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The stabbiest tomb of all in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

The stabbiest tomb of all140 (30)

Complete all Torturer challenges

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Achievement Guide for The stabbiest tomb of all

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Achievement won on 06 Feb 16
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Posted on 08 February 16 at 07:09
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I've created a two-part 100% walkthrough video. It covers every single achievement in the game except the co-op ones and the speedruns, but the co-op are self-explanatory and the speedruns are super easy once you've played a level, since you can usually just run past everything and solve the puzzles most of the time. Contrary to some reports, you CAN get the gold points challenge on EVERY tomb on your first time through in solo play. Follow along with the video below as you play through the game (and part 1) to have your 1k in 8-10 hours tops. A detailed text guide follows after the time stamps for those that prefer it, copied over from the walkthrough I've written for this game.

This achievement is for completing all of the Tomb of the Torturer challenges.


0:07 - Tomb of the Lamplighter
13:55 - Tomb of Sobek
18:20 - Challenge Tomb #4
19:12 - Tomb of the Architect
29:44 - Tomb of the Torturer
43:11 - Pharoah
45:32 - Tomb of Set
51:29 - All Hub World Red Skulls

Challenges: Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100,000pts; Complete in under 7:00; Collect 5 Red Skulls; Light every accessible brazier in the tomb; Kill 10 enemies with spikes in the maze; Survive the final battle without using weapons or bombs

To start, let’s obtain all the challenges apart from the speedrun (and possibly the points challenge). The points challenge is technically doable solo here, but just barely. There is very little room for error, and you have to maintain your x4 multiplier for virtually the entire tomb in order to obtain it in solo play, so to make if you miss it, just run through again in co-op to make the points challenge a no brainer. Once again, you could do all of these challenges in co-op to limit yourself to only two runs through the tomb, but it does change some of the mechanics and the ways you must obtain the Red Skulls. This text guide will focus on playing through solo.

If you have an amulet or ring that gives you the Fire Projectile ability, equip that. This will allow you to use the beam of light from your staff to light braziers once you have a x4 multiplier, so you can just sweep your beam of light around the room and light all the braziers quickly, and be less likely to miss one. I will assume you don’t have it for the purposes of this guide, though, and will try to note every possible brazier to light. I may have missed one or two, so make sure you check each area thoroughly and light every one you can.

From the start, move forward down the path through two cracks in the wall, until you reach the end and can’t go further. Just after the first crack you pass through, make sure to light Brazier #1/32 beside the crack. Turn down/left toward the bottom of the screen here and follow the path around behind the spikes you passed when coming down from the entrance to find Red Skull #1/5 in the dead-end by a broken staircase. Light Brazier #2/32 right here, beside the red skull. Return back to where you first turned left and continue in the opposite direction, up the stairs to the right.

You’ll come up into an area with spikes that rise from the floor when you near them. Light Brazier #3/32 Just to your left as you enter this area. Go right past the first two sets of spikes and light Brazier #4/32 by the 3rd set. Light Brazier #5/32 Behind the 4th set of spikes, in the vicinity of the glowing orb that you must destroy with your staff’s beam. Go down the stairs behind the orb to the pit below and light Brazier #6/32 at the base of the steps, then Brazier #7/32 on the other side of the pit, behind the spikes around the raised platform. Go back up the stairs and pull the piston to the right out, then jump from the upper ledge onto the raised platform to hit the switch and remove the spikes from the door below.

At the top of the next set of stairs beyond that door, light Brazier #8/32. Continue up the next set of stairs and deal with the enemies and the orb, then light Brazier #9/32 just to the left of the stairs you juts came up, Brazier #10/32 to the right of where the orb was, and #11/32 above and to the right of that at the base of the next stairs. Light Brazier #12/32 by the blue platform ahead, before you reach the piston. Pull out the piston to raise the platforms above, then ride the blue platform to the upper ledge and jump across above the spikes. Don’t forget to light Brazier #13/32 just to your left as you reach the far side of the spikes.

Head down the next stairs into the room with the honeycomb ball that you can roll and light Brazier #14/32 just in front of the first set of spikes near the entrance. This room is where you do the ‘Kill 10 enemies’ challenge. Much like the scarab one in an earlier maze, just lead the enemies around the room until they impale themselves on the spikes. You need to put enough distance between you so that the spikes lower and the enemies walk over them, then rush back over to cause the spikes to rise up into the enemies. Light Brazier #15/32 on the right side of the room, #16/32 in the upper-right corner, #17/32 in the center of the room, #18/32 in the upper-center of the room (it’s surrounded on3 sides by spikes so you’ll have to circle around to the upper-left to reach it), and #19/32 in the far left-lower corner of the room, past Red Skull #2/5.

Don’t forget to grab the skull while you’re over there. Head to the left-upper corner of the room for two more Braziers to light, #20-21/32. You’ll find one final Brazier to light, #22/32, near the 3rd honeycomb ball, which is located in this left-upper area, more toward the middle of the room. Roll this 3rd ball all the way back to the start of the room and place it in one of the three holders. Move the other two into the remaining two holders to drop the spikes on the far side’s stairs and open the way forward. I advise sweeping this room and making sure you lit ALL available Braziers before you leave. You should have 22/32 BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS ROOM as you can still backtrack from here, but not after this.

Go up the stairs and light Brazier #23/32 Just in front of the spinning eye switch. Place a bomb on the eye, then run around to the narrow path to the left onto the ‘safe square’. You’ll notice spikes rise up on the path behind you. While standing on the safe square, detonate the bomb to lower the spikes in front of you and run quickly around to the next safe square. You’ll run right through Red Skull #3/5 as you go around this path. Step off the path and light Brazier #24/32, then go up the stairs to the right to find Brazier #25/32 just around the corner. Light Braziers #26-28/32 around this upper area in alcoves before going down. Continue down the stairs to the right, lighting Brazier #29/32 on the landing as you go down and #30/32 By the blue platform at the bottom.

The room ahead has spike floors that rise up as you walk on them, with safe squares periodically. You’ll see Red Skull #4/5 sitting in the room, so use the safe squares and quick movement to reach the switch in the center to raise a wooden platform above, as well as a switch on the far side, which reveals a 2nd grapple point above. Circle back and grab the skull before exiting back to the blue platform. Ride it up to the upper level, and use the grappling points and the wooden platforms to cross over to the far upper ledge. Light Brazier #31/32 Just beside the switch where you land, then go down the stairs to the right to light #32/32 on the landing midway down the stairs. As soon as this one is lit, the challenge should complete, so if it doesn’t show up here, you missed one somewhere along the way.

The next portion will have timed spikes that will be preceded by a white symbol on the ground, so use this symbol to time your movements and avoid being skewered. When you reach the end of it, you’ll face waves of enemies, which serve as the tomb’s ‘final battle’. For the challenge, you must avoid using any weapons or bombs, including your staff, and dodge the enemies while luring them onto the white symbols so that they get skewered by the spikes. After the final enemy dies to the spikes, you’ll get the challenge and continue on up the path through more of the white-symbol spike traps. Just after using a grappling point to climb up to a high ledge, which is very near to where you finished that final battle, look to your left as you run up the path to see Red Skull #5/5 in the final spike-floor area before the end of the tomb. If this is your first run through as well, you’ll unlock Stick ‘em with the pointy end.
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