All's Fare in Love and War achievement in GTA 5

All's Fare in Love and War

Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

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How to unlock the All's Fare in Love and War achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner816,464
    23 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 10 Dec 2014
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    Before you can unlock this you will need $200,000 with Franklin

    Once far enough into the game after you have stolen the Lost's plane as Trevor the option to purchase the Cab Co will be available to you, now select Franklin as your active character and travel to the upper right hand corner of Los Santos City in 'East Vinewood' where there will be a House icon with ($) inside it in this location.

    Travel there and buy the Downtown Cab Co. for $200,000 by walking up to the For Sale sign and press cn_right twice, once the purchase is complete you will immediately get a call from Raul who introduces himself.

    Now you need to wait for a second call from Raul which may take some time so try to stick with Franklin and just play missions like normal, after 1-3 real hours you should get the phone call.
    xxxDarkRuleRxxx notes that you can speed up the phone call by sleeping 6+ times in Fraklin's safehouse.

    In the call Raul asks if you'd like to work on a 'Private Fare' to earn some extra money. Push the cn_A to Accept. After this, you have on your Map a new green Symbol 'P'. Drive to them and pickup the Passenger.

    Play the mission out and the achievement is yours.

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    DyscarnaryThis just will not work for me. I've spent ages just messing around as Franklin and followed suggestions I've found online and I never get a call about a private fare.
    Posted by Dyscarnary on 30 May at 17:03
    SlabbaI saved multiple times in a row in Franklin’s safe house when playing the stock market. Then when I went outside his house I got a message for a taxi fare mission. It happened twice for me. So perhaps give that a go.
    Posted by Slabba on 20 Jun at 21:59
    Solar KaosJust want to throw my personal experience with this glitched achievement here.

    I bought the compagny after the final story mission ( the third choice ) and sitting at 91% completition. It was the third compagny i got and the first one for Franklin. I never get the FIRST call, which is supposed to happen immediately after you buy the compagny. Tried everything, buying the towing compagny, buying others compagnies, going to online, save in a new spot...
    Everything and nothing worked.

    I ended up loading a save after the 1 heist and after buying downtown cab I got the first call from Raul within seconds. I then killed myself and I got the special fare mission call. My advice don’t do this after the final mission, don’t loose time trying shady things if he don’t call you. Just reload a previous save at the start of the story.
    Posted by Solar Kaos on 15 Jul at 19:55
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  • Zog ReturnsZog Returns196,124
    16 Feb 2015 17 Feb 2015
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    I had the same problem in getting the call for this achievement on both 360 and on the xbox one.

    I bought the taxi company and went many hours (real time) playing around as Franklin without getting any call. Now this may have just been a coincidence, but I found if you buy the towing company, I got a call within 30 minutes real time in game for a private fare.

    In order to purchase the towing company, you have to complete all of Tonya's towing missions as Franklin. You also need to call her at some point to get the next mission as it won't automatically give you all the missions consecutively.

    The first time I was supposed to be a getaway driver for a guy robbing a store, and he told me to wait in an alley with the car, but he got shot by police before even reaching my car! So it was a failed fare. The second customer I got was a passenger wanting to go confront the Lost about his niece. If you get this mission, MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT OUT THE CAR WHEN HE DOES! As soon as the Lost draw their guns, kill them before they kill your passenger! After that he thanks you and advises you leave before the cops show up. Mission complete and achievement unlocked.

    These are the only two missions I tried, so I am not sure if you will get something else, but hopefully this will be helpful to you.

    Best of luck!
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    Runner eGirlThat tip about doing Tonya's missions and buying the tow truck company was spot on, got the call from Raul immediately after buying it
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 09 May 16 at 21:03
    ALI900For anyone struggling with Tonya's LAST mission not popping up, read below!

    Now you may have tried various methods to no success but I gave one method a chance and it somehow worked? Okay so play as Micheal and go to Franklin's old house, opposite there is the spot where Tonya will spawn, the liquor store.

    Try to initiate a conversation with her AS Micheal and you'll randomly be attacked by everyone around you. Get attacked, do not fight back and get killed. Right after you respawn, play as Franklin and there you go! Somehow the point has popped up on the map and you're off to buying the Tow Truck Company!

    I know exactly how to fix this, I had the exact same problem. To fix it you have to play ass Michael and go to the exact same spot as Tonya is in front of Franklin's house and you'll be able to talk to her, if it doesn't work keep doing it until someone ( gangsters) kills you while you're talking to her, after you spawn at the hospital it should trigger the mission and there should be a T? on your map.
    Posted by ALI900 on 28 Jan 17 at 20:36
    Anno MundiSo for what it's worth, for me I wasn't even getting the first call thanking me for buying the property. I ended up loading an earlier save (earliest save possible where F had over $200,000) and then I got the first call as soon as I bought the company.

    I then killed myself twice, and got the second call instantly. As others have said it's worth saving again at this point as the private fares can be failed quite easily!

    If you get the one on the docks, as soon as the chap gets out and starts talking to the lost, just start shooting them all, don't wait for the dialogue to finish.
    Posted by Anno Mundi on 19 May 19 at 17:40
    08 Aug 2017 15 Aug 2017
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    To get this achievement you will NEED $200,000 with Franklin

    When you have $200,000 with Franklin you need to buy Downtown Cab Co. In the top right of the city (if you can't find it just find any property to buy and used the d-pad to go through the properties until you find Downtown Cab Co.)

    Once you've purchased the property you will get a call from Raul and then in 6+ in game days you will get another call from Raul asking for a private fare where you deliver someone in your vehicle to their destination. Instead of waiting 2-3 real time hours I slept once as Franklin and then got the achievement "Out of your depth" and when I got out of the hospital I got the call from Raul, did the private fare and the achievement popped up.

    Hope this helped smile
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    Jaaaay MeeeeeI'll second the sleeping for six days tip. Phone call wouldn't come through for me but after a good weeks rest it came immediately.
    Posted by Jaaaay Meeeee on 18 Mar at 12:53
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