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The Government Gimps

Complete The Bureau Raid.

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    The Bureau Raid is the fifth heist mission you'll do during the campaign. Steve Haines has you raid the FIB building so you can destroy the evidence about Haines illegal activities. After completing the mission you will get the cheevo.

    There are two methods to this heist. The Covert option has two prep mission which require you to steal a fire truck and secure a getaway mission. The Roof method doesn't require any preparation.

    The Covert option starts with Micheal pretending to be a janitor to get access to the 49th floor of the building. After doing some mopping, you will plant some explosive and be ready to leave the building. You'll detonate the explosive and arrive at the building in the firetruck disguised as firefighters. After taking the elevator up to the 47th floor, you will have to make your way up to the 53rd floor to reach the mainframe that has the hard drive with evidence you need. Once you secure the hard drive, make your way out of the building to the getaway vehicle. Escape the cops and then head to Lester's house to finish the mission.

    The Roof option starts with driving to the NOOSE Headquarters where you will wait 'till midnight before flying in a helicopter to the FIB building. After reaching the building, you'll jump out and parachute down onto the building. You'll enter the building from the roof and you'll have to hack into a server terminal to download the evidence you need. While the evidence is downloading, FIB security team will assault your position. After the download completes, you'll be forced to make your way down the FIB building while killing FIB agents that get in your way. With an experienced driver, they will arrive in an ambulance to make getting away from the scene much easier. With a poor driver, you will have to evade a four star wanted level in a van. Once you make your way to Franklin's house the heist will be completed.
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