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Use every crafting station.

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How to unlock the Crafty achievement

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    Current as of Fishing Update
    Work Bench - Craft anywhere from 10 wood (several other variants from pumpkins, mushrooms, etc. but only need wood)
    Table and Chair
    Table(s) - Craft from any Work Bench from 8 wood (various other materials again)
    Chair - 4 wood (various other materials again)
    Furnace - Craft from any Work Bench using 20 stone blocks, 4 wood, and 3 torches
    Alchemy Station - Create by placing any Bottle, Pink Vase, or Mug on top of any Wooden Table or Work Bench with a Chair
    Iron/Lead Anvil - Craft at Work Bench from 5 Iron/Lead Bars
    Cooking Pot - Craft at Iron/Lead Anvil from 10 Iron Bars and 2 Wood
    Sawmill - Craft at any Work Bench from 10 wood, 2 Iron Bars, and a Iron Chain (made from Iron bars)
    Keg - Craft at Sawmill from 14 wood
    Loom - Craft at Sawmill from 12 wood
    Bookcase - Craft at Sawmill from 20 wood and 10 Books (Books are found in the Dungeon)
    Mythril/Orichalum Anvil - Craft in Hard mode at Iron Anvil from 10 Mythril/Orichalum Bars
    Adamantite/Titanium Forge - Craft in Hard mode at Mythril/Orichalum Anvil from 30 Adamantite/Titanium Ore and a Hellforge
    Glass Kiln - Craft at any anvil from 18 Iron/Lead bars and 8 torches.
    Heavy Work Bench - Crafted at Iron/Lead Anvil from 12 Wood and 8 Iron/Lead bars.
    Campfire - To use this station, you must go buy a marshmallow from the merchant (only sold when Merchant's house is located in a snow biome), craft it into a "marshmallow on a stick" using wood. Place the marshmallow on a stick in your top row and highlight it. It should look like your character is holding it in front of his/herself. You must then stand next to the campfire with the stick over it (just like in real life) for about 10 seconds until the "marshmallow on a stick" turns into "cooked marshmallow". This is the only way to "use" the campfire.

    Demon/Crimson Altar - Located ONLY in Corruption/Crimson Biomes; CANNOT be re-located and you only need one altar for achievement
    Xystra said:
    I have found Demon Altars underground, nowhere near the Corruption (though most are in it). What I've heard elsewhere is that they're all at roughly the same depth.
    Hellforge - Located in the Underworld (Hell) at various places and can be moved above ground by hitting it with any hammer and picking it up as an item
    Meat Grinder - Dropped only in Hardmode by Herplings, Crimslimes, Crimson Axes, or Floaty Grosses as a rare drop (all creatures found only in Crimson Biome).
    Extractinator - Found in Ice Chests in the Dungeon or rarely in Gold Chests Underground. You must place a silt/slush block into it by selecting it in your top and using cn_RT. You will notice ore/coins/items will spit out of it for this to count as used. This is the only station that needs something put into it instead of just opening the crafting menu.
    Honey Dispenser - Found in Jungle Shrine chests. These are the gold/ivy chests in the lit little alcoves inside the Underground Jungle Biome.
    Bone Welder - Found in the Dungeon.
    Sky Mill - Found in Skyware Chests in Cloud Areas.
    Ice Machine - Found in Ice Chests in Ice Biomes.
    Lihzahrd Furnace - Found in Lihzahrd Chests in the Lihzahrd Temple located in the Underground Jungle.
    Living Loom - Found in Living Wood Chests inside Giant Trees on surface or slightly underground.

    Iron Anvil - Sold by Merchant [same as Crafted Station]
    Dye Vat - Sold by the Dye Trader NPC for 5 gold coins. He will show up if you have a material that makes dye. Used to craft dyes and some paints.
    Tinkerer's Workshop - Sold by Goblin Tinkerer for 10 Gold Coins; Goblin Tinkerer comes as NPC after you defeat the Goblin Army.
    Imbuing Station - Sold by Witch Doctor for 7 Gold Coins. Witch Doctor shows up after you kill Queen Bee.
    Blend-O-Matic - Sold by Steampunker ONLY at night. Steampunker shows up after you defeat a mechanical boss (Twins, Destroyer, or Skeletron Prime)
    Solidifier - Sold by Steampunker ONLY during the day for 10 Gold Coins
    Auto-Hammer - Sold by Truffle NPC for 1 Platinum Coin. Truffle shows up if you have a Mushroom Biome located above ground level.
    Flesh-Cloning Vat - Sold by Steampunker for 10 Gold coins in a world with Crimson spawned in it.
    Steampunk Boiler - Sold by Steampunker for 10 Gold coins in a world with Corruption spawned in it.

    1. You only need to open your crafting menu at each of the stations by pressing cn_Y; exceptions are EXTRACTINATOR and CAMP FIRE (which require you to actually "use" them - see above)
    2. You can do this in a friend's world or your own and only need to use each station once, regardless of where it is located.
    3. Easiest to do in a fully developed world (all bosses killed) to make all stations easily available

    NOTE: New "Special" Crafting Stations are necessary after update in December 2015. If you have any notes, let me know and I will add them with credit before you vote negatively.

    ***Same as 360 version***
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    Death Rider284Thank you this list still works as of Jan 17 2021
    Posted by Death Rider284 on 17 Jan at 18:12
    Games MasterAlso needed a “placed bottle” crafting station. Bottle placed on platform/table/crafting table if you were also stuck like me
    Posted by Games Master on 19 Mar at 06:52
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