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Blitzed achievement in GTA 5


Complete Blitz Play

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How to unlock the Blitzed achievement

  • Game Master 136Game Master 136
    28 Nov 2014 23 Nov 2014
    Blitz Play is the third heist mission given to you by Steve Haines. You're objective is to hit up an armored truck and "requisition" the money inside of it. This mission is pretty straight forward.

    The heist set-up missions are to buy masks and boiler suits, steal a garbage truck as well as a tow truck, and secure a getaway vehicle. You'll start the mission by blocking the road with the garbage truck and using the tow truck to flip the armored truck onto it's side. After blowing open the doors with plastic explosives, you'll have to fight off the cops that arrive. After awhile, Franklin will have to use the garbage truck to get to the getaway car. Once at the car, you'll destroy the garbage truck and switch to Micheal where you will deliver the stuff from the armored truck to your contact ending the mission.

    Just enjoy the mission while doing what the mission objectives tell you and you'll easily get this achievement.

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    Tasty ToobsThis didn't pop for me the first time as well. Replaying 'Blitz Play' via the pause menu unlocked it at the mission passed screen (with Michael standing in the driveway, before loading back into the regular game world).
    Posted by Tasty Toobs on 27 Apr at 13:39
    LitupGGYeah this one gave me a hard time as well. Tried mission replay after it didn't initially unlock (like recommended) but that didn't work. Loaded a previous fresh save before mission, replayed it, didn't unlock, tried mission replay immediately after again, still no luck.

    Had to resort to power cycling Xbox one and modem then reloading the save before the mission - taking my time, not skipping cutscenes and getting the gold in one go for the first time (being the 5th time playing it😋). That finally caused it to pop as soon as mission passed screen appeared.
    Posted by LitupGG on 27 Sep at 22:22
    beastman rulesThx
    Posted by beastman rules on 28 Dec at 12:35
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  • BlastTheRockBlastTheRock
    27 Feb 2020 07 Nov 2021 07 Nov 2021
    This achievement requires you to complete "Blitz Play".

    There is a video guide underneath the text guide if you prefer that instead.

    You can only start the mission as Michael, I believe. When you start the mission, you will get a cutscene, after it, you will be Michael, you will be told to go in the garbage truck and head to Cypress Flats. Once you arrive, you will get a small cutscene and be told to cover the road, both lanes, using the garbage truck. When you block the road, you will get another small cutscene and be told, as Franklin, to ram right into the security truck. You will get another short cutscene, and be told to sticky bomb the back of the security truck to blast it open, when you do two people will come out. Now, the most difficult part of the mission, the firefight. For this, I recommend you stay in cover all the time and rarely come out of it, and be patient with cops and noose. After you take out the cops near the security truck, noose will come out of the alleyway. Once you take care of them, more police reinforcements will come out near the security truck. After taking care of them, snipers will appear, and, as Trevor, you will want to snipe them. Eventually, a helicopter arrives, make sure to take it out. Kill some more cops and noose from the rear alleyway and, eventually you'll be able to escape in the garbage truck as Franklin. When you get in the garbage truck, you have to drive towards the getaway car location. Once you arrive, destroy the garbage truck with anything you would like ( ideally explosives but it is your own choice ) and drive away with the getaway car. You will then be automatically switched over to Michael, where you have to drive towards Devin's house. As soon as you arrive, you will get a cutscene. After it, you have completed the mission. Achievement Unlocked


    Here is the video guide

    Credits for the video to GTA Series Videos ( )
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