Career Criminal achievement in GTA 5

Career Criminal

Attain 100% Game Completion.

Career Criminal-0.6
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How to unlock the Career Criminal achievement

  • Rich3I6Rich3I6543,530
    13 Dec 2014 22 Nov 2014 12 Dec 2018
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    Copied from the 360 version by oDs I WoLFZz x: -
    Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)Career CriminalThe Career Criminal achievement in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) worth 372 pointsAttain 100% Game Completion.

    Completion Percentages
    Story missions-50%
    Hobbies and Pastimes-10%
    Strangers and Freaks-10%
    Random Events-15%

    Story Missions(69)- All Story Missions, including Lester's Assassination Missions(available only to Franklin)

    Hobbies and Pastimes(42)-
    Lap Dance at Strip Club
    Street Races(5)
    Sea Races(4)
    Shooting Range(score at least Bronze in 3 rounds with each weapon type)
    Flight School(Score at least a bronze in all 12 lessons)
    Parachuting(Doing all 13 counts for 2 hobbies and pastimes)
    Sports(Golf, Darts, Tennis and 3 Triatholon Races)
    Off-road Races(6)

    Stangers and Freaks(20)
    Tonya(All towing missions)
    Beverly(All Paparazzo missions)
    Hao(Shift work opens street races)
    Barry(Only Franklin's missions)
    Fanatic(Only Franklin's mission)
    Dom(All 4 extreme missions- last one unlocks after all parachute jumps are complete)
    Omega(Collect and return all spaceship parts to omega)
    Dreyfuss(Opens up after collecting all 50 letter scraps)

    Random Events(57 altogether)- Only need to complete 14 out of the 57

    50 Spaceships Parts
    50 Letter Scraps
    25 Under the Bridges
    8 Knife Flights
    25 Stunt Jumps
    Purchase 5 money-generating properties
    Purchase a vehicle via the web
    Visit the cinema (TIP- Do this with a friend and you get 2 out of the 16 done at once. You also don't have to watch all of it)
    Walk and play with chop
    Use a prostitute
    Booty Call
    Rob a shop
    4 friend activities( bar, strip club, movie and darts)

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    Kushy Dave

    just use that link its 100% better
    Posted by Kushy Dave on 24 Apr at 03:45
    TaikeruYo can someone explain me how I’m stuck at 17/20 strangers and freaks mission, even after doing them all!????????!??? Wtf r*
    Posted by Taikeru on 19 Jul at 17:52
    MauricioLost07If Dom's last mission is not showing up just do this:

    Quick Save into a New Save Slot as whomever the missions aren't appearing for (in my case, it was Franklin)

    Use the Character Wheel to switch to your GTA:O character

    Play for longer than 10 minutes or just play until you're ready stop playing.

    When you're done, use the Character Wheel to switch to whomever the missions aren't appearing for.

    Do this until it works. Make it routine to go through these steps every time you play GTA.

    Credits go the reddit user "Not a pie"
    It worked for me, hope it helps.
    Posted by MauricioLost07 on 26 Aug at 16:07
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  • AaronDrunkGamesAaronDrunkGames90,230
    12 Jun 2015 12 Jun 2015 12 Jun 2015
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    For those struggling to find a shop to rob for the 100%, you need to walk into a shop (clothes or ammunition) Open the doors out ways, go outside, draw a weapon, kill the person in the shop, run to the register and shoot that until money pops out, this will count to 100%

    This is also a map gas stations to rob IN SINGLE PLAYER
    External image
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    Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me,but i would like to add that you dont need to kill anyone,just point the gun and the clerck will open the cash register and give you the money.
    Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 23 Nov 17 at 03:20
    The Nerds ClubI never understood why rockstar didn't put mini marts on the map in story. Your guide rocks without this map there impossible to find.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 27 Jun 19 at 15:05
    Eds Killerbox 7Don't need to kill anyone....and the little convenience stores are fine.
    Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 on 18 Feb 20 at 01:56
  • GG ZeusGG Zeus1,063,625
    26 Jan 2015 26 Jan 2015 26 Jan 2015
    49 14 14
    I don't know if this is a solution or not but I just want to put this out there. To get 100% you have to get all the requirements in partyboy316' solution but like me and you got everything and you had left some strangers and freaks missions to go for last and they didn't appear DON'T DELETE YOUR SAVE as your save isn't corrupted because I was going to do this but luckily I stuck with the game looked up solutions on how to get these missions to appear in my game. What I did to get them to appear which was in most solutions (but they mainly said to go online and switch back offline which did not work for me) was go online from the character select menu and choose your online character and what I did while I was doing stuff at home was put a rubber band on your controller so you don't get booted for being idle and I did this twice for around 30 mins each and after I had done this both my missions had spawned and I got my 100% achievement.
    So this is what you do to get missions to spawn like tonya and possibly Dom and others:
    1. Go to gta single player and use the character the mission isn't appearing for (not confirmed on this but I did it anyway)
    2. Once loaded in got to character wheel by holding down on the d-pad and select your online character
    3. Once in online keep moving in your safehouse by either putting a rubber band on your controller and face it in a diagonal direction so your character moves in a circle constantly so your character doesn't get kicked or hold your finger down in the diagonal direction. It's completely up to you
    4. Do this for 30 or more minutes at a time and if it doesn't work try and do it longer.
    5. once you are satisfied with the time you have spent going in circles, hold down on the d-pad and choose the character you want the mission to spawn for (the character you choose may not appear in single player all the time like when I wanted to choose franklin it made me michael, but this shouldn't be a problem as it still worked)
    6. If this worked congratulations but if it didn't I recommend you try longer or play gta online with friends or by yourself not as a solution but to speed up the process and you can also work towards you lvl 100 achievement at the same time overall your mission should appear eventually and good luck guys!!!
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    KexolWhat fixed it?
    Posted by Kexol on 26 Apr 16 at 04:13
    EskimosoundOk with Hao missions they take a week to pop, he texts you so do the first one and sleep a week...
    With the Tonya missions they sort of disappear because they were so early in the game, just ring her as Franklin and they will start again no need to do all that rubbish suggested by the OP...
    And the last Dom mission appears AFTER you do all the Parachute jumps (13) as Franklin.
    There's no glitches this is just the way it is!!!
    Posted by Eskimosound on 17 Mar 20 at 22:13
    reyycistCan you do these in different saves? I have a glitched paparazzi mission and would love to make a new game up to the partnership so I could complete the 100%
    Posted by reyycist on 08 Nov 21 at 00:58
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