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Three Man Army achievement in GTA 5

Three Man Army

Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

Three Man Army0
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How to unlock the Three Man Army achievement

  • AngelTiddlesAngelTiddles
    22 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014 25 Nov 2014
    This one's quite easy. When you get the ability to cruise with all characters and have met them all, simply phone them all up, then when you're in a vehicle together, get a wanted level of 3 stars or more (to make sure you don't lose them easily), then spend over three minutes with the wanted level, but don't die or get busted.

    To do it, drive to Ammu-Nation and put on a suit of Super Heavy Armor. Weapons don't really matter, but it's nice to have them to help.

    Call Michael and Trevor on your phone under Contacts, then quickly pick each of them up, using the icons on your map to find them. Don't take too long to pick them up, or their icons disappear and they'll refuse to answer your calls for a while. Use your horn to attract their attention when nearby.

    Once you have your crew together, head to Los Santos Customs. Upgrade your Vehicle Armor and Engine. Drive to Los Santos airport and drive through the main hangar gate. Drive your car out on to the airfield. This will instantly trigger a three-star Wanted Level. Now simply circle the airfield for three minutes. If the police lose track of you, drive into their cone of vision to maintain the Wanted level.

    A walkthrough video kindly provided by NEO182 is below, from his randomchievos channel on YouTube.

    NOTE: There's a strange phenomenon happening just lately with the Achievement system on the Xbox One. Achievements aren't popping visibly or audibly, but they do. Your console has to be connected to Live, so if they don't pop, check your Internet connection, and the Xbox Live status page at

    They DO pop correctly, as I obtained them on the 360 version.

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    MaceteurAmazi’g guide
    Posted by Maceteur on 09 Aug 23 at 20:48
    TheMattAttack22I called the boys up and went over to the hands on car wash on innocence Blvd in strawberry. starting running down some pedestrians near there. Once I hit 3 stars, I went inside the car wash and kinda just hung out and shot at any cops trying to come inside. Trevor and Michael will shoot at them too. Fairly easy to do
    Posted by TheMattAttack22 on 23 Sep 23 at 02:14
    beastman rulesi am frank and pick up mike at his house and i keep calling trevor but the line stays busy?
    Posted by beastman rules on 30 Jan at 23:42
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  • Coffee 1893Coffee 1893
    09 Jan 2019 09 Jan 2019 09 Jan 2019
    The easiest way to obtain this:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    After this, as Franklin, call up Trevor then immediately call Michael. On your map, you will then be able to pick both of them up - both icons on the map says "Friend Pick Up". Afterwards go to the airport (bottom left of the map) and remain in the airport for 3 minutes then leave the airport. You will then get the achievement.
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    thatNoseyParkerI’ve been trying to get them to meet up with me for ages, even after doing The Hotel Assassination mission and getting the house, everyone is still busy and doesn’t want to hang out:(
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 05 Sep 19 at 16:28
    24 Dec 2022 15 Dec 2022 16 Dec 2022
    4-Door Vehicle .
    Call Friends ( Same time ) .
    Pick Up ( AFTER both phone calls ) .

    I've been having trouble with this one . I may have to start a new game on an empty save slot to try it with the airport before buying the hangar & having permission to be there . Maybe it's an offline issue .
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