underground stone layer

    Frost Set (Helmet, Armor, Greaves) - pieces or Frost Cores are dropped by Ice Golems in Snow biome (Giant walking golems that throw ice bolts - only appear during Rain Event [Blizzard])
    Helmet - 3 Frost Cores and 10 Hallowed Bars
    Armor - 1 Frost Core and 20 Hallowed Bars
    Greaves - 1 Frost Core and 16 Hallowed Bars

    Wizard Hat - dropped by Tim, a special Dark Caster in the Underground, who is a skeleton wearing it (brownish color) and a Robe

    GEM ROBES - requires 6 different robes, which are made from 20 silk at a Loom.

    Each Robe is crafted into a Gem Robe at the Loom as well.
    Amethyst Robe - 1 Robe with 10 Amethyst
    Topaz Robe - 1 Robe with 10 Topaz
    Emerald Robe - 1 Robe with 10 Emerald
    Sapphire Robe - 1 Robe with 10 Sapphire
    Ruby Robe - 1 Robe with 10 Ruby
    Diamond Robe - 1 Robe with 10 Diamond

    ARMORS NOT NEEDED FOR ACHIEVEMENT - but do provide defense
    Viking Helmet
    Diving Helmet
    Ancient Iron Helmet
    Ancient Necro Helmet
    Ancient Gold Helmet
    Magic Hat

    Palm Wood Set (Armor, Leggings, Helmet)
    Boreal Wood Set (Armor, Leggings, Helmet)
    Ancient Shadow Set (Armor, Leggings, Helmet)
    Ancient Cobalt Set (Armor, Leggings, Helmet)
    Eskimo Set (Hood, Shirt, Pants) - pieces dropped by Eskimo Zombies
    Pink Eskimo Set (Hood, Shirt, Pants) - made from Eskimo pieces with pink thread
    Tiki Set (Mask, Shirt, Pants) - bought from Witch Doctor in Jungle biome
    Beetle Armor Sets (Armor, Chest x 2 {Scale and Plate], Helmet) - made from Turtle Armor combined with Beetle Husks (farmed from killing Golem)
    Spider Armor Set
    Bee Armor Set

    1. You must have all armor in your inventory at some point to get the achievement
    2. It is not necessary to equip each piece on your character

    All armor (that are not found) are crafted at a workbench or anvil
    You also need a furnace to smelt metal bars from ore to make the metal armors.
    A regular furnace is made from 20 stone blocks, 4 wood, and 3 torches.
    A Hellforge can be found in the Underworld
    A Hellforge plus 30 adamantite or titanium will yield an Adamantite/Titanium Forge which can be used to smelt ANY bar from ore
    Hallowed Bars are found from slaying Normal Mode bosses
    You must break Demon/Crimson altars to make Orichalum, Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Adamantite, or Titanium to spawn in your world. The more altars you destroy, the more ore is created.
    Souls are obtained from creatures in their respective biomes, or from farming bosses
    Shroomite bars are made at an Auto-Hammer crafting station, which is sold by the Truffle, using Chlorophyte Bars and Glowing mushrooms

    If you have anything to add or I missed something, feel free to comment below and I will add it to the solution with credit given. Thank you kindly.

    ***Same as 360 version***

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    Arkham DemonAnybody have all the armors in their world and willing to help a brother out ?

    GT: Arkham Demon
    Posted by Arkham Demon on 27 May 20 at 15:44
    Dying Doctorcurrently doing this achievement and will be saving the armor each on armor stands
    Posted by Dying Doctor on 17 Sep 20 at 12:17
    Games MasterDon’t need spectral, titan, dragon, snow, gladiator, ancient cobalt, ancient shadow
    Posted by Games Master on 19 Mar at 05:13
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  • MazzieeeeeeeeeeMazzieeeeeeeeee171,000
    19 Apr 2020 19 Apr 2020 19 Apr 2020
    12 0 1
    Me and a friend have been struggling with out-of-date lists for this achievement but finally got it today! (19 April 2020) Some of the things listed below might not be included but as we obtained them and wore them I have added them to the list to be safe.

    List does not include how to make armor as it has been stated in above solutions and very helpful crafting and in depth guides can be found on the Terraria wiki.

    WOOD - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    RICH MAHOGANY - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    SHADEWOOD - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    EBONWOOD - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    PEARLWOOD - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    CACTUS - helmet, breastplate, leggings
    PUMPKIN - helmet, breastplate, leggings
    NECRO - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    SPOOKY - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    BOREAL WOOD - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    PALM - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    COPPER - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    TIN - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    IRON - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    LEAD - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    TUNGSTEN - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    SILVER - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    GOLD - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    PLATINUM - helmet, chainmail, greaves
    JUNGLE - hat, shirt, pants
    OBSIDIAN - outlaw hat, long coat, pants
    FOSSIL - helmet, plate, greaves
    NINJA - hood, shirt, pants
    METEOR - helmet, suit, leggings
    SHADOW - helmet, scale mail, greaves
    CRIMSON - helmet, scale mail, greaves
    MOLTEN - helmet, breastplate, greaves
    COBALT - helmet, mask, hat, breastplate, leggings
    PALLADIUM - helmet, mask, headgear, breastplate, leggings
    MYTHRIL - helmet, hat, hood, chainmail, greaves
    ORICHALCUM - helmet, headgear, mask, breastplate, leggings
    ADAMANTITE - helmet, headgear, mask, breastplate, leggings
    TITANIUM - helmet, headgear, mask, breastplate, leggings
    HALLOWED - helmet, headgear, mask, plate mail, greaves
    CHLOROPHYTE - helmet, headgear, mask, plate mail, greaves
    TURTLE - helmet, scale mail, leggings
    FROST, helmet, breastplate, leggings
    SPECTRE - mask, hood, robe, pants
    SHROOMITE - headgear, mask, helmet, breastplate, leggings
    BEETLE - helmet, shell, scale mail, leggings
    SPIDER - mask, breastplate, greaves
    STARDUST - helmet, plate, legging
    NEBULA - helmet, breastplate, leggings
    TIKI - mask, shirt, pants
    MINING - helmet, shirt, pants
    GLADIATOR - helmet, breastplate, leggings
    BEE - headgear, breastplate, greaves
    ANCIENT SHADOW - helmet, scale mail, greaves
    ANCIENT COBALT - helmet, breastplate, leggings
    SNOW - hood, pants
    RAIN - hat, coat
    Wizard Hat
    Amethyst Robe
    Topaz Robe
    Sapphire Robe
    Emerald Robe
    Ruby Robe
    Diamond Robe

    This is my first guide so sorry if it's not amazing but I added it in the hope it would be helpful for someone else :) x
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    A Big RadroachCan confirm this still works as of 04/03/21.
    What you need to do is manually pick up every single one and apply them manually too.
    So it’s easiest to get a friend to loot the chest. Throw them to you one by one.
    Put them on. Have a walk. Throw them back
    Posted by A Big Radroach on 04 Mar at 00:06
    27 May 2018 27 May 2018 27 May 2018
    8 0 0
    This is being written as of version 1.0.983.5, found at the bottom right of the main menu.
    To start, if an armor set has multiple helmet variants (Mast, Helmet, Headgear, Hood etc.) you DO NEED all of the variants. This may be a change from the past, but it was the last thing I needed for this achievement. This list is in the same order found on the wiki for armors.

    Mining Armor
    Wood Armor
    Rich Mahogany Armor
    Boreal Armor
    Palm Wood Armor
    Ebonwood Armor
    Shadewood Armor
    Rain Armor (Only has 2 pieces)
    Angler Armor
    Cactus Armor
    Copper Armor
    Tin Armor
    Pumpkin Armor
    Gladiator Armor
    Iron Armor
    Lead Armor
    Silver Armor
    Tungsten Armor
    Gold Armor
    Platinum Armor
    Ninja Armor
    Fossil Armor
    Obsidian Armor
    Bee Armor
    Jungle Armor
    Ancient Cobalt Armor
    Meteor Armor
    Necro Armor
    Shadow Armor
    Ancient Shadow Armor
    Crimson Armor
    Molten Armor
    Magic Hat
    Wizard Hat
    Amethyst Robe
    Topaz Robe
    Sapphire Robe
    Emerald Robe
    Ruby Robe
    Diamond Robe
    Gypsy Robe

    Hardmode and Beyond
    Pearlwood Armor
    Cobalt Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Palladium Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Mythril Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Orichalcum Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Adamantite Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Titanium Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Spider Armor
    Spooky Armor
    Tiki Armor
    Frost Armor
    Hallowed Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Chlorophyte Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Turtle Armor
    Beetle Armor
    Shroomite Armor (With All Helmet Variants)
    Spectre Armor (With Both Helmet Variants)
    Solar Flare Armor
    Vortex Armor
    Nebula Armor
    Stardust Armor

    -At this time, there is a glitch with the extractinator and either the brick layer, builder potion or the architect gizmo pack that makes silt, slush and desert fossils infinite. This is an easy way to make money and get all the ore you need for the early armors.
    -There maybe some armors on this list that you don't need, but I thought better safe, than sorry, as these are the armors that I had acquired and made when I go the achievement,
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